Grazi Massafera foi ao Emmy receber seu prêmio na terça-feira e na quarta-feira estava no Projac

Map – Shortest path between New York and Rio de Janeiro

Distância de Nova Iorque para Rio de Janeiro
A distância é 7738 quilômetros ou 4808 milhas ou 4178 milhas náuticas
A distância é a distância aérea teórica (grande distância do círculo). Voar entre os aeroportos dos dois locais pode ser uma distância diferente, dependendo da localização do aeroporto e rota real escolhida.
Mapa – O caminho mais curto entre Nova York e Rio de Janeiro

Grazi Massafera não teve muito tempo em Nova York para aproveitar o seu sucesso no Emmy porque as gravações de “A Lei do Amor” não permitiram.

Uma viagem de volta, sem escalas, direto para os estúdios do Projac.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Serginho Groisman vai comandar o Altas Horas na virada do dia 24 para 25 de dezembro



Serginho Groisman é quem vai fazer a Noite de Natal na Globo…
… O “Altas Horas”, como sempre acontece nas noites de sábado, irá ao ar na passagem do dia 24 para 25…
… Um programa especial, com várias surpresas, começa a ser preparado para a ocasião.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Confira uma das atrações desse domingo , 27/11/2016 , do programa #Eliana


Eliana, domingo, vai apresentar uma entrevista com Larissa Manoela na casa dela…
… A novidade é que irá ao ar com tradução simultânea na Língua Brasileira de Sinais, LIBRAS.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

TV Globo vai exibir especial dominical com Leandro Hassum a partir de 11/12/2016

Crédito Globo/Estevam Avellar

Leandro Hassum com Mel Maia no especial “A Cara do Pai”

Data marcada
A Globo promove dia 11 de dezembro, logo após o “Esquenta!”, a estreia de “A Cara do Pai”, especial em quatro episódios com Leandro Hassum e Mel Maia.

Também no elenco Alessandra Maestrini, Thiago Rodrigues, Cristiana Pompeo, Walter Breda e Pietra Hassum, filha do humorista, que faz a sua estreia na TV.

 Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Gugu espera resposta da TV Record para ver se será funcionário da emissora



Plano B
Nada se alterou, nas últimas horas, na situação do Gugu com a Record. Ele aguarda resposta à sua proposta de trabalhar nas mesmas condições dos outros contratados e não mais no esquema de sociedade.

Se tudo se acertar, a produtora i9 TV, é a mais cotada para tocar os trabalhos do programa e assumir a sua produção.

Tá na casa
A i9 é vizinha da Record, no bairro da Barra Funda, em São Paulo.

Não bastasse também é próxima da casa, por ser a mesma empresa que presta serviços para a Universal, PRB, Ressoar e Record News.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Xtra! Xtra! Airbus’ A350-1000 jetliner completes its historic first flight

The maiden flight of Airbus’ A350-1000 – the latest member of the all-new A350 XWB widebody family that is shaping the future of long-haul airline operations – has initiated a fast-paced test and certification programme leading to the jetliner’s service entry next year.

During more than 4 hours aloft today, this longest-fuselage version of the A350 XWB demonstrated the performance and efficiency that will be appreciated by airline and aircraft leasing customers worldwide – 11 of which already have ordered 195 A350-1000s from the Middle East, North America, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Performing today’s initial in-flight evaluation from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in southwestern France was the aircraft bearing the Manufacturing Serial Number 59 (MSN059) – one of three jetliners that will participate in the A350-1000 flight test and certification campaign.

Range, comfort, capacity and efficiency combined

Measuring nearly 74 metres from nose to tail, the A350-1000 is offering a maximum range of 7,950 nautical miles. It is designed for high efficiency, maximum reliability and optimised performance while offering passengers best-in-class comfort with its “Airspace by Airbus” cabin.

The A350-1000’s longer fuselage translates to greater capacity, seating 366 passengers (+40 seats compared to the A350-900) in a typical three-class configuration, and answers market needs with a larger premium area to accommodate first class and business class travellers.

Further enhancing the A350-1000’s efficiency are its latest-generation Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 turbofan jet powerplants – the world’s most efficient large aero engines flying today.

Deliveries of the A350-1000 are planned to begin in the second half of 2017 with launch customer Qatar Airways (which has ordered 37 aircraft). Other carriers that have booked A350-1000s are United Airlines (with 35 on order), Cathay Pacific (26), Etihad (22) British Airways (18), LATAM (14), Japan Airlines (13), Asiana Airlines (10), Air Lease Corporation (9), Virgin Atlantic (8), and Air Caraïbes (3).

The A350-1000 and A350-900: shared family traits

The A350-1000 builds on the success of Airbus’ shorter-fuselage A350-900 that entered service in January 2015 and is operated today by nine airlines, which are flying nearly 50 of these jetliners on routes around the globe.

Both A350 XWB versions benefit from an all-new fuselage – built with carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) and sized at a 221-inch cross-section for more personal space and exclusive in-flight experience in all classes of service – and they share an unprecedented level of commonality, with 95 per cent common systems part numbers and the same type rating for pilots.

The A350-1000 and A350-900 bring together the very latest in aerodynamics – such as their unique morphing wings designed to reduce drag and lower fuel burn – and advanced technologies for a 25 per cent step change in operating cost compared to its current long-range competitor, underscoring that it is the “Xtra” that makes the difference.

Airbus Website

First A350-1000 successfully completes first flight

Flight test campaign benefitting from the A350-900 experience and maturity;

Three test aircraft to perform all flight testing in under one year;

Development on track for entry into service scheduled for the second half of 2017.

The first of three A350-1000 development aircraft to fly – MSN059 – has landed at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport France at 15.00hrs local time after successfully completing its first flight which lasted four hours and 18 minutes.

The crew in the cockpit on board this flight comprised: Hugues van der Stichel, Experimental Test Pilot; Frank Chapman, Experimental Test Pilot and Gérard Maisonneuve, Test-Flight Engineer. Furthermore, monitoring all the test parameters at the Flight-Test-Instrumentation (FTI) station behind the cockpit were: Patrick du Ché, Head of Flight & Integration Tests; Emanuele Costanzo, Head of A350 Development Flight Tests; and Stéphane Vaux, Flight-Test Engineer.

Powered by Rolls-Royce’s new Trent XWB-97 engines, the aircraft traversed south-western France, during which the crew explored the aircraft’s handling and flight envelope. The aircraft was accompanied by a chase plane to observe and film the various manoeuvres. Its progress was monitored by experts on the ground in real-time via a direct telemetry link.

Airbus President and CEO Fabrice Brégier said: “We have seen today the world’s most modern and efficient passenger aircraft – the A350-1000 – in action for the very first time, adding soon to the successful A350 Family. My congratulations and thanks go to all the teams who have contributed to make today’s flight happen.” He added: “We are equally pleased that many customers have witnessed this important milestone today together with us – here from our headquarters in Toulouse.”

Benefitting from the experience of the original A350-900 test campaign (accomplished in 2014), the A350-1000’s development programme will be shorter – under one year for the three aircraft. MSN059’s duties for performance testing will include exploration of the flight envelope, handling qualities, loads and braking. The second aircraft to fly, MSN071, will also be tasked with performance evaluation, which will encompass braking, powerplant, systems and autopilot. The third and final aircraft to fly – MSN065 – will be equipped with a cabin and will evaluate the cabin and air systems. MSN065 will also perform the “early long flights” and route-proving. The overall campaign will culminate in the type’s certification followed by its entry into airline service in the second half of 2017 with first operator Qatar Airways – the largest A350-1000 customer to date with 37 on order.

The A350-1000 is the latest member of the Airbus leading widebody family, together with the A330neo, offering unprecedented levels of operating efficiency, low noise and true long-range capability. As well as having a longer fuselage to accommodate 40 more passengers than the A350-900, the A350-1000 also features a modified wing trailing-edge, new six-wheel main landing gears and more powerful Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engines. The A350-1000 embodies all of the fuel efficiency and ‘Airspace’ cabin comfort of the original A350-900 – but with extra size perfectly tailored for our customers on some of their busiest long-haul routes. To date 11 customers from five continents have placed orders for a total of 195 A350-1000s.

Airbus Website