Large Area of Moss Damaged

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When Styrmir Sigurðsson went hiking by Grindaskörð on the Reykjanes peninsula in Southwest Iceland recently, he discovered major tire tracks in a large area of the moss-covered landscape. He told this is the worst damage he has seen as far as off-road trails go. The trail lies from Dauðadalir and up to Kristjánsdalahorn, and he estimates the damage extends for about 10 km (over 6 mi), he told Iceland Review.

The damage extends far into the moss-covered landscape. Photo: Styrmir Sigurðsson.

It appears, he said, that the damage was done by four-wheelers. The moss is extremely delicate, he stated, and the damage done is long-term. He believes the trail should be closed.

“For the first 2 km, the tire tracks are in the sand, but then it gets worse, because they extend into the lava field and over the moss where the trail has widened.” This, he explained, is a typical situation where one trail becomes impassable, so that another one is added, and then another and another. “It keeps getting worse.”

One track after another has been created. Photo: Styrmir Sigurðsson.

Grindavík Mayor Fannar Jónasson remarked, “Those trails are a problem and the way people treat the surroundings in all sorts of ways.” He added that a person is employed full-time to monitor the area, maintain it and try to prevent off-road driving.

Styrmir remarked, “It happens all too often that damage is done in this way. Luckily, most people follow the law, but many, on the other hand, drive off the road.” He encouraged people to report any such damage.

Source : Iceland Review

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