Matthew Leckie urges Caltex Socceroos to be ruthless

Mathew Leckie feels the Caltex Socceroos have improved during the FIFA Confederations Cup

With their tournament future on the line, the Caltex Socceroos are committed to achieving an elusive FIFA Confederations Cup victory against Chile.

Australia meet the South America champions in Moscow on Monday morning, knowing only a win will keep them alive at the tournament.


“We’ve competed in both games and could have got a result in both,” Caltex Socceroos attacker Mathew Leckie told FFA TV.

“We’ve shown a strong mentality after falling behind in both games.

“We’ll do the same against Chile.

“We’ll go out there and give everything, take a step forward rather than back and see where it takes us.

“If we can play our game and be a little bit more clinical, we can definitely get a result,” he said.


In the Caltex Socceroos’ favour is the fact their destiny still rests in their own hands.

A two-goal victory will see the through to the semi-finals, regardless of what happens between Germany and Cameroon in Sochi.

“It’s clear we need to win now with a couple of goals,” said Leckie.

“It’s definitely not going to be easy but all we can do is go out there and take the game to the opposition like we always do.

Mathew Leckie against Germany.

“During those dominant periods – which I’m pretty confident will occur again – we need to take our chances.

“In those vital moments, we also need to concentrate and be a bit more desperate in defence to not concede,” he added.


Leckie has played every minute of Australia’s two matches in Russia.

And the German-based flier is starting to feel the effects of the short turnaround between matches.

“Right now I’m very fatigued and pretty sore,” admitted Leckie.

“But that’s the way it is in these types of tournaments.

“Every team is in the same boat.

“We’ll work hard to recover and we have a great team behind the scenes that can get us into good shape again and raring to go for the next game,” he said.


Source  :  Football Federation Australia

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