Liberal voters give tick of approval to Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership takeover

14 minutes ago

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull takes a selfie at the Taste Orange Food and Wine festival at Watsons Bay, Sydney. Picture: LYNDON MECHIELSEN

Contrary to popular opinion that Mr Abbott was unpopular with women voters, it was men (46.7 per cent) rather than women (41.8 per cent) who were more likely to vote for the Coalition as a result of the ascension of Mr Turnbull.

University of Tasmania political scientist Richard Eccleston said Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership had disappointed many but he was still significantly more popular than Mr Abbott.

“He also remains more popular than Bill Shorten,” Prof Eccleston said.

“The Three Amigos [Liberal MPs Eric Hutchinson, Andrew Nikolic and Brett Whiteley] may have supported Mr Abbott but their political careers are much better off because of the change in leadership.”

While six Tasmanian Liberal members of parliament supported Mr Abbott in the September spill, Devonport-based Senator Richard Colbeck opted for Mr Turnbull.

Last month Senator Colbeck was dropped to the No. 5 five spot on the Senate ticket as the conservative forces organised by Tasmanian party powerbroker and strong Tony Abbott supporter Senator Eric Abetz retained control of the Tasmanian division.


Source : The Mercury

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