Farrer house and cars set alight in suspicious fire

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Police are investigating a suspicious fire in Farrer that engulfed a house and a number of cars overnight.

ACT Fire and Rescue arrived on Lambrigg Street just after 11pm on Saturday to find several cars as well as parts of the house alight.

Farrer local Heather Wilkins rushed across the road to help neighbours battling the flames.

“We heard a car screeching and we thought it had crashed so we headed over and saw it was actually the cars in the garage that were on fire,” Ms Wilkins said.

“By the time I got out the front gate, most of the cars were completely engulfed…

“They were covered in flames, it was pretty full on.”

Ms Wilkins said fire crews arrived within minutes to extinguish the blaze.

Police believe the fire, which caused significant damage, was deliberately lit and have deemed it suspicious.

Ms Wilkins said both the house and garage were “quite burnt out” on Sunday morning.

“It seemed to take them forever to put [the fires] out, there was foam flowing down the street,” she said.

“The elderly neighbour next door was trying to hose [the garage] down over the fence, so I got him safely away.

“I don’t think the family were home at the time.”

Ms Wilkins had been celebrating her fiance’s birthday with friends and family when the fire started.

“We were toasting marshmallows on the fire and having a lovely night,” she said. “It was quite a brazen time for it to happen…everyone was around.”

The usually “quiet street” is home to mostly families and elderly people, Ms Wilkins said.

“We’ve got one neighbour who is in their 90s and others are in 80s, so it was a bit much for them at 11 at night,” she said.

“But we got everyone cleared out safe and I don’t think anyone was injured thankfully.”

Anyone with information about the fire is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, quoting reference number 6118136.


Source  : The Canberra Times

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