Online ALDI MiniRoos videos launched for grassroots football

Westfield Matildas star and Aldi Miniroos ambassador Steph Catley.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Staff writer
All around Australia on any given day, parents and volunteers can be found coaching sport to kids – often without being entirely sure which activities are best!

Now Football Federation Australia (FFA) with partner NAB have come up with the solution and it’s in your hand – or more to the point – on your phone.

ALDI MiniRoos today has launched an innovative series of kids coaching videos to give ALDI MiniRoos coaches, volunteers and parents the tools to deliver great sessions for young children.


ALDI MiniRoos is the biggest junior football program in Australia with 220,000 youngsters aged between 4 and 11 playing in the official FFA Kick-Off programs or in one of the 2,000 clubs across the country.

Football is the biggest junior team participation sport in Australia and is considered one of the safest sports for children. It is also suitable for children of all abilities, promotes health and develops fundamental physical and social skills.

The series of ten NAB Skills Series videos have been developed by FFA’s coaching team and ALDI MiniRoos Ambassadors Westfield Matilda Steph Catley and former Caltex Socceroo Archie Thompson.

Archie Thompson and Steph Catley are the new ambassadors for the ALDI Miniroos program.

Thirty FFA approved activities are included for use by coaches, volunteers and parents in ALDI MiniRoos sessions and club football training sessions.

Over a ten week period starting from today, a new NAB Skills Series video will be released each week, containing three activities designed to engage the 220,000 ALDI MiniRoos footballers across Australia.

The videos are available now at

A detailed Activity Guide for ALDI MiniRoos is also available on the website with additional coaching tips and written explanations of the activities to support the videos. It is available at


Source : Football Federation Australia

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