Mwani Qatar to get two new ships from Malaysia

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13 Jul 2017 – 23:39

Mwani Qatar to get two new ships from Malaysia

Minister of Transport and Communications, H E Jassim Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti (standing right), who is also the Chairman of Mwani Qatar, witnessing the signing ceremony, between Mwani Qatar and Malaysian shipbuilding companies, in Kuala Lumpur, yesterday.

The Peninsula

Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani Qatar) yesterday signed an agreement with a number of Malaysian shipbuilding companies in the presence of the Minister of Transport and Communications HE Jassim Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti , who is currently visiting Malaysia.
As per the agreement, the signatory Malaysian companies will provide Mwani Qatar with two ships for containers and general cargo transport at lengths of 68 meters and 64 meters, over the next few months.
On this occasion the Minister, who is also the Chairman of Mwani Qatar, said: “The agreement signed today contributes to boosting economic cooperation with Malaysian companies in a way that backs the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.”
The agreement represents a key turning point for Mwani Qatar, the Minister said. He explained that beside its activity in managing ports, wharfs, dry ports, container terminals and cruise and passenger ship terminals, Mwani Qatar will be owner of the ships, and will be managing them for the interest of the national economy and in support for the domestic efforts that aim to promote Qatar’s competitiveness on world map.
“We well know the amount of responsibility that we shoulder to ensure local market stability and the support for sustainable development efforts. For this, we have put a clear strategy with the aim of enabling our ports to become integrated economic entities that support and boost the national economy sustainability and that contribute to achieving the goals of transforming Qatar into a vibrant business hub in the region,” the Minister said.
Captain Abdulla Al Khanji, CEO of Mwani Qatar, said that the two ships would be built under the supervision of NK, the Japanese classification society, which is one of the internationally recognised societies in the field. This, he noted, aims to ensure that the ships meet world shipbuilding standards and specifications. He also confirmed that the two ships would be equipped with latest world technological systems as Mwani Qatar always takes the matters of environment, security and safety as top priority in all its activities.
The Malaysian companies that will build the two ships, Al Khanji said, are recognised in shipbuilding industry with long expertise in the field and owns a great market share in shipbuilding industry around the world.


Source  :  The Peninsula

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