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PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has applauded the general conduct of the people during the general election campaign period and hopes it continues through the polling and counting stages.
O’Neill said there had been some instances of unacceptable behaviour, most of which stemmed from tension before the election.
He said the elections were a turning point for the nation.
“Through four decades of statehood, elections had been marred by supporters getting out of hand and making news headlines for all the wrong reasons,” he said.
“Things are different (in this election).
“Candidates are presenting their ideas, some have policy platforms, and campaigning has been at a level of maturity that our nation can be proud of as we prepare to vote.”
O’Neill said there had been a change in recent years in the attitude of the people.
“We have seen a difference in the way we manage national issues,”  he said.
“With development and growth comes changes in attitude and changes from past practices.
“We saw this with the Pacific Games in 2015 where spectator attitude and behaviour was not what we had seen in the past.
“The democratic process in PNG has come of age and our people are benefiting from this change.
“In my own travel during this campaign, I have seen large crowds turn out to hear what we have to say, but with none of the problems we have seen in past elections.
“I have felt very safe walking among thousands of people who have come to election rallies, shaking their hands and hearing opinions.”
He hopes that “this election will set an example for all elections to come”.
The prime minister is also looking forward to the voting period from June 24.


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