Nomads national office-bearer Stephen Garland arrested in Darwin

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Nomads national office bearer Stephen Garland was extradited from Darwin to Sydney after his arrest in Darwin. PICTURE: Katrina BridgefordNomads national office bearer Stephen Garland was extradited from Darwin to Sydney after his arrest in Darwin. PICTURE: Katrina Bridgeford

A NOMADS bikie gang national office-bearer was arrested after a package containing 3kg of the drug ecstasy destined for Darwin was intercepted in Sydney.

Stephen Garland was extradited to Sydney yesterday after NSW Police found the package, which contained an estimated $750,000 worth of ecstasy.

The NT News understands Garland sent the drugs back to Sydney because of their poor quality. The package was seized on its return to Sydney leading to Garland’s arrest at a rural property in Darwin River on Thursday.

Garland was arrested without incident.

Yesterday, a 22-year-old man and alleged Nomads member was arrested in Sydney in relation to the seizure.

It is believed Garland had moved to the Territory to set up a legitimate business and is accused of intending to sell the ecstasy tablets on the lucrative Darwin drug scene.

He appeared in the dock of Darwin Local Court briefly on Friday before being remanded until his extradition yesterday.

The heavily tattooed Garland, wearing a white T-shirt, grey shorts and no shoes, said little during the brief appearance in court.

He was led through Darwin Airport by NSW detectives handcuffed and with his head covered by a black Nomads T-shirt.

NT Police Organised Crime Division detective Senior Sergeant Mark Stringer said the seizure prevented thousands of pills sweeping on to the Darwin drug market.

“It’s a significant quantity. To put it into context, a commercial quantity under the misuse of drugs act is 40g,” he said.

“It’s known that outlaw motorcycle gangs and other organised groups are trying to make inroads with Darwin.

“There is a very high price for drugs in the Northern Territory.”

According to Ecstasy and related Drugs Reporting System, Territorians pay the highest price for the drug in the country.

The report found Top End users were paying $35 per pill, compared to $25 nationally.

Sen-Sgt Stringer said Garland was the highest Nomads officeholder arrested in the NT.

He said police believed the Nomads were not preparing to establish a Top End chapter of the outlaw motorcycle gang.

Garland is expected to appear in Parramatta Local Court today.


Source : NT News

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