Qatar is a sovereign state, Sirs!

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06 Jun 2017 – 8:15

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi/Editor-in-Chief

The official statements issued yesterday by brotherly countries of the GCC at a time when people were preparing for a new day of Ramadan, severing official ties with Qatar and closing their land, sea and air borders on Qataris and residents, were not strange for us. They asked their citizens to leave Qatar within a few days.

The concoction of accusations has become apparent in the past few days in the malicious media campaign being run by some hired media outlets (TVs, newspapers, websites and columnists) with a history of bias against Qatar.

Sorry to say that there exists nothing new in the statements and the accusations focused on general points with multiple and contradictory meanings which have made them confused and incoherent, unable to convince the people of the Gulf.

Their first conspiracy was the hacking of Qatar News Agency’s website and publishing a statement attributed to the Emir on some issues to achieve their pre-planned goals by creating a justification.

The people of the Gulf understand very well such ludicrous moves which were designed by hired hands paid to tell lies against Qatar and inflame emotions.

Internationally accepted diplomatic and ethical norms and rules demand waiting until the finalisation of results of investigation into the cyber attack on Qatar News Agency and there is already a team from the FBI probing the hacking incident and all other issues related to this could be addressed at the end of the investigation process.

But, people with false proofs and coordinated lies could not wait to see the results of the investigation and they started hurling untrue allegations and issued statements against Qatar.

The Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has stressed on more than one occasion that Qatar does not interfere in the internal affairs of any country, and also will not accept any interference in Qatar’s internal affairs.

We hope this message reaches those hired agents — that Qatar is a sovereign state and fully free to make its own decisions and no one can dictate to Qatar.

Qatar is a sovereign state, Sirs!


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