Airbus’ first fully owned training facility in Asia to be established close to New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport

To prepare next generation of pilots and maintenance engineers

New Delhi, 17 March 2017 – Airbus is setting up a greenfield training facility at Aerocity, New Delhi, to support India’s growing need for Airbus aircraft pilots and maintenance engineers. The ground-breaking for the Airbus India Training Centre was performed by P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Hon’ble Union Minister of Civil Aviation and Tom Enders, CEO, Airbus in the presence of Jayant Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Civil Aviation.

India is the fastest growing domestic aviation market in the world and is expected to continue to grow at an annualised 9.3% over the next 20 years, outpacing the world average of 4.6%. The number of trips per capita in India is expected to quadruple by 2035 due to a combination of economic and demographic factors.

To cater to this huge demand, Airbus forecasts a requirement for at least 1,600 new passenger and freighter aircraft by 2035. The consequent increase in Indian in-service aircraft fleet will lead to an accompanying need for over 24,000 new pilots and maintenance engineers.

“India’s rapidly growing passenger aircraft fleet must be matched by adequate availability of skilled pilots and maintenance engineers. Airbus’ pilot and maintenance engineering training center is the type of facility which will help augment the talent pool of such personnel and thus be a force multiplier for the Indian aviation sector, said Shri P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Hon’ble Union Minister of Civil Aviation.

“We have only scratched the surface when it comes to the growth of civil aviation in India. This training centre will be the first such facility fully owned by us in Asia. It is a symbol of our enduring partnership with this country,” said Tom Enders, CEO, Airbus.

The almost 7000 m2 Airbus India Training Centre will be built in a modular concept in order to become operational by end-2018 with two A320 full flight simulators, increasing to four and potentially to six simulators in due course. It will start with an initial capacity to train over 800 pilots and 200 maintenance engineers annually.

The centre will cater primarily to Airbus operators in India and the region. Airbus has more than 250 aircraft in service in India and over 570 are on order by Indian airlines.

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Boeing and U.S. Army Sign $3.4B Contract for 268 AH-64E Apache Helicopters

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First “E” model multi-year contract ensures readiness, cost savings

MESA, Ariz., March 16, 2017 – Boeing [NYSE: BA] and the U.S. government recently signed a five-year, $3.4 billion contract through which the Army, and a customer outside the U.S., will acquire the latest Apache attack helicopter at a significant savings to taxpayers.

This is the first multi-year agreement for the Apache “E” variant. The Army will receive 244 remanufactured Apaches while 24 new ones will go to the international customer.

“This agreement is great news for our Army, our soldiers, the American taxpayers, our industry partners and numerous international partners,” said U.S. Army Col. Joseph Hoecherl, the Apache project manager. “It is a direct result of the professional dedication and diligent efforts by government and industry teammates to provide the much needed capabilities of the world’s best attack helicopter – the AH-64E Apache – at a fair and affordable price that results in year over year savings to the taxpayer. In the hands of our trained U.S. soldiers, the Apache’s technologies and resulting capabilities are essential to Army operations around the globe.”

Boeing builds the Apache in Mesa, Ariz. Deliveries of the “E” model began in October 2011. Seven customers outside the U.S. have ordered this variant. Including this latest version, the U.S. and 15 other countries have relied on the Apache during the past three decades.

“The Apache has made a tremendous impact in the defense of the nations that have flown it for the last 37 years,” said Kim Smith, Boeing Attack Helicopters vice president and program manager. “Our team understands the responsibility we have to deliver the best aircraft on time at an affordable price every day, and we are committed to maintaining that well established tradition of excellence.”

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Consolidados Grande SP 16/03/2017


A duas semanas do fim, A Lei do Amor bate recorde com prisão de Tião


O vilão Tião (José Mayer) foi detido no capítulo de ontem (16) da novela A Lei do Amor - Reprodução/Globo

O vilão Tião (José Mayer) foi detido no capítulo de ontem (16) da novela A Lei do Amor

REDAÇÃO – Publicado em 17/03/2017, às 11h36

Com 33,1 pontos, A Lei do Amor registrou ontem (16) seu recorde de audiência na Grande São Paulo. Ao mostrar a prisão de Tião (José Mayer) após o assassinato de Elio (João Campos), a novela teve crescimento de 7% em relação às últimas quatro quintas-feiras. A duas semanas do fim, superou os 32,3 pontos de 2 de março. Exibido logo em seguida, Big Brother Brasil teve seu maior ibope em dia de prova do líder na atual temporada: 27,5 pontos

Média do dia (7h/0h): 16,1
Bom Dia São Paulo 10,1
Bom Dia Brasil 9,9
Mais Você 7,7
Bem Estar 6,3
Encontro 7,4
SP TV 1ª Edição 12,2
Globo Esporte 11,4
Jornal Hoje 11,1
Vídeo Show 10,0
Sessão da Tarde: Johnny 11,2
Senhora do Destino 14,0
Cheias de Charme 18,3
Malhação 20,3
Sol Nascente 25,2
SP TV 2ª Edição 27,0
Rock Story 26,2
Jornal Nacional 28,6
A Lei do Amor 33,1
Big Brother Brasil 27,5
Amor e Sexo 14,0
Jornal da Globo 9,0
Perception: Truques da Mente 6,4
Corujão 1: De Pernas pro Ar – parte 1 5,9
Corujão 1: De Pernas pro Ar – parte 2 5,1
Corujão 2: Desmanche – Perigo nas Ruas 4,2
Hora 1 6,1
Média do dia (7h/0h): 8,3
Balanço Geral Manhã 4,6
SP no Ar 7,5
Fala Brasil 7,2
Hoje em Dia 5,4
Balanço Geral SP 8,9
Ribeirão do Tempo 6,7
Vidas em Jogo 5,4
Cidade Alerta 8,3
A Escrava Isaura 10,9
O Rico e Lázaro 12,4
Jornal da Record 10,1
Câmera Record 9,9
Programa do Porchat 5,0
Fala que Eu te Escuto 2,4
Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus 1,0
Média do dia (7h/0h): 6,1
Primeiro Impacto 2,9
Mundo Disney 3,1
Bom Dia e Cia 6,4
Clube do Chaves 6,3
Fofocalizando 5,1
Casos de Família 6,4
Rubi 6,3
Querida Inimiga 6,6
O Que a Vida me Roubou 6,2
SBT Brasil 5,4
Carinha de Anjo 9,9
Chiquititas 9,5
Programa do Ratinho 8,0
A Praça É Nossa 9,0
The Noite 5,2
SBT Notícias 1 2,9
SBT Notícias 2 2,7

Fonte: Emissoras

Cada ponto equivale a 69,4 mil domicílios na Grande SP

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