Single woman from Texas talks about being single in the United States today

Blusa Manga Longa Detalhe Amarração (Off-White)

Monica Draxler, 30, computer systems and technical analyst, is one of many single women in the United States. Beautiful and attractive, he said today in no hurry to find a new boyfriend. “In my post-adolescent youth, I did not conceive the idea of staying single. Between 18 and 21 years old, I changed my boyfriend as one change of clothes. And between 27 and 28 years old, I came to be bride, but the engagement only lasted three weeks. “Today she is calmer. “Today I’m in no hurry to choose a new boyfriend. I’m enjoying single woman’s life. I’m progressing in my career. A single woman has to devote to career.” Monica does not deny the fact that she is being flirted. “I am flirted. But at the right time meet the right person for me.

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