Outcome of independent Match Review Panel – Round 9 -Hyundai A-League 2016/2017

Wanderers goalkeeper Jerrad Tyson was shown a red card in the clash against the Mariners on Saturday.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Staff Writer
The independent Match Review Panel (MRP) have met to consider the incident involving Western Sydney Wanderers goalkeeper Jerrad Tyson.

The independent Match Review Panel (MRP) – consisting of Simon Micallef (Chair), Matthew Breeze and Adam D’Apuzzo – convened today to consider an incident involving Jerrad Tyson (Western Sydney Wanderers FC) in or around the 59th minute of Western Sydney Wanderers FC’s Round 9 match against Central Coast Mariners on Saturday, 3 December 2016.

The MRP has the authority to consider the incident as Jerrad Tyson was issued with a direct Red Card by the referee.

The MRP confirmed that Jerrad Tyson will serve a suspension of one (1) match, being the minimum sanction for the offence of denying the opposing team an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by an offence that is punishable by a free kick or penalty kick.

Football Federation Australia

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