Policial mata suspeito de assalto em posto de combustíveis de Londrina

PM estava em loja de conveniência quando ouviu a voz de assalto e reagiu.
Além do suspeito morto, outro foi ferido na mão, preso e levado à delegacia.

Bandeira do estado do Paraná

Um homem de 20 anos foi morto por um policial militar durante uma tentativa de assalto a um posto de combustíveis em Londrina, no norte do Paraná, na noite de sexta-feira (17).

Segundo a Polícia Militar (PM), o policial estava na loja de conveniência quando ouviu um suspeito dar voz de assalto e tentou intervir. Um outro homem entrou na loja e disparou contra o policial, ainda conforme a PM.

O policial, então, entrou em luta com o homem e fez disparos. Na troca de tiros, um dos suspeitos foi morto; o outro foi baleado na mão, preso e encaminhado à delegacia londrinense. O policial teve apenas escoriações.

A Polícia Civil afirma que investiga o que o policial estava fazendo no posto – se abastecendo, de serviço ou trabalhando como segurança.



Remains of five people found over four days in Victoria

June 18, 2016 – 8:18AM

Neelima Choahan

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A human skull found washed up on a beach on Tuesday was the first in a series of grisly discoveries that have left Victoria Police investigating five deaths.

By Saturday, along with the human remains found on North Shore beach in Geelong, two men had been stabbed to death and two bodies had been found in mysterious circumstances by distressed passersby.

On Saturday morning, a Port Melbourne man was charged with murder following the death of another man in Port Melbourne on Friday.

Police search for  human remains on a beach at North Shore near Geelong.

Police search for human remains on a beach at North Shore near Geelong. Photo: Pat Scala

Hugh Brown, 44, faced Melbourne Magistrates Court on Saturday morning and was remanded to reappear on June 23.

The charges follow the discovery of a man with life-threatening stab wounds in Nott Street about 3pm on Friday, who died later that day.

The 44-year-old victim was also from Port Melbourne.

The charges follow a week of crime and mystery in Victoria.

On Tuesday, a fishermen found human remains believed to be a skull on the North Shore beach about 11.30am when the tide went out.

On Wednesday, a passerby found a body in a parked car in Melbourne’s outer suburb of Ringwood. The silver Holden Commodore may have been parked on Wildwood Grove, for several weeks, police believe.

On Friday, a jogger discovered a body wrapped in a cloth at a tennis club car park in Dallas, in Melbourne’s north. Police are yet to determine the cause of the death or identify the body.

On the same day, hours after the Port Melbourne man was fatally stabbed, a man believed to have been at a house party in Norlane, in Geelong on Friday night was stabbed to death.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Natalie Webster said aside from the Port Melbourne stabbing, there were no further developments in any of the cases.

When asked how police were coping with the workload, Ms Webster said Victoria Police would always have capacity to ensure an appropriate response to “these types of incidents”.

“It’s not particularly different to other similar incidents such as vehicle fatalities,” she said.

Police are urging anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au.

Source : The Age

Tasmania could go from Channel 9 to Channel Nein as network yet to sign deal to broadcast in state

June 18, 2016 11:00am

Source : The Mercury

Man stabbed to death in Keysborough

June 18, 2016 – 10:02PM

Emily Woods

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Police have been called to their sixth murder since Tuesday after a man was fatally stabbed in Keysborough on Saturday.

Police have been called to their sixth murder since Tuesday after a man was fatally stabbed in Keysborough on Saturday. Photo: Georgia Matts

A man, who is yet to be identified, was stabbed to death in Keysborough on Saturday night.

Police responded to reports a man had been stabbed at a residential address on Olive Grove just after 7.30pm.

Paramedics attempted to revive the man, but he died at the scene.

The exact circumstances surrounding the death are yet to be determined and no arrests have been made at this stage.

The death is the sixth murder Victoria Police have been called to investigate since Tuesday.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au.

Source : The Age


Australian Capital Territory tally room abandoned due to ‘security concerns’

June 17 2016

Christopher Knaus

Flag of the Australian Capital Territory

Electoral authorities say “security concerns” were behind a decision to abandon a tally room for the local ACT election in October.

The decision of the ABC to pull out of the tally room, and the decisions of others jurisdictions to abandon the concept also contributed to the decision, ACT Electoral Commissioner Phil Green told an estimates committee on Friday.

ACT Electoral Commissioner Phil Green.
ACT Electoral Commissioner Phil Green. Photo: Jay Cronan

“The thing that most gave us cause to decide it wouldn’t be a sensible thing to do to have a tally room was the security situation,” he said.

“The fact that there are people now in Western countries now, who are targeted by people with guns and bombs.

“Holding a public thing like the tally room we think is a very serious risk.”


Source : The Canberra Times

Son of killer Ian Turnbull ordered to pay millions for clearing land illegally

June 18, 2016 – 9:48AM

Damien Murphy

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Ian Turnbull escorted out King Street court.

Ian Turnbull escorted out King Street court. Photo: Daniel Munoz

The son of Ian Turnbull, the octogenarian farmer who gunned down a NSW environment officer investigating him for illegal land clearing, has been ordered to carry out repairs worth $4.5 million to one of the family properties.

A Land and Environment Court judgment has found Grant Wesley Turnbull was responsible for illegally clearing 508ha of land over an 18-month period.

Some of the property, cleared.Some of the property, cleared.

It was these actions that led to his father committing murder.

Justice Malcolm Craig found Turnbull had not stopped his father from clearing land that was the subject of court orders on his property, Colorado, at Croppa Creek, about 60km north-east of Moree.

“The explanation for that latter work occurring and not being disclosed was that he had failed to provide his father with the appropriate plan and inform him that those areas should not be cleared,” Justice Craig said.

Shaded area shows illegally cleared land on a property owned by the son of Ian Turnbull, who murdered an environment officer.

Shaded area shows illegally cleared land on a property owned by the son of Ian Turnbull, who murdered an environment officer. Photo: Land and Environment Court

“What caused him (Grant Turnbull) to think that it was not necessary for him to disclose that fact at the time when the matter was before the Court is not explained.”

Outraged at what he regarded as officialdom’s ongoing intrusion into his family’s affairs, the older Turnbull shot and killed Office of Environment and Heritage officer Glen Turner on the road outside the property nearly two years ago.

Additional illegal land clearing was discovered by field officers, who used aerial photography and satellite imagery, less than a month after the killing.

“As a consequence of the clearing that occurred between January, 2013, and 31 July, 2014, significant environmental harm was occasioned. The acceptance by all four experts that remediation is required, satisfies me that an order for that work should be made,” Justice Craig said.

He said the illegal clearing “involved a breach that had significant consequences”, and caused the loss of local endangered ecological habitats, including feed trees known to have been used by a population of koala and likely habitat for the Grey-crowned Babbler.

Grant Turnbull purchased the property in January, 2012.

Almost immediately Ian Turnbull became involved in a long-running dispute with the Office of Environment and Heritage over illegal land clearing.

The elder Turnbull was initially charged with illegally clearing native vegetation by bulldozer on Grant Turnbull’s property and an adjacent property, Strathdoon, owned by his grandson Corey Turnbull. Grant and Corey Turnbull had invested $5 million to buy the two properties.

The dispute over illegal clearing on Colorado and Strathdoon culminated on July 29, 2014, when Glen Turner and a colleague, Robert Strange, went to inspect the properties.

Turnbull spotted them and, armed with a rifle he kept in his ute for shooting wild pigs and kangaroos, raised his weapon and repeatedly shot Glen Turner without uttering a word.

Last month, Turnbull was found guilty of murder after a five-week trial. Victims statements were heard this week and he is expected to be sentenced at a later date.

In a 28-page judgment, Justice Craig said because of several circumstances identified he couldn’t be satisfied that “without a restraining order in place, Mr Turnbull will adhere to the provisions of the Native Vegetation Act in conducting his farming activities on Colorado”.

Justice Craig found 508 hectares had been cleared on the property, as opposed to the 29.4 hectares Turnbull had conceded had been cleared in contravention of the Act

Turnbull did not deny clearing the land but challenged the extent of the clearing of native vegetation and the terms of the remedial order, during the proceedings.

The farmer argued the economic consequences of the remedial work was estimated at $3,948,000 over the next 15 years, while fencing off the area to be rehabilitated was estimated to cost $406,560.

He said the cost “would have significant ramifications for the viability of his farming activities” and would significantly diminish the value of his property.

Justice Craig rejected Mr Turnbull’s arguments that the remediation work would cause economic hardship.

“First, he advocated, supported by his experts, that rehabilitation should and would be undertaken in order to compensate for the clearing that he acknowledged to have been carried out in contravention of the NV Act,” Justice Craig said.

“Secondly, … no evidence was given by him as to the financial consequences of complying… I have no evidentiary basis upon which to determine that the cost of the remedial works in the applicant’s proposal is disproportionate to the cost of implementing

Justice Malcolm Craig also imposed a restraining order on Grant Turnbull to stop further clearing.Turnbull was ordered to pay cost.

Source : Sydney Morning Herald

John-Paul Langbroek sorry for ‘light-hearted’ hand gestures

June 17 2016

Amy Remeikis

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The Queensland Parliament’s newest unicorn impersonator has apologised for his “light hearted” hand gestures which made headlines across Australia.

Member for Surfers Paradise John-Paul Langbroek apparently forgot about the Parliamentary cameras on Wednesday, and was captured demonstrating how to shake a sauce bottle, before indicating how one would polish a unicorn horn, on the footage.

While he made the gestures, following a warning from Peter Wellington to a fellow LNP MP about his own hand gestures – which although strictly G-rated, had captured the ire of the Speaker for their ability to rile up the government backbenchers.

Shortly after Mr Wellington said he could do without Member for Chatsworth Steve Minnikin’s provoking hand gestures, Mr Langbroek demonstrated his own ability to provoke, which proved much more effective, prompting Labor minister Kate Jones to rise in the chamber the following day.

“My concern is that the Member for Surfers Paradise immediately disregarded your ruling,” she said on Thursday.

“As such, I believe it is a reflection on the chair. The Member for Surfers Paradise should explain his actions and whether indeed they were directed at the Speaker or his own Opposition member.”

On Friday, Mr Wellington told Parliament in light of Mr Langbroek’s clarification and apology, no further action would be taken and he would not be referred to the Ethics Committee.

LNP leader Tim Nicholls has said he would remind Mr Langbroek of appropriate parliamentary standards.

Opposition MP John-Paul Langbroek gets busted by the parliamentary camera.
Opposition MP John-Paul Langbroek gets busted by the parliamentary camera. Photo: Supplied

While the actions rubbed the shine off the Opposition’s budget reply speech, it did make Mr Langbroek momentarily famous.

But after an appearance on his sister’s radio show, where she threatened to tell their parents, and a day of jokes within the chamber, Mr Langbroek decided to bring the matter to a head late Thursday night – and apologise.

“My gestures were a light-hearted exchange between MPs and not meant to reflect on your earlier ruling or any MP,” Mr Langbroek said.

“Please be assured of my respect for the Parliament and appropriate behaviour at all times.”

Parliament resumes on Friday, where the government, barring any more distractions, hopes to pass the budget.


Source : Brisbane Times

Darwin’s Hidden Valley to host V8 night race in 2018

June 17, 2016 10:28pm

Source : NT News

$15 million facelift for city laneway network


June 17, 2016

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A network of city laneways and small streets wending from Adelaide Central Market to the Torrens will be rejuvenated with a $15 million overhaul.

The State Government today revealed its latest pre-budget sweetener, a bid to back its “city vibrancy” rhetoric with $7.3 million to be included in next month’s economic report.

That will be matched by the Adelaide City Council, whose members have been locked in secret talks related to a “City Infrastructure Development” over the past fortnight.

The project will include a new upgrade to Bank Street, after a previous attempt to rejuvenate the space with parklets became an own goal, with local traders complaining they were being used as toilets as much as dining areas.

It will also see Leigh Street, Topham Mall, Bentham Street and Pitt Street included in a holistic overhaul to create a pedestrian and cycling corridor through the city to the Riverbank and Adelaide Oval.

It will feature upgraded intersections, new paving, lighting, trees, landscaping, street furniture and public art.

The Government said procurement would be overseen by the Industry Participation Advocate “to ensure as much local content as possible is used”.

The council said consultation feedback suggested city users wanted more greenery, a focus on pedestrians, improved lighting and street art, while retaining the existing character and atmosphere of the city’s small streets.

“Investing in the public realm to create more welcoming spaces for people and encourage private investment is good for the city, and we’re delighted the State Government shares our vision,” said Lord Mayor Martin Haese in a statement.

“This project is all about upgrading the main small street spine stretching from the Market to Riverbank… [it] has the potential to realise up to $70 million in economic activity.”

Haese said 69 new small venues had already blossomed through the city since the “small bars” liquor licensing deregulation, and this project “will help build the momentum the city needs to continue to grow and encourage unique retailers and businesses to invest and thrive”.

The minister who oversaw that reform, City and Planning Minister John Rau, said the revitalisation “of Adelaide’s under-utilised small streets and laneways is energising the city”.

“Improvements to this important pedestrian link through the city will complement the Government’s changes to encourage more people to invest in our CBD,” he said.

He said the 2013 Small Venue Licence changes had generated around 800 jobs and $65 million worth of economic activity.
Design work on the project will begin immediately with feedback to be sought from local traders and residents.

Building is expected to start later this year.

Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis said there had been “an incredible transformation on Leigh Street and Peel Street over the past three years and we want that excitement and activity extended all the way from the Central Markets to the Riverbank”.


Source : In Daily

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