North Korean media praise Kim on anniversary of ‘marshal’ title

North Korean media praised the country’s leader Kim Jong-un on Sunday as they marked the fourth anniversary of his appointment as marshal.

On July 17, 2012, Kim, who was then in his late 20s, was awarded the rank of marshal of the DPRK, in a move seen as consolidating his grip on power.

The DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the communist country’s official name.

In North Korea, marshal is the second-highest position in the military after grand marshal, a title shared by its founding leader Kim Il-sung, and his son and successor Kim Jong-il. The current leader assumed power upon the death of his father Kim Jong-il in late 2011.

North Korean leader Kim Jung-un.(Yonhap)

“It is our people’s crowning good fortune and honor to serve comrade Kim Jong-un as the DPRK’s marshal and leader of our nation,” the North’s main newspaper Rodong Sinmun wrote.

Kim has displayed courage and defended the peace and security of the Korean Peninsula, while crushing the attempts of the United States and its allies to wage a nuclear war, the paper claimed.

It also said Kim has ordered the Koreas to be reunified by immediately retaliating in the event that a single shell falls on its “sacred land.”

Other media, including a propaganda outlet called Joseon Today, also lauded Kim’s achievements.

“Because of this day on which we lifted comrade Kim Jong-un as marshal of the DPRK, our revolution’s succession is firmly guaranteed and a new history has begun for our strong socialist nation,” it said. (Yonhap)


Source : Yonhap News Agency

DPR Korea removed all photos of ruling Kim family from textbooks: report

North Korea may have removed all photos of the ruling Kim family from its textbooks out of fear that school children will scribble on them, a U.S.-based media outlet said Sunday.

Radio Free Asia, citing a report carried by Asia Press International, said it recently acquired 75 North Korean primary, middle school and high school textbooks but found no photos of incumbent leader Kim Jong-un or those of his late father and grandfather.

Kim inherited power after the sudden death of his father Kim Jong-il in late 2011. North Korea’s founder Kim Il-sung died in 1994 with control of the country being passed onto his son.

The RFA then said the Japanese media outlet found plenty of materials related to the cult the authorities have built up around the Kim family, yet there was an absence of pictures and any of the three leaders who have ruled the country since the middle of the 20th century.

Related to this, a Japanese expert on the North Korean regime, speculated that Pyongyang ordered that there be no photos to prevent kids from doodling on them. Such an act constitutes a serious offense in the country.

In addition to photos, the Washington-based radio station said there was a considerable amount of material exulting the virtues of Kim Jong-un.

“The first page of the English textbook published in mid-2013 has the script ‘Let’s Become True Sons and Daughters of Respected General Kim Jong-un!’ in it,” the report picked up in Seoul said.

It said such idealization was found in other pages where authorities claimed Kim Jong-un is an “exceptional revolutionary leader” and possessed numerous skills. (Yonhap)


Source : Yonhap News Agency


Korea DPR threatens ‘physical action’ against THAAD deployment

N. Korea threatens 'physical action' against THAAD deployment

In this photo taken from an observatory in the South Korean border city of Paju on July 10, 2016, North Korean residents are at work on a field in Kaepung on the North’s western front-line. North Korea on July 11, 2016, warned it will take “physical action” against South Korea and the United States over the allies’ decision to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea. North Korea’s military said it will strike the moment the two countries decide on where to place the system in South Korea, according to the Korean Central News Agency. (Yonhap) (END)


Source : Yonhap News Agency

Korea DPR hosts seminar on World Population Day

N. Korea hosts seminar on World Population Day

This photo, released by the (North) Korean Central News Agency on July 11, 2016, shows a seminar taking place at the People’s Palace of Culture to mark the 2016 World Population Day. The state news agency reported present at the seminar were North Korean officials, the acting representative of the United Nations Population Fund, members of missions of international organizations and staff members of foreign embassies. (For Use Only in the Republic of Korea. No Redistribution) (Yonhap) (END)


Source : Yonhap News Agency

Kim Jong-un inspects synthetic leather factory

N.K.'s Kim inspects synthetic leather factory

North Korea’s top leader Kim Jong-un views rolls of synthetic leather during a visit to the Phyongsong Synthetic Leather Factory in the North’s South Pyongan Province in this photo released by the North’s state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper on July 12, 2016. The paper, published by the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea, did not report when the photo was taken. (For Use Only in the Republic of Korea. No Redistribution) (Yonhap) (END)


Source : Yonhap News Agency

Kim Jong-un inspects architectural institute

N. Korean leader inspects architectural institute

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un speaks with officials during an inspection of the Paektusan Architectural Institute in Pyongyang, in this photo released by the North’s state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun on July 14, 2016. The party organ reported that Kim urged architects and researchers to wage a dynamic drive to erect magnificent buildings that complement the era of the Workers’ Party of Korea. (For Use Only in the Republic of Korea. No Redistribution) (Yonhap) (END)


Source : Yonhaop News Agency

Aer Lingus adds two A330-300s to its future fleet

Aer Lingus is expanding its fleet of A330-300s by two aircraft following a decision to exercise options. The carrier currently operates eight A330s increasing to 10 aircraft in 2016. With the latest decision Aer Lingus’ A330 fleet will grow to 12 aircraft.

The airline today carries over 12 million passengers each year to over 70 destinations across Ireland, the UK, Continental Europe and North America. It celebrated its 80th year of operation in May 2016.

“This further commitment by Aer Lingus to the A330 demonstrates the unmatched operating economics and operational versatility of this aircraft,” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers. “We are delighted to be continuing our long-standing partnership with Aer Lingus.”

The A330 is one of the most popular widebody aircraft ever and has to date won over 1,500 orders, with over 1,100 flying with some 110 operators worldwide. With a true wide-body fuselage allowing very high comfort standards, the A330-300 is able to accommodate seat and class configurations to suit the diverse customer requirements. It has a range of up to 5,650 nm / 10,500 km with a full passenger load.

Highly efficient and optimized for the medium – to extended range market, the A330-300 offers the best balance between range and cost. The A330-300 remains the most economic means of flying 300 or so passengers on medium range routes in true long haul comfort.

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Avianca Brasil becomes Airbus Smarter Fleet® Maintenance Mobility launch customer in South America

Airbus brings digital, cloud-based maintenance services to South America for the first time

Avianca Brasil has become the first customer in South America to select Airbus Smarter Fleet Maintenance Mobility offering. The digital solution will provide the complete view of the aircraft status and maintenance activities across the airline and bring efficiency to mechanics through technical data and actionable items on mobile devices. Avianca Brasil will hence benefit from streamlined communication, decision-making and significant savings.

The agreement covers the integration of the Maintenance Mobility services into the airline’s information system, as well as the software and data hosting over a five-year servicing period.

The deployment will be accomplished step-by-step with Airbus experts working on-site with Avianca Brasil in order to spread the integration and manage change gradually. Avianca Brasil became an Airbus customer in 2010 and currently operates 40 A320 Family aircraft and one A330 Freighter.

Maintenance Mobility is one of several services in the Smarter Fleet cloud-based services platform developed by Airbus in partnership with IBM. Smarter Fleet Maintenance Mobility is a web-based application, composed of a web page (for the supervisor); applications (for the mechanics); and synchronized by a cloud (Smarter Fleet Platform).

Maintenance Mobility allows airline mechanics to have access to all technical information they need via tablets to streamline communication and decision-making while enabling time-savings during airline operations turnaround times. Thanks to integration with airline information systems, it provides maintenance supervisors with real-time monitoring on the progression of each aircraft turnaround activities and serviceable status. It also includes an e-Doc browser for access to the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC) or Minimum Equipment List (MEL) from a mobile device.

Frederico Pedreira, President of Avianca Brasil said, “At Avianca Brasil, we are focused on customer satisfaction, by delivering high quality services and operating under the best standards and practices. We are very driven by innovation. Implementing Maintenance Mobility will enable us to go beyond, using the latest technologies available in maintenance communications.”

Didier Lux, Airbus’ Head of Customer Services commented: “Airbus is once again leveraging mobile devices, along with cloud-based technology in order to digitalize maintenance operations.” He added, Airbus will help ensure Avianca Brasil mechanics can directly access the specific information they require, whilst optimizing their time between aircraft and office.”

With over 1,000 aircraft sold and a backlog of more than 450, over 600 Airbus aircraft are in operation throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Since 1990, Airbus has secured over 60 percent of net orders in the region and in the past 10 years alone, Airbus has tripled its in-service fleet.

Airbus, through “Services by Airbus”, offers end-to-end fleet lifecycle solutions for all its customers. The portfolio ranges from standalone services, to the most complete integrated solutions, including Flight Hour & Tailored Support packages, upgrades, training, e-solutions, engineering & maintenance, flight operations Air Traffic Management, and material management services. Together these enhance aircraft competiveness by continuously adapting to customers’ evolving needs. With more than 40 years of experience in the aircraft industry and a worldwide network of more than 2,500 professionals, customers benefit from the unique expertise and capabilities from Airbus and its affiliated family companies.

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Norwegian selects 30 A321LR for first transatlantic routes

A321LR performance, range and comfort ideal for longer haul routes

Norwegian, one of the largest low cost carriers in Europe, has placed an order for 30 A321LRs with Airbus. This follows a commitment signed in June 2012 for 100 A320neo aircraft. The switch from 30 A320neo aircraft to 30 A321LRs will support the carrier’s growth and modernization strategy and allows it to become the first low-cost carrier to operate the A321LR.

Norwegian (the brand name of Norwegian Air Shuttle AS) operates a network across Europe, North America and Asia, and is rapidly expanding its low cost operations. The new aircraft will feature a single class cabin layout, seating approximately 220 passengers.

“I am very excited about this new order of the Airbus A321LR,” says CEO of Norwegian, Bjorn Kjos. “The new ‘short long-haul’ aircraft available from 2019 fits really well with our global expansion plans and future long-haul network, both in terms of size, range and fuel efficiency. The Airbus A321LR is the newest narrow body long-haul aircraft on the market and with this order we will have a significant cost advantage and increased competitiveness, which means that we can offer our customers low prices on board brand new aircraft to a wide range of new destinations,ʺ said Kjos.

“We are very happy that Norwegian has selected the A321LR, the longest range of any single aisle airliner in the world. We are pleased that Norwegian will be the first low-cost transatlantic operator with the A321LR,” said John Leahy, COO Customers. “The A321LR sets new industry standards for eco-efficiency in terms of fuel saving and passenger appeal.”

The A321LR, the latest member of the market leading A320neo Family, will be able to fly longer routes of up to 4,000 nm. The A321LR will provide additional flexibility as it will have the longest range of any single aisle airliner, making it ideally suited to transatlantic routes and enable airlines to tap into new long haul markets which were not previously accessible with current single aisle aircraft. First deliveries will start in 2019.

The A320 Family is the world’s best-selling single aisle product line with almost 12,600 orders since launch and more than 7,100 aircraft delivered to more than 320 operators worldwide. Thanks to their widest cabin, all members of the A320 Family offer unmatched comfort in all classes and Airbus’ 18” wide seats in economy as standard.

With one aircraft in four sizes, the A320 Family, seating from 100 to 240 passengers, seamlessly covers the entire single-aisle segment from low to high-density domestic to longer range routes.

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ALAFCO upsizes to A321neo

Agreement for A321neo confirms market trend for larger models

ALAFCO Aviation Lease and Finance Company, the Kuwait-based international aircraft leasing company, has upsized an order of ten A320neos to A321neos. The contract was signed today at Farnborough International Airshow. This agreement is part of an overall agreement signed in 2012 for 85 A320neo’s.

“In a continuously growing market, ALAFCO is fully focused on offering its customers the most modern, technologically advanced and economically efficient aircraft. With the A321neo we will be able to look forward to even greater levels of efficiency and offer our customers some of the best that the industry has to offer,” said Ahmad A. Alzabin, ALAFCO Chairman & CEO.

“This upsizing from A320neos to A321neos confirms the market trend for larger aircraft. The A321neo will bring ALAFCO’s customers unbeatable economics and the highest standard of passenger comfort. It is the ideal middle of the market aircraft,” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers.

The A320 Family is the world’s best-selling single aisle product line with almost 12,600 orders since launch and more than 7,100 aircraft delivered to more than 320 operators worldwide. Thanks to their widest cabin, all members of the A320 Family offer unmatched comfort in all classes and Airbus’ 18” wide seats in economy as standard. With one aircraft in four sizes, the A320 Family, seating from 100 to 240 passengers, seamlessly covers the entire single-aisle segment from low to high-density domestic to longer range routes.

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