Just Real Estate launches luxury lifestyle hub ‘View Bchamoun’

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14 Jun 2017 – 22:49

Just Real Estate launches luxury lifestyle hub 'View Bchamoun'

Just Real Estate officials and guests taking a look at the ‘View Bchamoun’ model

The Peninsula

Just Real Estate (JRE), the leading property service provider in Qatar, has further expanded its diverse portfolio with the launch of unique investment opportunities in ‘View Bchamoun’. The brand-new development in Lebanon was launched in the presence of Lebanon’s Ambassador to Qatar,  Hassan Najm , at the Just Real Estate Sales Center in Al Shoumoukh Tower.
The luxury residential and lifestyle destination project is located 200 meters above sea level in the district of Alley on Mountain Lebanon.
“It is an honor for Just Real Estate to now be able to offer our clients and potential clients this unique opportunity in an established international real estate market in such an iconic location, not too far from our doorstep. This partnership with ‘View Bchamoun’ is just another example of how our reputation continues to grow overseas,” said JRE Chairman, Engineer Nasser Al-Ansari.
“ ‘View Bchamoun’ gives buyers the chance to own a home in a holistic residential community that puts the focus on their wellbeing and it also provides great potential for investors as this new development will be extremely popular, I’m sure.”
Designers and developers of ‘View Bchamoun’ have taken the lush green mountain surrounds as inspiration and created a holistic residential hub, with a focus on wellbeing of residents. The complex comprises 144 apartments, with options from 2-4 bedrooms, distributed across 9, sophisticated buildings.
In addition to the luxury apartments, all designed and finished to the highest standards,’ View Bchamoun’ offers residents an extensive range of facilities and amenities. The complex includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a high-tech gym, football courts, a full-size basketball court, a tennis court, dedicated children’s playground, BBQ area and lush gardens and walkways.
‘View Bchamoun’ also offers commercial investment opportunities with a 21-unit retail complex, providing residents with the ultimate lifestyle destination. Its vantage point on Mount Lebanon makes for stunning vistas across downtown Beirut and out to sea, complemented by the mountain scenery that surrounds the complex.
The project’s location services residents with the best of a both worlds, the tranquil setting to enjoy life away from the hustle and bustle, but just 15 minutes’ drive from the center of one of the Middle East’s most iconic cities, and easy access to Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport and the city’s exhaustive list of attractions and activities.
After the event, in which guests were able to a more in-depth insight into ‘View Bchamoun’ project, JRE hosted members of the media for Suhoor at the La Cigale Hotel.


Source  :  thepeninsulaqatar.com

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