Cameroon may double its cocoa production via whole crop processing

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On May 5, 2015, Cameroonian Minister of Agriculture, Essimi Menyé, launched the whole crop processing campaign for 2015. “Previously, we only processed 20% of the crop. From now on, we will be processing all the nation’s production basins,”stated Minister Essimi Menyé.

According to Ministry of Agriculture, although the aging of plantations and farmers alike is a hindrance to improving cocoa production, the bad processing of Cameroonian cocoa has reduced current yield by 40 to 50%.
More appropriate processing methods would therefore help to reduce the above-mentioned losses and also substantially increase national production.
Indeed, Cameroun could quickly achieve 400,000 tonnes of annual production. The average yield over the last five seasons was 200,000 tonnes. Cameroon is aiming to produce 600,000 tonnes by 2020.
Source : Cameroon Daily Net

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