Tigerair Australia appoints new chief pilot and director of flight operations


Tigerair Australia has appointed a former Qantas chief pilot as its new chief pilot and director of flight operations.

Peter Wilson will join the Virgin Australia-owned low-cost carrier in the role starting January 16 2017, Tigerair chief executive Rob Sharp said in a note to staff on Thursday.

He replaces Captain Harry Holling, who will remain as chief pilot and director of flight operations until January to ensure a smooth transition before he starts in a yet-to-be-announced new role at Tigerair.

Sharp said in the note to staff Wilson was chief pilot for Qantas’s international and domestic operations from 2008 to 2012. Further, Wilson was chief operating officer and accountable manager for the Qantas air operator’s certificate (AOC) in 2012-2014.

“Peter is a well-known and respected senior executive within the industry and brings a proved track record having extensive experience in both Boeing and Airbus aircraft, large scale transformation initiatives and operational excellence,” Sharp said.

“It is a great coup for Tigerair to have a person of Peter’s calibre and experience join our executive team to help support the next phase in our development.

“Peter brings a depth of business experience and will also play a key role within the senior executive team in regard to the broader business including strategy development, strategic priorities and business planning.”

The appointment of a new chief pilot and director of flight operations comes as Tigerair works towards the transition of its fleet from the Airbus A320 to Boeing 737-800 over the next three years and the start of international flying under its own AOC.

Tigerair began international operations in March, with flights to Bali from Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth using three Boeing 737-800s which remain on Virgin Australia International’s AOC and are flown by Virgin pilots and Tigerair cabin crew.

The LCC has applied to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for two changes to its AOC. The first is for the addition of the 737 onto its AOC, with pilot training for the 737 already underway. The second is to secure approval to operate international flights.

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