Planning a vacation? Travel to Oman from Dubai for less than Dh150

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Filed on March 2, 2017
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Oman’s SalamAir starts double daily flights to Dubai

SalamAir officially started their first international route to Dubai on Tuesday.

The airliner’s new Airbus A320 aircraft dubbed “Fateh Al Khair”, SalamAir flew to Al Maktoum International Airport on Tuesday.

The flight took off at 5:35pm local time, which is the start of a double daily service to the UAE, a Times of Oman report said.

Al Maktoum International Airport will be SalamAir’s Dubai destination until March 26 before move to Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport.

Therates offered is as low as OMR14.6 – tax included (Dh139.28).

Francoise Bouteiller, CEO of SalamAir, was quoted as saying in the report:

“Dubai is a thriving leisure and business destination and with convenient dual flight times, we are offering more flexible travel options for our guests, all within their budgets.”

He added that they are planning to operate flights to Pakistan and Jeddah by the end of March with the introduction of their third aircraft.

“Flights to Pakistan is expected to start by the end of March. By the end of March we expect to introduce Karachi, Sialkot and Multan,” said Bouteiller adding that these destination will commence when their third aircraft arrives.


With fares from Muscat to Dubai as low as OMR14.6, guests can now book their flights on the website and can choose between three easy fare options: Light, Friendly and Flexi.

Delivering on its promise to offer value for money, SalamAir will provide the option of ‘through flights’ on the 17:35 flight from Salalah to Dubai, meaning that guests can fly to Dubai without having to disembark in Muscat. The service includes a 50-minute stopover.

When asked about operating flights to India, Bouteiller said that it requires a lot of “bilateral agreements” and “buying traffic rights” to operate in, the report added.

Source : Khaleej Times

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