Saudi Arabia rebuts fake news on Turkey, Israel

Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg


JEDDAH: The Saudi Embassy in Ankara has denied reports that it warned Saudis wishing to visit Turkey to wait or go elsewhere.
“The statement was false and was not issued by the embassy,” it said in a statement.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday reportedly rejected a demand by Saudi Arabia and other major Arab states to withdraw Turkish troops from Qatar as a step toward ending the Gulf crisis.
Meanwhile, a picture of Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) aircraft landing at an Israeli airport has gone viral on social media.
“The picture posted on some social networking sites of a Saudia airplane at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport is fabricated and false,” said Saudia spokesman Abdulrahman Al-Tayeb.
There are entities and anonymous accounts tirelessly spreading lies, rumors and exaggerations to offend and defame the airline as a Saudi national symbol, he added.
These are retweeted by people without investigating or fact-checking, which makes them liable to punishment under the law, Al-Tayeb said.


Source  :  Arab News

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