Drivers urged to take care in school zones as Canberra’s students return

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JULY 17 2017 – 9:09PM

Daniel Burdon

Drivers on Canberra’s roads have been urged to take care around school zones after the ACT’s students returned to the classroom this week.

Across the capital, all 40km/h school zones were again being enforced between 8am and 4pm during weekdays as students headed back to school for Term Three on Monday.

While most schools maintain the 40km/h zones, drivers have also been reminded of a trial of 30km/h zones that is also under way surrounding the Mount Rogers and Latham primary schools.

Acting Station Sergeant Paul Hutcheson from ACT Policing Traffic Operations urged drivers to slow down, take care and “remain vigilant” when driving near schools across the city.

“School zones are designed to ensure that motorists are travelling at a speed which allows them to stay observant and stop safely when required, such as at school crossings and bus zones,” he said.

 “Some children are not aware of the road rules and the dangers associated with traffic, and every driver needs to drive through school zones with this in mind.”

“ACT Policing will be patrolling the 40km/h school zones and there is absolutely no excuse for speeding in these designated zones.”

Acting Station Sergeant Hutcheson also reminded parents and family members to only use designated drop off and pick up areas at schools and to “be mindful not to obstruct buses or other traffic”.

“Bus stops are for buses only for a reason and double parking, even if only for a few seconds, can create dangerous obstructions for both vehicles and pedestrians,” he said.

He said parents should also take some time to teach their children about the road rules, the importance of appropriately wearing bicycle helmets and stranger danger.

Source  :  The Canberra Times

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