Sexist real estate ad claims Orewa property for ‘men only’

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A property advertisement promoting a house “for men only” has been taken down after solely offering men gifts if they buy it.

The five-bedroom Orewa property was an example that a “common man has ‘got it right'” and boasted a private study which “has been strategically yet sneakily positioned for you to ‘conveniently retire’ when there’s even a hint of dishes, housework or cleaning”.

Additionally the winning man who purchases the property would be gifted a green jacket, one round of golf at Wainui Golf Club and a box of golf balls, the advertisement stated.

“NZ men are making a comeback, although many women across NZ still question this inconvenient new reality.

“Remember, this place was built by a man, with man in mind. He gets you. He understands you.

“Yes, there’s room for your boat. See? Man thinks of everything.”

The Orewa house was advertised

The Orewa house was advertised “for men only” be a cheeky real estate agent on Barfoot and Thompson’s website. Photo / Barfoot and Thompson

The ad was put up on the Barfoot and Thompson site yesterday and replaced this morning with royals-themed copy.

Barfoot agent Tim Webb, who wrote the ad and made a matching video, said it was meant to be a little bit tongue in cheek. He had shown it to his wife and female friends who all laughed and had given it their stamp of approval.

“It’s just a good rollicking bit of fun … I make no apologies for it.

“The ad was designed to get the attention of women. Unfortunately it may have backfired for me a little bit.”

Real estate agent Tim Webb, who wrote the

Real estate agent Tim Webb, who wrote the “men only” advertisement for the Orewa home. Photo / Facebook

Barfoot and Thompson Northcote office branch manager Steve Walsh decided the ad should be taken down.

“It’s good edgy advertising, it’s all tongue in cheek … But we thought it’s probably better to take it down.”

The Human Rights Commission had not received any complaints about the ad but a spokeswoman pointed out Kiwi women often broke the stereotypes the ad used.

“Women are just as keen to play golf, ski, surf, fish, sail and boat as men: in fact, Kiwi women are some of the world’s best golfers, surfers and sailors.

“Women are also just as keen to buy houses. If these agents have a desire to alienate themselves from potential buyers, we wish them luck.”

Webb wrote it with women in mind, as they make most of the house-buying decisions. He wasn’t sure if the ad had attracted any complaints but his boss had told him to take it down. He replaced the copy with a royals theme because the house was like a palace.

He said the owners of the property, two men and a woman, had enjoyed the ad and didn’t want it taken down. Webb didn’t mean to be nasty or aggressive, he just wanted to attract attention.

“My job as an agent is to attract buyers

“I’m happy to do what I do. I’m not a bad person, I just think a little bit differently.”

The 30 Flavell Drive property is going to tender upwards of $1.3million.

A screenshot of the original advertisement for men. Photo / Barfoot and Thompson

A screenshot of the original advertisement for men. Photo / Barfoot and Thompson

Webb is well known for his “out of the box” marketing ideas, selling houses with regular music videos, pseudo news broadcasts and a play on the game show concept.

“If people want something different they come and see me.

“It does work. Oh my god I get so much attention on social media for the properties.”


Source  :  New Zealand Herald


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