Unexpectedly Popular Waterfall Angers Locals

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Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Damage has been caused to woodland this winter by visitors to Brúará river, since the waterfall Brúarfoss gained sudden and unprecedented internet fame.

Hundreds of tourists now visit the previously little-known waterfall every week—traipsing over summerhouse lots and down little-used woodland paths, which have become muddy furrows in places.

Brúarfoss is not even marked on normal maps, Vísir reports, and there is no road to it.

In past centuries, however, it was on a main thoroughfare and was re-paved and renamed “King’s Way” in honor of the Danish king’s visit in 1907. It is still possible to walk the old/new road in places, though most of it is now mud.

After being largely forgotten for decades, Brúarfoss suddenly finds itself listed online as one of the country’s top ten waterfalls. TripAdvisor even has it marked out as the best natural attraction in Reykjavík—despite being 90 kilometers away from the city.

The local landowners say they noticed people start arriving last summer, but that this winter has seen an explosion in visitor numbers. The total lack of parking means mud now rules where grass was once king.

One tourist website apparently tells visitors not to take any notice of private road signs banning unauthorized traffic, while another tells visitors to park in the summerhouses’ private car park.

The worst damage, however, is the new walking paths that are appearing through the forest, revealing mud and damaged tree roots.

One farmer has received a tourism development grant to pave a 3-km proper path to the now-popular waterfall (though the amount is far too little for a whole path), while another angry farmer plans to close his private road off with an electric fence.


Source : icelandreview.com

Prime Minister reacts strongly to the documentary about organized beggars

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Prime Minister Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Prime Minister Erna Solberg is asking people to consider that they might support organized crime by giving money to beggars, and wants a ban on begging.

In the Focus (Brennpunkt) documentary “the Happy Land” (Lykkelandet),broadcast by NRK on Tuesday it was showed how a network of approximately 140 Romanians are making millions on organized begging, prostitution, drugs and other crimes.

– I reacted strongly to this. At the same time, this is not something new, and the problems we pointed out even before the 2013 election, Prime Minister Erna Solberg told NRK.

She states that the Conservatives still wants a ban on begging.

– If there is a consensus in Parliament, the Government has a proposal ready to be submitted shortly.

The Prime Minister however meets with criticism for her approach.

– A ban on begging would change the streets for a few days, but exploitation of people will just be done in other ways. These will be less visible and will not better our community, Senior Advisor for the Church City Mission, Børre Arnøy, states.

The Socialist Party (SV) has no plans to vote for a begging ban, but asks that the fight against the organized crime uncovered in the documentary is given higher priority by the police.

– Everything that appears in the documentary is already illegal. We do not need a ban on begging to combat it. The Government once again wants to make poverty less visible. They should fight the criminals, not the poor, says Member of Parliament for the Socialist Party, Karin Andersen.

Mayor of Os wants an end to begging

– The NRK documentary was the last drop, Mayor of Os, Marie Bruarås (Conservatives) said after watching the documentary “Lykkelandet” which is about beggars in Bergen.

The Brennpunkt documentary shows how a Romanian criminal network earns big money on organized begging, prostitution, racketeering and drug use in and around Bergen.

Bruarøy wants an end to begging

– We have some Romanian beggars in Os, which are transported here in groups. Many of them have been very aggressive, especially against children and the elderly. Therefore we will not stand it anymore, she says to Nettavisen.

She says that the sheriff in Os, Oddbjørn Dyrdal, supports a total ban on begging.

– We have long considered introducing a local prohibition, but when we now see how clearly the police state the seriousness of the problem both the documentary and locally, the time has come, according to the Conservative mayor.


Source : http://norwaytoday.info

Irregularidades do governo Pimentel no repasse de recursos para saúde serão debatidas em audiência pública


Crédito/Foto: Clarissa Barçante – ALMG

A omissão do governo de Minas no repasse de recursos destinados à saúde tem deixado ainda mais alarmante a situação financeira de vários municípios mineiros. A irregularidade e atraso nesses repasses geraram ao Estado uma dívida de R$ 1,5 bilhão, segundo dados do Conselho de Secretarias Municipais de Saúde de Minas Gerais (Cosems-MG). Sem esses recursos, os municípios não conseguem implementar suas políticas públicas na área da saúde e quem paga essa conta, infelizmente, é o cidadão.

Para piorar, o levantamento do Cosems-MG aponta que a maior parte desse dinheiro que não chega às prefeituras refere-se a recursos federais dos quais o governo de Fernando Pimentel está se apropriando indevidamente ao não realizar o devido repasse. O cenário é tão preocupante que será debatido em audiência pública da Comissão de Saúde da Assembleia Legislativa de Minas Gerais. O requerimento para a realização do debate foi aprovado nesta quarta-feira (19/04).

O deputado Bonifácio Mourão, um dos autores do requerimento da audiência pública, explica que esse dinheiro é indispensável aos municípios e, apenas com recursos próprios, eles não conseguem prestar os serviços de saúde demandados pela população. “Nada justifica o governo pegar esse dinheiro e não repassar a quem é de direito. As prefeituras não conseguem com dinheiro próprio conter esse rombo. Muitas delas, que têm a obrigação legal de destinar 15% do seu orçamento à área, já estão aplicando 20%, 30% e mesmo assim não estão conseguindo resolver todos esses problemas causados pelo governo Pimentel”, disse.

Segundo revelou reportagem da Rádio Itatiaia, a Secretaria de Estado de Fazenda estaria repassado para a pasta da Saúde apenas 30% do que seria o valor total. O secretário-adjunto da Secretaria de Estado de Saúde, Nalton Moreira, reconheceu que recursos estão sendo retidos. Na entrevista, ele disse não saber onde o dinheiro não repassado estaria sendo usado e afirmou ser essa uma informação a ser dada pela Secretaria de Estado de Fazenda.

Tanto o secretário da Saúde, Sávio Souza Cruz, quanto o de Fazenda, José Afonso Bicalho, já foram convidados pelo presidente da Comissão de Saúde da Assembleia, deputado Carlos Pimenta, a participar de reuniões no Legislativo e explicar o motivo pelo qual esse dinheiro não está chegando aos municípios mineiros.


Site Minas de Verdade

Turkey’s election board rejects referendum annulment request

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emAA Photo/em

AA Photo

Turkey’s Supreme Election Board (YSK) rejected appeals to annul the referendum results after a meeting on Wednesday.

The YSK released a written statement following the meeting, saying that the board agreed to reject the petitions submitted by the Republican People’s Party (CHP), the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and the Patriotic Party (Vatan Partisi) to annul the April 16 constitutional reform referendum.

The statement added that ten out of 11 board members voted against the petitions.

The board meeting started at noon in Ankara and announced the decision at 17:30 pm local time.

Opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli commented on YSK’s decision on his official Twitter account, saying that the board has put an end to the debate.

While criticizing those questioning the validity of the referendum, Bahçeli said that everyone should respect the results and the will of the people.

“Making a fuss about calling elections is a clear indication of humiliated defeat by those who do not recognize the will of the people,” Bahçeli said, adding that such acts are against democracy.

On Sunday, 51.4 percent of Turkish voters cast their ballots in favor of 18 constitutional amendments that will, among other things, see Turkey switch from a parliamentary system to a presidential system of governance.

According to unofficial results, the “Yes” campaign won with 51.41 percent, while the “No” votes stood at 48.59 percent. Voter turnout was 85.46 percent.


Source : dailysabah.com

Greek armed forces investigate crash that killed four officers

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The Greek military on Wednesday was investigating the cause of a helicopter crash that killed four army officers and injured a fifth, prompting Defense Minister Panos Kammenos to declare three days of national mourning.

The UH-1H helicopter crashed near the village of Sarantaporo in Elassona, central Greece, on Wednesday morning, during a routine patrol flight, according to defense sources.

Such routine flights are regularly carried out as part of exercises to monitor the country’s northern borders, the sources said.

The officers killed in the crash were Major-General Yiannis Tzanidakis, Colonel Thomas Adamou, Major Dimosthenis Goulas and First Lieutenant Constantinos Hatzis. Sergeant Major Vassiliki Plexida emerged from the wreckage with relatively minor injuries but remained in shock late on Wednesday.

It remained unclear what went wrong and caused the so-called Huey chopper to crash.

The UH-1H disappeared from the air force radar shortly before 8 a.m., prompting authorities to dispatch two F-16s, three rescue helicopters and a CL-415 fire service aircraft to search for it.

Police in the area of Sarantaporo reported a helicopter crash shortly after 10 a.m.

The fall knocked out the power supply in the area, raising questions about whether the helicopter hit electricity lines.

Military officials indicated that the UH-1H in question had not had any mechanical problems.

Authorities are expected to question Plexida when she has recovered from her injuries and shock.

Separately Kammenos lashed out at Ankara after six Turkish fighter jets violated Greek air space in the Aegean in wake of the four army deaths.

“The violations on a day of mourning in the Greek armed forces… show the quality of the Turks,” Kammenos wrote on his Twitter account.


Source : ekathimerini.com

Monitoring system of Estonia’s eastern border has seen 5 failures in 6 months

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According to the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) the monitoring systems on Estonia’s eastern border have partially stopped working on several occasions in the past six months, which directly points to the need to find additional funding for the maintenance of PPA’s IT systems.

Deputy director general of PPA Tauno Tuisk told BNS that radar positions connected to border guard were built and taken into use in 2006, and then it was forecast that their lifespan would be 20 years if maintained constantly. “Therefore a large-scale updating of monitoring systems and radar positions is on the agenda in 2025, and until then we must make sure that what we have is in working order,” Tuisk told BNS, adding that with each passing year it gets more expensive.

According to Tuisk in the past six months five incidents of critical importance have occurred in the monitoring systems on the eastern border. The incidents occurred as a result of a human error as well as a result of problems with hardware or software. “This means that a radar has stopped working and therefore isn’t delivering necessary information about a specific part of the border. Although radars have been placed so that they partially cover each other’s zones, a radar being out of order still causes problems,” he added.

The latest such incident occurred a few days back when a tree fell on power lines, a failure occurred and the radar position was powered by a generator, which shortly stopped working due to a technical failure and the radar stopped working. According to Tuisk the radars were out of order for hours and on one occasion even for 30 hours.

According to Tuisk PPA has mapped the problems, and has calculated that 400,000 euros of additional funds would need to be contributed to the maintenance and updating of border guard monitoring systems. If no additional funding is found, PPA’s monitoring technicians would have to focus on repairing works instead of focusing on IT development.


Source : news.postimees.ee

Norfolk Island Airlines to begin flying from June


Residents of Norfolk Island look set to regain their air links to New Zealand from June, when privately-held Norfolk Island Airlines plans to start flights to Auckland using a leased Boeing 737-300 from Nauru Airlines.

The island will lose the only nonstop flight to New Zealand from May 21, when Air New Zealand stops flying to Australian territory located about 900nm east of Sydney in the Pacific Ocean.

However, flights will be restored from June 17, when Norfolk Island Airlines starts a once weekly service operating via a Auckland-Norfolk Island-Brisbane and return routing on Saturdays.

The airline’s founder Gregg Prechelt says New Zealand represents about 20 per cent of the Norfolk Island economy so having nonstop air services was crucial for not just passenger traffic but also freight.

He is also hoping to arrest a decline in tourist numbers to the island, which has fallen from 40,000 to 26,000 in recent years.

“Norfolk Island is a strong package holiday destination,” Prechelt told Australian Aviation in an interview.

“Probably 80 per cent of the passenger numbers travelling to the island are holiday traffic.

“We believe we can regrow the market and give a resurgence to the economy.”

Under the charter agreement with Nauru Airlines will supply the pilots and cabin crew and manage all the ground handling, as well as aviation and regulatory services.

Further, the flights will carry the Nauru Airlines ON code and operate under the airline’s air operator’s certificate (AOC),

“We are in essence a marketing carrier,” Prechelt said. “You can’t get a designator without an AOC.”

Ticket sales commenced on April 13. Norfolk Island Airlines previously operated some freighter services between the island and Australia, again with leased Nauru Airlines 737s.

In December 2016, Air New Zealand cited declining passenger demand was behind its decision to drop the nonstop flights from Auckland.

The Star Alliance member is maintaining flights to Norfolk Island from Brisbane (once weekly) and Sydney (twice weekly) operated by Airbus A320 equipment. The airline is paid a subsidy by Australia’s Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to operate those services.

“The Auckland-Norfolk Island route is not commercially sustainable so it makes sense to focus our operations out of Australia, where there’s good potential,” Air New Zealand general manager for networks Richard Thomson said in December.

In January 2016, the federal government said Air New Zealand had been selected as the preferred provider of air services to Norfolk Island from the Australian mainland following the latest tender process.

Prechelt, a Norfolk Island local who splits his time between there and Brisbane, said he would keep a close eye on Air New Zealand’s pricing on Brisbane-Norfolk Island to ensure the subsidy is not used to push the newcomer off the route.

“Because we have a relationship with Nauru Airlines and we have a strong relationship with the package wholesalers in the industry here in Queensland we can compete effectively with Air New Zealand on the Brisbane to Norfolk run without the subsidy,” he said.

“But we will be watching the subsidy very closely to make sure that the subsidy doesn’t in effect subsidise anti-competitive behaviour in fares.

“We acknowledge that Air New Zealand is an extremely professional organisation but it is an underlying concern that it will be easier for them to reduce fares or maintain discount fares for longer than they have in the past because the government will always pay them.”

Further, he hoped Norfolk Island Airlines’s arrival on the Brisbane route would encourage the Australian Government to end the subsidy scheme when the current contract expires to save taxpayers’ money.

“The Commonwealth has said that the reason they are spending the taxpayers’ money is that no one will fly there,” Prechelt said.

“Because we are in the market – and we are quite happy to do the Sydney route as well without the subsidy – it will be difficult for the Commonwealth to turn around and say it wants to continue a contract when someone is flying there.

“We’ve said to the Australian Government for many years that we can do the service without the necessity for a subsidy but they have had a preference to use Air New Zealand.”

Prechelt said the Nauru Airlines 737-300 would be configured to carry 113 passengers across business, premium (extra legroom economy seats with the middle seat free) and economy. All fares include at least one checked bag.

He said the 737-300 was the ideal aircraft for the route, given its had fewer seats than Air New Zealand’s 168-seat A320s.

“The only reason Air New Zealand pulled out of the Norfolk Island market from New Zealand was the aeroplane is too big,” Prechelt said.

“The size of the Norfolk Island market supports the 737 operation very profitably.”

Should growth expectations be met, Prechelt said a second weekly flight on Tuesdays for the peak season starting either at the end of September or at the end of March 2018 was on the cards.

Norfolk island Airlines logo. (Norfolk Island Airlines)

Norfolk Island was formerly a self-governing Australian territory, with locally elected representatives managing its local affairs.

However, in 2015 Canberra brought in sweeping changes that resulted in reduced autonomy, with the Legislative Assembly shut down and replaced by a regional council. Also, New South Wales provides some state level services.

Australian Aviation

Consolidados Grande SP 18/04/2017


Sem TV paga, Power Couple Brasil perde um quarto do público na estreia


O empresário Frank Cavalcante e a funkeira Marcelly Almoya ao lado de Roberto Justus - Edu Moraes/Record TV

O empresário Frank Cavalcante e a funkeira Marcelly Almoya ao lado de Roberto Justus

REDAÇÃO – Publicado em 19/04/2017, às 12h01

Fora das principais operadoras de TV por assinatura, a Record foi prejudicada na estreia do Power Couple Brasil. O primeiro episódio da segunda temporada, ontem (18), teve 6,8 pontos na Grande São Paulo, queda de 24% em relação ao início do reality em 2016. O programa de Roberto Justus ficou em terceiro lugar no Ibope: no confronto, a Globo teve média de 12,1 e o SBT, 9,1. Na edição, os casais participaram de provas para trocar a resistência de chuveiros e adivinhar o conteúdo das bolsas de seus pares

Média do dia (7h/0h): 16,5
Bom Dia São Paulo 11,4
Bom Dia Brasil 10,8
Mais Você 8,6
Bem Estar 8,3
Encontro 8,6
SP TV 1ª Edição 14,0
Globo Esporte 13,3
Jornal Hoje 13,4
Vídeo Show 10,7
Senhora do Destino 11,8
Liga dos Campeões da Europa – Real Madrid x Bayern de Munique 16,1
Novo Mundo 22,9
SP TV 2ª Edição 27,7
Rock Story 30,7
Jornal Nacional 30,7
A Força do Querer 32,0
Mister Brau (estreia) 21,3
Os Dias Eram Assim 13,2
Jornal da Globo 9,1
O Álbum da Grande Família 7,0
Homeland: Segurança Nacional 6,3
Corujão 1 – Colegas de Quarto 5,3
Corujão 2 – Jornada Pela Justiça 4,1
Hora 1 6,1
Média do dia (7h/0h): 6,8
Balanço Geral Manhã 2,9
SP no Ar 5,1
Fala Brasil 4,8
Hoje em Dia 4,0
Balanço Geral SP – de 12h a 14h38 6,7
Balanço Geral SP – de 14h42 a 15h 7,5
Ribeirão do Tempo 5,8
Vidas em Jogo 5,7
Cidade Alerta 8,2
A Escrava Isaura 9,8
O Rico e Lázaro 11,0
Jornal da Record 8,2
Power Couple Brasil (estreia) 6,8
Programa do Porchat 3,6
Fala que Eu te Escuto 1,7
Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus 0,6
Média do dia (7h/0h): 6,1
Primeiro Impacto 2,0
Mundo Disney 3,3
Bom Dia e Cia 6,1
Clube do Chaves 6,7
Fofocalizando 5,1
Casos de Família 5,4
Rubi 6,9
O Que a Vida me Roubou 7,5
SBT Brasil 6,2
Carinha de Anjo 9,3
Chiquititas 8,2
Programa do Ratinho 9,9
Cine Espetacular: Carrossel 2 – O Sumiço de Maria Joaquina 7,4
The Noite 4,0
SBT Notícias 1 2,5
SBT Notícias 2 2,2
Média do dia (7h/0h): 3,3
Band News 1,0
Café com Jornal 1,5
Dia a Dia 0,9
Sempre Bem 0,7
Os Simpsons 0,7
Jogo Aberto 3,4
Os Donos da Bola 3,3
Liga dos Campeões da Europa – Real Madrid x Bayern de Munique 5,1
Brasil Urgente – rede 5,7
Brasil Urgente – local 5,6
Jornal da Band 5,1
Ezel 1,9
MasterChef – A Prévia 1,5
MasterChef Brasil 5,5
Jornal da Noite 1,8
Boletim Liga dos Campeões da Europa 0,6
Liga dos Campeões da Europa (VT) 0,6
Média do dia (7h/0h): 0,5
Te Peguei 0,1
Tá Sabendo? 0,2
Melhor pra Você 0,5
A Tarde É Sua 1,2
Master Game 0,1
Você na TV 0,4
RedeTV! News 0,8
TV Fama 1,0
Luciana By Night 0,9
Leitura Dinâmica 0,5
Amaury Jr. 0,4

Fonte: Emissoras

Cada ponto equivale a 70.559 domicílios na Grande SP

Site Notícias da TV

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