Tokyo hospital solicits donations for clean rooms via crowdfunding

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The National Center for Child Health and Development in Tokyo has started collecting donations through crowdfunding to create two additional clean rooms necessary for the treatment of pediatric cancer.

The health center is aiming to raise 15 million yen by Sept 8 via the online fundraising program. Donated money will be returned if the center fails to collect the target amount, it said.

For treatment of leukemia and immunodeficiency disorders, patients may receive transplants of blood-forming stem cells from donors. The transplant recipients need to stay in a sterilized room for three to four weeks because they are susceptible to various infections during treatment.

At the Children’s Cancer Center of the center, which houses hospital and research institute, 30 cases of stem-cell transplants are carried out annually.

Currently, the center has two clean rooms but it needs more aseptic rooms to cope with an increasing number of such patients.

To meet the demand, the center is also soliciting donations from companies and hopes to begin designing the rooms in fiscal 2018.

A 17-year-old high school student who was treated in one of the clean rooms at the center said the room’s atmosphere was gloomy and felt inconvenient because of a broken shower.

“I will be happy if people who are using the room next time will be able to stay more comfortably,” he said.

The crowdfunding URL is


Source  :  Japan Today

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