NNL announces N200m partnership with Bet9ja

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It was another big plus for Nigerian football after the Nigeria National League on Thursday announced a three-year partnership with leading sports betting company in the country, Bet9ja. •L-R: NFF 1st VP, Seyi Akinwumi, MD Bet9ja, Ayo Ojuroye, Chairman of NNL, Chidi Ofor and the CEO of NNL, Bukola Olopade The announcement was made at a press briefing in Lagos with the partnership deal worth N200m.

The announcement was made at a press briefing in Lagos with the partnership deal worth N200m. The chairman of the NNL, Chidi Ofor, said it was a timely intervention for the league and hopefully more private companies will come to the league. “Bet9ja is a Nigerian brand and the NNL is also a Nigerian brand. It’s a win-win for all us,” he said. “This is like a partnership made in heaven because it will afford the NNL to improve on the league which serves as the bedrock of the country’s football. “I really want to appreciate the management of Bet9ja for coming into the league and hopefully it will be a lasting relationship.” The Managing Director of Bet9ja, Ayo Ojuroye, while announcing the partnership said it would help in development of the league. Ojuroye said: “It is our goal to support what is our own hence the decision to support the NNL, it is a testament of our plans for the Nigerian youths. We want to support grassroots development and promoting the league will help us in achieving that. “The sponsorship value is N200m for the next three years and we are committed to seeing it to the end.” While thanking the leadership of the Bet9ja for their support, the CEO of NNL, Bukola Olopade, revealed that more organisations were on the cards to further boost the league. According to the former Commissioner for Sports in Ogun State, the NNL already sealed and agreement with Pay TV network, StarTimes, and also an oil company, Fatgbems Oil, and the unveiling will be done soon. He added that discussions were ongoing with a financial institution to also partner with the league and place the NNL on the world map.

Source : vanguardngr.com

Anambra 2017: I will give the people the best — Ezeemo

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By Vincent Ujumadu Mr. Godwin Ezeemo, businessman –turned politician joined the Progressive Peoples’ Alliance, PPA, and contested the governorship election in Anambra State in 2011 and lost. He has since then been busy restructuring the party and embarking on membership drive, such that PPA is currently among the three most popular political parties in the state. As the  November 18, 2017  governorship election in the state draws near, there are speculations that Ezeemo might be dropping his gubernatorial ambition in PPA to run as deputy with the incumbent governor, Chief Willie Obiano of APGA. In this interview, Ezeemo described the rumour as totally false, insisting that he had never met with Governor Obiano, not to talk of discussing politics with him. He also said that Nigeria is not ripe for independent candidates and his plans if elected the governor of the state.


Some people are advocating for independent candidacy in Nigerian elections. Do you think it is feasible? We have many political parties as platforms to pursue our aspirations. We are not yet properly organized to allow independent candidates in our electoral system. It cannot work in this environment. Though the political parties appear not to have clear- cut ideologies, it does not make any sense to me for people to be jumping from one political party to the other. I have been in PPA and I believe that we can strengthen it to be in a position to win elections. I have always said it that anybody who wants to lead Anambra must have a sense of character, good antecedents, must have an impeccable character and be a humble person. I am an embodiment of all these. I left the United Kingdom since 2012 and decided that I will concentrate my investments in Anambra. Even some of my investments outside the state have been brought to Anambra State. This is because of the love I have for my state. I have never been involved in any shady deal and if I haven’t done it since 1986 when I began business, I cannot start it now.    So I have all the qualities needed to be the governor of Anambra State. There are speculations that you are discussing with Governor Obiano for the purpose of becoming his deputy in the November election. Can we know the true situation? I have not related with the governor privately on political matters. We only meet at political functions. There is nothing like that and there will not be anything like that. I am gunning to change Anambra State for the better. I had been offered the opportunity to be a running mate to past governors and I rejected and I can’t do it now. My decision to govern Anambra is borne out of the passion to serve the people of this state. The governor must see himself as the servant of the people and it is with this mindset that I am aspiring to be the governor of Anambra. I want to give the people the very best they have never had. In all my life, I have always worked with approved ethics and that is what I am going to apply in governing Anambra and no amount of propaganda or threat will discourage me from pursuing this. Recently the state signage and advertising agency banned the pasting of posters by politicians on public places and slammed a fine of N9 million on anybody who would default. How do you think this would affect your campaigns? The issue is in court. But it will be unfair for anybody, after a long period of military rule, to use intimidation to stop people from aspiring to certain positions. It is unfair to enact a law to deny people the opportunity to actualize their ambitions. We should not force people to operate a one party state. We are in a free society. Which areas will be your priorities, if elected governor? My areas of emphasis will be security, health, agriculture, power, education and environment. These are the six points I will pursue. Special emphasis will be placed on power generation because if we succeed in this area, investors will be flooding our state.  Thank God power is no longer in the exclusive list. If we have adequate power supply, other five programs will succeed easily.  Unfortunately, successive governors in the state have been shying away from this. Your party, PPA, cannot be said to be among the leading political parties in the state. Why are you sticking to it? PPA has come a long away. Of the major political parties in the state, one is in disarray, another one is uploading and after that, explosion will follow. The one controlling Anambra is in tatters. So, PPA is the only party without any problem.   We have been practicing internal democracy and that  is making the party stronger. I am therefore telling Anambra people that though I am coming out on the platform of PPA, they should look for candidates that can deliver; candidates that have shown a lot of good will for the people of the state. We should know where the candidates are coming from. This is important. If we continue to allow parties to dictate our choices, we will continue to have ourselves to blame.

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Senate probes alleged lopsided recruitment in DSS

By Henry Umoru


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THE Senate, yesterday, commenced the process of carrying out a holistic investigation into the alleged lopsided recruitment recently carried out by the Department of State Services, DSS.

The Senate has mandated its Committee on Federal Character and Inter- Governmental Affairs to as a matter of urgency, probe the matter. The decision of the Senate followed a point of Order 43 by the Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Character and Inter- Governmental Affairs, Senator Tijani Kaura (APC, Zamfara North), who informed the senate that his committee has been inundated with petitions, adding that it was prepared to open a thorough investigation into the matter. He said that his committee based on petitions received from concerned Nigerians on recent recruitment carried out by DSS, resolved to probe the exercise considered to be highly lopsided in favour of a particular state and section of the country. According to him, a total of 479 candidates were recruited into the DSS, out of this number, Katsina took a “lion share” of 51 slots more than those recruited from the South East. According to the Senate, probing the alleged lopsided recruitment by the DSS and taking needed steps thereafter, will go a long way in restoring the confidence of Nigerians on the principles of federal character required for such exercise on the basis of equity, justice and fairness. In his remarks, Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki who gave the Senate Committee the go ahead with the probe and update the Senate with its findings, said, “Your committee should please go ahead with the planned investigation on the alleged lopsided recruitment in DSS to right whatever wrongs that must have been committed in the general interest of all Nigerians.”

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Protection des parcs et réserves : Une subvention de 700 millions à la disposition de l’OIPR

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Mise en valeur des parcs de Taï et de la Comoé: l`OIPR signe une convention avec la FNPRCI
Abidjan le 17 Mai 2017. Le Fonds National des Parcs et Réserves de Côte d`Ivoire et l`Office Ivoirien des Parcs et Réserves ont signé une convention portant sur un accord de don de la somme de 700 Millions pour la mise en valeur des Parcs de la Comoé et de Taï. La Ministre de la salubrité, de l`environnement et du Développement Durable, Anne Ouloto a présidé ladite cérémonie.

La fondation pour les parcs et réserves de Côte d’Ivoire vient de mettre à la disposition de l’Office ivoirien des parcs et réserves un montant de 700 millions de FCFA. La signature de convention de financement entre ces deux structures s’est déroulée le mercredi 18 Mai 2017 au plateau à la tour D, au cabinet du ministre Anne Désirée Ouloto.
700 millions de FCFA, tel est le montant dont vient de bénéficier l’Office ivoirien des parcs et réserves (OIPR) à travers une signature de convention de financement. Ce montant est destiné essentiellement aux parcs nationaux de Taï et de la Comoé. Cette manne financière non remboursable octroyée à l’OIPR fait suite à la gestion rigoureuse des premiers fonds que l’office a reçus conformément au cahier de charges, a indiqué Dr Fanny N’golo, Directeur exécutif de la Fondation pour les parcs et réserves de Côte d’Ivoire. « Pour l’exercice 2017, le Conseil d’Administration de la fondation, après avoir analysé positivement les plans d’opération 2017 des parcs nationaux de Taï et de la Comoe, a décidé d’octroyer à l’OIPR, une subvention non remboursable de 700 millions F CFA pour le financement des coûts récurrents de ces deux parcs », a justifié le Dr Fanny.
Pour la ministre de la Salubrité, de l’Environnement et du Développement durable, Anne Désirée Ouloto, les résultats attendus de l’utilisation de ces fonds devraient être un moteur d’incitation des bailleurs de fonds à intensifier leurs investissements à la préservation des aires protégées en Côte d’Ivoire.
« Je reste donc convaincue que votre vigilance pour la bonne gestion des fonds et le respect des procédures d’utilisation de ces fonds rassureront davantage les bailleurs à s’engager dans la conservation et la valorisation de nos aires protégées. La mobilisation de financements suffisants permettra de faire de nos parcs nationaux et réserves naturelles un levier pour le développement de l’éco-tourisme en Côte d’Ivoire », a-t-elle déclaré. Elle a encouragé la fondation à poursuivre dans cette dynamique de recherche de financement. « Je voudrais saisir cette opportunité pour vous encourager à poursuivre vos inlassables efforts aux côtés de l’État pour mobiliser davantage de ressources financières. Ces financements permettront une mise en œuvre efficace de l’ensemble des actions posées dans le cadre du schéma de gestion et de valorisation de nos parcs nationaux qui vient d’être actualisé avec toutes les parties prenantes », a exhorté la ministre à l’endroit des dirigeants de la fondation qui a pour président du conseil d’Administration Bernad N’doumi.
La structure bénéficiaire de ce financement par la voix de son président du conseil de gestion, le Colonel Sombo Tano a salué ce financement de la fondation, qui vient renforcer les premiers financements effectués de 2014 à 2016 d’un coût global de 1,6 milliards FCA. Il a donné l’assurance « d’assurer une bonne exécution des fonds, afin de toujours mériter la confiance et le soutien des partenaires au développement ».


Les Forces armées de Côte d’Ivoire ‘’sorties’’ de la liste des violences sexuelles liées aux conflits

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Cérémonie d`hommage au Chef de l`Etat: Kandia Camara appelle les femmes Houphouétistes à la mobilisation
Abidjan le 28 Mars 2017. Kandia Camara, Ministre de l`Education Nationale, de l`enseignement technique et de la formation professionnelle a échangé avec les femmes, responsables de secteurs venues des quatre coins de la Côte d`Ivoire. Elle les a mises en mission pour une mobilisation sans tâche pour la cérémonie d`hommage au Président Alassane Ouattara prévue pour le 8 Avril prochain.Photo: Mariatou Koné, Ministre de la Solidarité, de la femme et de la Protection de l`Enfant

Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) – Les Forces armées de Côte d’Ivoire (FACI) sont ‘’sorties’’ de la liste des violences sexuelles liées aux conflits, a annoncé, jeudi, à Abidjan la ministre de la femme, de la protection de l’enfant et de la solidarité, Pr Mariatou Koné, citant un rapport des Nations unies publié en avril dernier.
‘’Grâce aux mesures prises par le Gouvernement de la Côte d’Ivoire, les Forces armées de Côte d’Ivoire sont la première entité à avoir été radiée de la liste des parties établie au titre du mandat relatif aux violences sexuelles liées aux conflits’’, a déclaré la Ministre Mariatou Koné en citant ce rapport du Secrétaire général de l’ONU sur les violences sexuelles liées aux conflits.

Elle s’exprimait au lancement du projet de renforcement de capacité des acteurs nationaux pour la prévention et la gestion des données sur les violences basées sur le genre (VBG) en Côte d’Ivoire en présence de plusieurs partenaires et institutions.

‘’Un suivi et une assistance technique continus seront nécessaires pour asseoir ces progrès’’, ajoute le rapport cité Mme Koné, soulignant que ‘’si l’on veut transformer durablement la culture des institutions chargées de la sécurité, il faut que les responsabilités soient assumées de façon homogène à tous les niveaux de la chaîne de commandement’’.

Dans ce contexte, un effet de ricochet a été observé que lorsque justice était faite. En d’autres termes, les poursuites engagées pour des infractions passées contribuent à prévenir les crimes futurs, en particulier lorsqu’elles sont associées à des stratégies de sensibilisation, d’éducation et de formation.

Conformément aux résolutions 1960 (2010) et 2106 (2013), les forces de sécurité de la Côte d’Ivoire, de la République centrafricaine, de la République démocratique du Congo, de la Somalie et du Soudan du Sud ont pris des engagements précis assortis de délais.

Ces engagements comprennent la transmission d’instructions par la voie hiérarchique et l’adoption de codes de conduite interdisant les violences sexuelles, la conduite d’enquêtes sur les allégations de faits répréhensibles visant à ce que les coupables répondent de leurs actes.

Ils concernent également l’identification et la démobilisation de ceux qui, au sein des forces, sont exposés à des actes de violence sexuelle commis par des personnes issues de leurs rangs, la désignation d’interlocuteurs de haut niveau pour garantir la mise en œuvre des mesures, et, pour les services de police, la création d ’unités spécialisées dotées de moyens de lutter contre les violences sexuelles.

Le projet de renforcement de capacité des acteurs nationaux pour la prévention et la gestion des données sur les violences basées sur le genre (VBG) en Côte d’Ivoire qui bénéficie d’une subvention des Nations unies à hauteur de 500 000 dollars, soit près de 300 millions de FCFA durera deux mois. Démarré début mai, ce projet s’achèvera fin juin. Six villes sont concernées. Il s’agit d’Abidjan, de Bouaké, Blologuin, Daloa, Guiglo et Man.


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Enquête sur une supposée cache d’armes découvertes chez l’un de ses collaborateurs/ Guillaume Kigbafori Soro : « Soyons prudents sur les questions de secret-défense »

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Discours du Président de l`Assemblée Nationale, Guillaume SORO lors de la clôture de la 23ème Assemblée Régionale Afrique de l’Assemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie
Samedi 30 Mai 2015. Yamoussoukro. Son Excellence Monsieur Guillaume Kigbafori SORO, Président de l’Assemblée Nationale de Côte d’Ivoire a prononcé un discours lors de la clôture de la 23ème Assemblée Régionale Afrique de l’Assemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie qui s`est tenue tenue du 28 au 30 Mai 2015.

« D’abord, je voudrais souligner que de telles questions relèvent du secret défense. Vous comprendrez donc que je m’interdise tout commentaire. Nous devrions tous observer de la prudence sur de telles questions.
En revanche, en ce qui concerne l’enquête qui va être diligentée, j’y suis entièrement favorable et je la soutiens. J’ai vigoureusement recommandé à mon collaborateur de se mettre à la disposition des enquêteurs et je lui ai demandé de dire sur l’honneur et sur sa conscience ce qu’il sait pour contribuer à aider les enquêteurs à conduire ce dossier.

Je peux vous assurer qu’il est clair dans ma tête que chacun, et tous ceux qui sont concernés y compris moi, devra assumer. Donc, pour l’heure je recommande aux uns et aux autres de garder la sérénité pour que les enquêtes puissent se dérouler dans la sérénité.
Je salue le retour à la Paix en Côte d’Ivoire. Je pense que c’est important que le pays retrouve la sérénité et le calme. J’ai déploré ce qui s’est passé avec ces journées folles que nous avons vécues en Côte d’Ivoire. »



Mustafa Amini triumphs in Aussie battle in Denmark

Mustafa Amini fights for the ball with fellow Aussie Awer Mabil. Image credit: Mustafa Amini.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Jason Pine @pineyzb
Mustafa Amini has taken the bragging rights over Awer Mabil in all-Aussie battle in Denmark on Thursday (AEST).

The duo both played 90 minutes as Amini’s AGF Aarhus beat Mabil’s Esbjerg 3-1 in the second leg of their relegation playoff quarter-final.

Amini and Aarhus advance 3-1 on aggregate after a goal-less first leg.

They now have the chance to secure their Superliga future with victory over Viborg.

Mabil and Esbjerg will meet Horsens to avoid automatic relegation to the Danish second tier.

The Superliga has introduced a new competition structure this season, including a convoluted relegation process.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BT05j9vDNUi/embed/?cr=1&v=7#%7B%22ci%22%3A0%2C%22os%22%3A12681.970000000001%7DThe bottom four clubs have been split into two play-offs.

The winners of Esbjerg versus AGF and Viborg versus Horsens (now confirmed as AGF and Viborg) will meet each other in the next round, with the winner of that two-legged tie avoiding relegation.

The losers (Esbjerg amd Horsens) will also meet, with the loser of that two-legged play-off to drop down into the second tier.

The remaining two clubs – effectively 12th and 13th in the 14-team league – will play second and third from the 1st Division in promotion-relegation play-offs



Caltex Socceroos goalkeeper Mat Ryan watched on from the bench as his Belgian side chalked up another win.

Mat Ryan enjoyed a big win in the Belgian Pro League overnight.

Genk downed KSV Roeselare 3-1 to remain well clear at the top of the Jupiler League’s Europa League group.


The Caltex Socceroos striker’s Luzern side has gone down 3-0 at home to Lausanne, their fifth straight loss in Switzerland.

Juric started the match but was withdrawn shortly after the third goal was conceded in the 55th minute.

Luzern are fifth in the Swiss Super League with three games remaining.

The Caltex Socceroos tackle Saudi Arabia in a crucial World Cup Qualifer in Adelaide on June 8. Click Here for Tickets


Socceroos v Saudi Arabia banner. 


Source : Football Federation Australia

Online ALDI MiniRoos videos launched for grassroots football

Westfield Matildas star and Aldi Miniroos ambassador Steph Catley.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Staff writer
All around Australia on any given day, parents and volunteers can be found coaching sport to kids – often without being entirely sure which activities are best!

Now Football Federation Australia (FFA) with partner NAB have come up with the solution and it’s in your hand – or more to the point – on your phone.

ALDI MiniRoos today has launched an innovative series of kids coaching videos to give ALDI MiniRoos coaches, volunteers and parents the tools to deliver great sessions for young children.


ALDI MiniRoos is the biggest junior football program in Australia with 220,000 youngsters aged between 4 and 11 playing in the official FFA Kick-Off programs or in one of the 2,000 clubs across the country.

Football is the biggest junior team participation sport in Australia and is considered one of the safest sports for children. It is also suitable for children of all abilities, promotes health and develops fundamental physical and social skills.

The series of ten NAB Skills Series videos have been developed by FFA’s coaching team and ALDI MiniRoos Ambassadors Westfield Matilda Steph Catley and former Caltex Socceroo Archie Thompson.

Archie Thompson and Steph Catley are the new ambassadors for the ALDI Miniroos program.

Thirty FFA approved activities are included for use by coaches, volunteers and parents in ALDI MiniRoos sessions and club football training sessions.

Over a ten week period starting from today, a new NAB Skills Series video will be released each week, containing three activities designed to engage the 220,000 ALDI MiniRoos footballers across Australia.

The videos are available now at www.miniroos.com.au/nabskills

A detailed Activity Guide for ALDI MiniRoos is also available on the website with additional coaching tips and written explanations of the activities to support the videos. It is available at www.miniroos.com.au/activityguide.


Source : Football Federation Australia