Love pours in for Qatar from around the world

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13 Jun 2017 – 21:50

Love pours in for Qatar from around the world

An image from Gaza

By Irfan Bukhari / The Peninsula

DOHA: The sudden severance of diplomatic ties with Qatar by three Gulf countries followed by imposition of sanctions has touched hearts of millions of people across the globe and the expression of love and sympathy with Qatar from citizens-of-the-globe is gaining more power with every passing day.

#WeStandWithQatar, #ILoveQatar, #TurkeyStandsWithQatar, #QatarIsNotAlone (#KatarYalnızDeğildir – in Turkish language) , #SpendEidHolidaysInQatar, #ThankYouQatar are some prominent hashtags created in the last few days to express love, solidarity and respect for Qatar in various parts of the world and this phenomenon is alive showing no sign of sluggishness.


People are also expressing their love by creating such images and posting on social media


Kursat Sari from Turkey says: “Qatar and its people are right in their cause and will find their Turkish brothers standing firm with them against their ‘enemies’. We love Qatar, because they are honest, friendly and sincere.”

When the residents of Qatar without any distinction of citizens and expatriate are showing their love with Qatar by decorating their cars with pictures of the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Ali Thani, the people in Jordan are criticizing their government for downgrading Jordanian diplomatic mission to Qatar.

They are expressing solidarity with Qatar using hashtag #JordanStandsBesideQatar, according to an article by the Middle East Monitor. Across social media platforms, users shared the message “Our government should have reduced diplomatic ties with Israel, not Qatar.”


An image created by a Bangladeshi user.


Other Jordanians said, “We were waiting for our government to be a mediator, but our government got involved in the conflict.” One Twitterati wrote: “When Gaza was drowning in darkness, only Qatar supported them,” said one user.

In Gaza, where Qatar has been generously engaged in helping besieged Palestinians, hashtag #ThankYouQatar has gone viral and people are praying for Qatar. Yesterday, Palestinians organized demonstrations in solidarity with Qatar holding photos of the Emir and the Father Emir.

Malaysian Digest’s talk with a Malaysian working in Qatar: In the midst of the ongoing crisis, a Malaysian who currently resides in Doha, Abdul Latib Karim, described to ‘The Vocket’ on how life is like for the Malaysians living there.

“Qataris living in the countries which have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar have been asked to leave. But over here it is different. Egyptians who live here still want to work in Qatar, and they are welcomed to stay. This shows that Qatar is not following the behaviour of its neighbours,” wrote Abdul Latib.

People in Kerala, India are decorating their cars with pro-Qatar slogans like “We Love Qatar”, “We Support Qatar” and the pictures of the Emir and Father Emir. “I love Qatar and its people,” writes Francis Micheal from Kerala.


A flexboard in Malayalam (Credit: Twitter)


“When you have a smiling face and an agile mind, and when you have your people and, expats who love Qatar like their own native country, you shouldn’t ever be in doubt. This land, this kindness … This country is happy and rich … No matter who opposes, who lays siege … nothing will happen to you and your country … We sincerely pray to God that He may protect you and your father who have been a pillar of support to many in abject poverty,” says one of the flex boards installed in Kerala, a southern state of India.

People in Pakistan too are expressing solidarity with Qatar by applying special filters on their profile pictures on Facebook accounts showing the Qatari flags.

Turkish citizens and representatives of Arab communities residing in Istanbul on Wednesday night held a demonstration in support of the State of Qatar against the pressures and diplomatic boycotts of some countries, calling for not being dragged by external incitement aimed to create strife among the peoples of the region and to perpetuate crises and wars.

A group of Arab and Turkish activists “Group of Friends of Qatar” has organized a number solidarity walks in Turkey chanting slogans: “Qatar is not alone”. Demonstrators marched through Istanbul, waving flags of Qatar and Turkey and carrying banners reading “Qatar is not alone” and “Turkey with Qatar”. #KatarYalnızDeğildir (Qatar Is Not Alone) and #TurkeyWithQatar Twitter hashtags have gone viral on social media in both Turkish and English in a bid to support Doha amid the ongoing rift.

In Lebanon, #ThankYouQatar remains at the heart of Lebanese since the reconstruction by the State of Qatar of a number of villages in southern Lebanon after the Israeli aggression in 2006.

The protests in Moroni, the Capital of Comoros and Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania speak volumes of Qatar’s love in the hearts of people of Africa. “Such decisions taken by brotherly countries are disastrous for all people of the region, and not for Qatar,” said one of the Twitterati in Mauritani.


A car with stickers supporting Qatar in Kerala, India


In Kuwait, most heavily trended hashtag is #SpendEidHolidaysInQatar to express solidarity with Qatar. “Kuwaitis should spend Eid El Fiter in Qatar to support Qatar against this fierce campaign which has besieged it” said a Kuwaiti Twitterati.

According to a report appeared in the Middle East Monitor, Somali President, Mohammed Abdullah Farmajo, has been offered $80 million in exchange for his agreement to sever diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar. “After two hours of enticement, Farmajo rejected the tempting offer,” the newspaper reports.

Ziauddin Fahad from Bangladesh writes: “We support Qatar and we will continue standing with Qatar” while sharing an image which shows the Bangladeshi flag merging with the Qatari flag. Another Bangladeshi citizen MD Nur Nabi Sumon writes: “Qatar is a small country (in size) but its heart is very big for Muslim ummah #StandWithQatar.”

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