A journalist of Globo News in New York wanting to return to Brazil in 2016

Resultado de imagem para globo news

A journalist of Globo News in New York can not wait to return to Brazil. She thinks New York boring. For her, it is good to live the emotions in Brazil. For her, even violence in Brazil gives more willing to work than violence in the United States. She is a beautiful and intelligent journalist. We will not give names. She gets an excellent salary, has a great house, but do not feel emotion when is at work. This journalist enters the station in New York from Monday to Friday without the same will when She did in Brazil. She has a boyfriend waiting for her at some point in Brazil. We will not say where this boyfriend is. She communicates with this boyfriend Sunday to Sunday by telephone. This boyfriend went to New York twice in 2016 to visit her. And they had torrid nights of love when they were together. For this journalist, only a very passionate man can handle a courtship that way. This boyfriend quarreled with his brother and his brother’s wife in light of this situation. The father of this journalist admires the attitude of this boyfriend. This journalist has warned that will return to Brazil after the US presidential elections and Globo News should not offer her a salary of US $ 100,000.00 and other goodies. She even has started ticket pricing research for the return flight.

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