Residents of this Dubai community face frequent fines

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Sana Altaf/Dubai
Filed on June 12, 2017

Concrete plan to resolve the problem missing

For Naveen, hunting for a parking space after getting home from work at 10pm has become a routine struggle. The harrowing experience leaves him exasperated every day.

A resident of Al Khail Gate, Dubai, Naveen drives around the whole of the community to find a slot to park his car. Most of the days, he ends up parking wrongly on the road. He has coughed up fine twice.

“I face this mental agony every day. Rarely do I find parking for my car. All spaces are jam packed before 9pm,” said Naveen, who works in Dubai. He has been living in Al Khail Gate for the past seven years but doesn’t recall facing such parking issues before. “Over the past two-three years, it has gone really bad.”

Naveen’s case is not an isolated one. More and more residents share Naveen’s sentiments

While parking spaces are available during the day time, finding space to park the car is a tough challenge after 8pm for the residents.

Sometimes they have to park their cars several blocks away from their homes, while at other times they end up paying fines for wrong parking.

“There have been several occasions when I park my car on road for the entire night. At 5am, I go out again to find parking and I usually find space at that time, said Saleena, who works in a publishing company and often comes home late.

While the residents hail Al Khail Gate for all the facilities including  medical center, super markets, salons, gym and fast food outlets, the parking woes overshadows the benefits.

“Apart from the cars of the residents, there are vehicles from various companies that encroach on parking spaces. They occupy spaces from early evening hours,” said Maleeha, another resident. An Indian expat, she says she has stopped taking her car to work due to the parking blues.

“I come home after 11pm. At that time, it is impossible to find a parking space. I take a cab from my office to home to avoid the trouble of parking.” She added that many times, she has ended up spending as much as 45 minutes hunting for parking and finally parking her car on the road.

Many residents also told Khaleej Times that some cars have been left abandoned in the community for months.

“There are many cars lying abandoned, with layers of dust settling on them. It only adds to the problem of the residents,” a local added.

As there is no way to identify the vehicles belonging to the residents of Al Khail Gate, outsiders can easily park their cars in the community.

“It would have been a great idea to have identification cards for cars belonging to the residents. This can deter outsiders from parking their cars inside,” pointed out Muzaffar, a Pakistani expat living in Al Khail Gate for five years.

There have been repeated assurances from the management to resolve the parking problem of the locality. But so far nothing concrete has been done and it is growing, says residents.

A spokesperson at Dubai Properties managing the community told Khaleej Times that efforts are being made to address the issue at the earliest.

“At Dubai Properties, our endeavour has always been to focus on the comfort and convenience of our residents and to provide them with a hassle-free community living experience. We would like to reassure all our tenants at the AlKhail Gate community that we are committed to providing a permanent solution to the parking issues being experienced and have contacted the authorities concerned and the matter is under assessment.”

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(Some names have been changed on request)


Source : Khaleej Times

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