AWPA-Airservices scholarships awarded

Three of the four recipients of the Australian Women Pilots' Association Airservices flight training scholarship with Airservices' Greg Hood. (Airservices)

Four Australian Women Pilots’ Association members have been awarded flight training scholarships sponsored by Airservices.

The scholarships, which provide $8,000 towards the costs of earning flying qualifications at any level, including that of a commercial pilot license, were presented at the AWPA national conference in Victor Harbor on April 2.

The AWPA Airservices Flight Training Scholarships were awarded to Alexandra Shaw from Bunbury in Western Australia, Shivangi Sharma from Cannington, WA, Melanie Cummins from Lock in South Australia and Hunter McLeod from Rippleside in Victoria, Airservices said in a statement.

“Previous winners of these scholarships have gone on to accept flying positions in the industry after successfully achieving a commercial pilot license and one winner is now an air traffic control trainee at our learning academy,” Airservices executive general manager for air traffic control Greg Hood, who presented the awards, said in a statement.

“We’re proud to support the work of the AWPA as they help women learn to fly and we look forward to watching these women make their flying dreams a reality. Promoting opportunities for women in aviation is just one way in which we are committed to supporting diversity within the industry.”

Airservices is continuing to sponsor the scholarship for two more years.


Australian Aviation

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