Lululemon props up Aussie arm

JANUARY 16 2017 – 9:29AM

Madeleine Heffernan

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North American workout-wear giant Lululemon is propping up its otherwise unprofitable Australian operations.

Lululemon calls itself a “yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company” and has been praised or derided – depending on your point of view – for normalising workout gear as everyday clothes.

Starting as a joint venture in 2004, Lululemon Australia has 5.2 per cent of the $2 billion fitness and athletic clothing store industry in Australia, according to researchers IBISWorld.

Super Retail Group (owner of Rebel Sports) has the dominant share at 30.4 per cent, followed by RCG Corporation (owner of The Athlete’s Foot, with 16.7 per cent), Lorna Jane (12.4 per cent) and Foot Locker at 7.3 per cent.

Australia is Lululemon’s third-biggest market for company-operated stores outside the US and its native Canada, according to accounts lodged in July 2016. At 25 stores, Australia comprised 7.5 per cent of Lululemon’s 335 company-owned stores as at October last year.

But Lululemon Athletica Australia’s accounts show its ultimate parent company pumped $19.73 million into its operations Down Under to build market share.

Parental support

The accounts show that produced a $6.8 million profit for the 2016 financial year, an improvement on the previous year’s $7.2 million loss.

The accounts, lodged in December for the company’s financial year ended January 31, 2016, showed Lululemon employed people 524 in Australia and increased annual sales by 16 per cent to $98 million. Lululemon executives Kyle Housman and Ben Jackson.

The company’s profit was “driven by an improvement in the Australian dollar compared to the US dollar, which resulted in an increase in both the cost of goods sold which was more than offset by the introduction of the ultimate parent company’s market support payment which is included in other revenue”.

Lululemon declined to comment but is understood to be committed to its Australian business.

IBISWorld said the Australian fitness and athletic clothing store industry had “benefited from changing attitudes towards activewear, with consumers becoming more comfortable with wearing gym clothing while not exercising”.

“Major players, such as Lorna Jane, RCG Corporation and Lululemon Athletica have all gradually increased their market shares by attracting customers through brand promotion and large store networks,” it said.

We had a strong holiday season in both our store and digital channels.

Lululemon chief executive Laurent Potdevin

“General apparel retailer Country Road launched an activewear range in October 2014. Global fast fashion giant H&M launched a collaboration collection with Alexander Wang in late 2014, creating a fashionable luxury sportswear range that rapidly sold out.”

Founded in Canada in 1998 and now listed in the US, Lululemon recently updated its guidance, thanks to growth in same-store sales, plus strength at its men’s business and online.

“We had a strong holiday season in both our store and digital channels driven by our assortment, operational execution and guest experience,” chief executive Laurent Potdevin said. “We look forward to 2017 as we continue to advance on our long-term goals.”


Source : Sydney Morning Herald

Family of dead teen appeal to hit-and-run driver

2:19 PM Monday Jan 16, 2017

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The family of a teenager who died in a hit-and-run in West Auckland have spoken to media this afternoon.

Police addressed the media first saying neighbours have reported hearing a car speeding down the street around the time Jacob would have been hit.

An officer at the scene said the driver would know “without doubt” that they have hit somebody.

It was possible that the driver had taken their vehicle to a friend to get fixed and fabricated a story to explain the damage.

Police confirmed Jacob died at the scene after initially being found unconscious.

The incident was “around midnight on Saturday night,” police said.

Jacobs’s mother Esther tearfully read her statement. Her voice broke as she told the crowd that her son loved life.

“This person hit Jacob…they don’t know what they’ve taken away from us.

“They don’t know how much of an awesome person he was.

“Jacob loved life. He loved life and he took every opportunity that he got.

“He loved his skateboard. He had lots of friends and was very charismatic. He got along with everyone.’

“Why couldn’t you stop? That was our baby.”

His sister Jasmin Pakura took over from Esther and emotionally finished the statement.

Jacob’s father Jason Pakura was also with the family as they read their statement.

Members of Jacob’s family – including his mother – cried and hugged each other at the scene where their son and brother’s life came to an end.

Another family member used the press conference to speak to the driver.

“When you hit him, you didn’t just hit Jacob – you hit his whole family. You took away everything.

“You took away his future, you took away memories. You took away everything that this boy loved.

“Please give our family some closure and come forward.”

Bunches of brightly coloured flowers have been placed around a power pole. Handpicked agapanthus and hydrangea posies wilt in the bright sunshine.

The family joined friends and loved ones at the site while they waited for the site to be blessed.

A group of Jacob’s friends turned up before the press conference. They called him one of the bros.

“He was something else that kid. No one really understands that.”

Jacob died after he was hit by a car while skateboarding on Rua Road, in New Lynn, near his home on Saturday night.

The 16-year-old was found unconscious by members of the public who tried to help him as they waited for emergency services.

He died some time later.

Police are still appealing for the driver of the vehicle to come forward.

Source : New Zealand Herald

A Lei do Amor 21/01/2017

Resultado de imagem para A Lei do Amor abertura

Tião ofende Marina, acreditando se tratar de Isabela, e lhe oferece dinheiro para sair do país. Antônio garante a Ruty Raquel e Gigi que viu Isabela. Mileide decide expulsar Jáder de casa, e Gledson e Robinson interferem. Ciro impede que Sílvia visite Vitória. Envergonhado, Gustavo se esconde de Salete e Wesley. Tião pede que Valdir investigue Marina. Salete promete a Suely que resgatará Gustavo. Augusto, Pedro e Helô convencem Vitória a fingir que não sabe sobre Ciro e Magnólia. Gigi pede que Marina confie nela. Fausto afirma que acabará com Magnólia.

A Lei do Amor 20/01/2017

Resultado de imagem para A Lei do Amor abertura

Vitória se desespera, foge, quase sofre um acidente e entra em trabalho de parto na rua. Ciro garante a Magnólia que não a ama mais. Vitória dá à luz e é levada para o hospital. Augusto afirma a Pedro que é o pai de Caio. Marina se aproxima de Ruty Raquel. Ciro insinua a Magnólia que Vitória, Pedro e Ana Luiza sabem de seu relacionamento. Edu visita Flávia. Jéssica impede que Wesley revele a Salete que encontrou Gustavo na cracolândia. Tião descobre que Laura tem uma filha. Augusto, Pedro, Ana Luiza e Helô confortam Vitória. Tião acredita que Marina é Isabela.

A Lei do Amor 19/01/2017

Resultado de imagem para A Lei do Amor abertura

Vitória se desespera com a chegada de Ciro, que finge não a conhecer diante de Sílvia. Laura chega ao Brasil. Ciro arma para que Vitória o flagre com Magnólia. Antônio vê Marina e acredita que se trata de Isabela. Tião insinua que Laura acabará desejando permanecer no Brasil. Ciro marca um encontro com Magnólia. Luciane desconfia da saída de Magnólia. Fausto, Pedro e Ana Luiza registram, através das câmeras escondidas, o encontro amoroso entre Ciro e Magnólia. Vitória vai à casa do ex-marido e descobre que a amante de Ciro é sua mãe.

A Lei do Amor 18/01/2017

Resultado de imagem para A Lei do Amor abertura

Pedro alerta Marina sobre Magnólia. Magnólia afirma a Ciro que lhe dará dinheiro caso dê atenção à gravidez de Vitória. Pedro comenta com Fausto sobre Laura. Yara confessa a Helô que tem ciúmes de Misael com Flávia. Magnólia aprova o trabalho de Marina, e Ruty Raquel desconfia do caráter da massagista. Wesley promete a Salete que ajudará Suely na busca por Gustavo. Ciro visita Vitória, que o expulsa de seu quarto. Ciro descobre que Magnólia tirou a vida de Beth e jura vingança. Tião conta seus planos contra Pedro e Helô para Magnólia. Yara tenta se reaproximar de Misael. Ciro surpreende Vitória na casa de sua mãe.

A Lei do Amor 17/01/2017

Resultado de imagem para A Lei do Amor abertura

Tiago e Letícia se casam. Marina pede um emprego a Gigi. Tiago mostra a Letícia o porta-retrato que recebeu, com a foto de Isabela. Ciro marca um encontro com Magnólia. Tião beija Magnólia. Elio confronta Tiago sobre Isabela, e o rapaz acredita que o jornalista tenha lhe enviado a foto da ex-namorada. Ciro confirma com Sílvia que Pedro e Ana Luiza estiveram em seu apartamento. Gigi decide testar Marina, indicando-a para atender Magnólia. Tião arma para que Laura fique um mês no Brasil. Ciro ameaça Magnólia. Pedro conhece Marina.

A Lei do Amor 16/01/2017

Resultado de imagem para A Lei do Amor abertura

Tião tem certeza de que Laura e Pedro tiveram um relacionamento. Helô sente ciúme do passado de Pedro. Salete pede que Bruno dê uma chance para seu amor por Jéssica. Misael e Flávia se beijam. Tião oferece um emprego para Laura. Letícia convida Tião para seu casamento com Tiago. Bruno se despede de Jéssica, que garante que irá esperar pelo rapaz. Chega o dia do casamento de Tiago e Letícia. Tiago recebe um presente misterioso. Flávia confirma a paternidade de Tião. Sílvia comenta com Ciro sobre a visita de Pedro. Marina chega ao casamento de Tiago e Letícia.

Rocky Story 21/01/2017

Resultado de imagem para Rocky Story telenovela

Alex aceita participar do assalto à casa de Gui. Léo decide encerrar definitivamente o contrato com Lázaro. Diana diz que cuidará da carreira de Léo. Paçoca pede a Zac que arrume um emprego para ele na banda. Zac pede a Luizão que dê algo para Paçoca comer. Júlia entrega a foto do cofre do apartamento de Gui para Alex e dá as orientações para o assalto. Tom não gosta da presença de Paçoca na banda. Diana ameaça acabar com a carreira de Lázaro. Alex fica em choque ao ver Lorena com outro rapaz. Haroldo se emociona com a homenagem do filho e da banda 4.4. Gordo fica surpreso ao atender a ligação de Nicole no celular de Laila, convidando o casal para uma festa em Porto Alegre. A churrascaria é invadida por fãs adolescentes da banda 4.4.

Rocky Story 20/01/2017

Resultado de imagem para Rocky Story telenovela

Diana acusa Gui de se afastar de Chiara por causa da gravidez de Júlia. Gordo demonstra a Laila que está insatisfeito com as desculpas da namorada. Marisa reclama de estar sustentando Alex. Júlia avisa a Gui que acredita que Alex aceitará participar de seu plano. Alex pede a William e Romildo que o protejam de uma possível armação. Gui conta a Chiara sobre a gravidez de Júlia. Nicolau convida os integrantes da 4.4 para o aniversário de 60 anos de Haroldo. Haroldo demonstra surpresa para Luizão ao constatar que a churrascaria está com problemas financeiros. Gordo avisa a Laila que ela foi convidada para um programa de televisão. Laila confessa a Syl que não resistiu às investidas de Jorginho. Yasmin e Léo descobrem que Néia e Lázaro se juntaram para boicotar o show do rapaz. Júlia se apavora ao ser abordada por Alex em sua casa.