Canberra water and sewerage prices to rise from July 1

June 29 2016 – 4:06PM

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The price of water and sewerage is set to rise.

The price of water and sewerage is set to rise. Photo: Milos Luzanin

The typical water bill in Canberra will rise by about $2 each quarter, when the price of both water and sewerage increases on July 1.

On average, water bills will increase by 0.4 per cent and sewerage bills will increase by 1.2 per cent, Icon Water has announced.

A typical Canberra household consumes around 200kL of water per year.

The changes have been approved by the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission and “will enable Icon Water to continue to supply Canberra with top quality water and sewerage services”, Icon Water said.

Icon Water has also introduced “standard customer contracts”, required under the Non Drinking Water Supply Code for recycled water and raw water customers – including Uriarra.

“The service standards, quality of supply, and price of the Icon Water services supplied to non-drinking water customers will not change,” the utility said in a statement.

“However, standards of service and customer responsibilities will be clearly outlined in a customer contract that will be available on the Icon Water website. A copy of the contract has also been posted to all non-drinking water customers.”


Source : The Canberra Times

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