Widespread flood warnings for Tasmania as heavy rain forecast across the state

an hour ago

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HEAVY rain may lead to flash flooding near Swansea on the state’s East Coast and other inland areas this morning, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned.

A severe weather warning has been issued for the Midlands and parts of the Upper Derwent Valley, South-East, East Coast and Central Plateau today.

A rain band moved over the North-East last night and will bring heavy rain to parts of eastern Tasmania this morning, before the low moves further east this afternoon.

Rainfall totals of 20mm to 40mm are expected between Swansea and Bruny Island, with higher totals of 60mm to 80mm possible about elevated areas. Oatlands, Orford, New Norfolk, Bothwell and Hobart will also be affected.

Current totals around the state since 9am yesterday include 55mm at Gray, 48mm at Mt Victoria, 44mm at Mt Wellington, 42mm at Wynyard, 39mm at Cressy, 38mm at Friendly Beaches and 37mm at St Helens.

A road weather alert also remains active this morning with reduced visibility in heavy rain making road conditions dangerous today in parts of the Midlands, East Coast and South East.

The road weather alert for the North-West Coast, Central North and North-East has been cancelled, but the situation will continue to be monitored and further alerts will be issued if necessary.

Also in the North, minor flood warnings remain in place this morning for the North Esk, South Esk and Macquarie rivers with a flood watch also active for all northern river basins and the East Coast.

For more information, go to the Bureau of Meteorology’s warnings page.

Have you experienced heavy rain where you are? How much has fallen and is it causing problems in your area? Email your pics to mercuryonline@news.com.au


Source : The Mercury

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