AWPA seeks female pilot scholarship applicants

Air Force Flight Camp, RAAF East Sale,  Participants and Staff

Applications have opened for two scholarships to support female pilots that are either seeking to complete the navigation component of a private or commercial pilot licence, or to gain a formation or aerobatic endorsement.

Both of the scholarships are being offered by the Australian Women Pilots’ Association, and are sponsored by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

The AWPA Navigation Component Scholarship, which is valued at $7,000, is intended to assist female pilots with the flight training costs associated with completing the navigation component of a private or commercial powered, fixed-wing pilot licence.

And the AWPA Formation/Aerobatic Endorsement Scholarship, worth $2,500, assists with gaining a fixed-wing formation or aerobatic endorsement.

Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Leo Davies praised the scholarships as a positive initiative for encouraging and assisting women to pursue flying careers.

“I understand how expensive and challenging it can be to pursue a career as a pilot, and the Navigation Component Scholarship is designed to help support the fantastic young women who are committed to this great profession,” CAF said.

“The opportunity to further develop flying skills with a formation or aerobatic endorsement is also significant, which the Formation/Aerobatic Endorsement Scholarship aims to support.

“Air Force is committed to gender diversity and is proud to sponsor these scholarships. I enthusiastically invite any young female pilots in training to apply.”

Applications are due to close on January 31. Further information and application forms are available here.

Australian Aviation

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