Página 44 de 366 – Qual é a distância entre Fortaleza e Toronto?

Distância de Fortaleza para Toronto

A distancia é 6650 km ou 4132 milhas ou 3591 milhas náuticas
A distância é a distância do ar teórica (grande círculo distância). Voar entre aeroportos dos dois locais pode ser uma distância diferente, dependendo da localização dos aeroportos e via real escolhida.

Mapa – caminho mais curto entre Fortaleza e Toronto

Map – Shortest path between Fortaleza and Toronto

Localização de Fortaleza
Localização de Toronto
O mapa é usando uma projeção que faz a terra e oceanos muito mais amplas perto do sul e pólos norte. O título / course / rolamento durante um voo varia na maioria dos casos. Roteiro com base na imagem da NASA.

A posição de Fortaleza
Latitude: 3 ° 44 ‘Sul
Longitude: 38 ° 31 ‘Oeste
posição inicial: 326,8 ° Norte-noroeste
título final: 311,0 ° Noroeste

A posição de Toronto
Latitude: 43 ° 39 ‘Norte
Longitude: 79 ° 23 ‘Oeste
posição inicial: 131,0 ° Sudeste
título final: 146,8 ° Sul-sudeste

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Página 44 de 366 – Qual é a distância entre Fortaleza e Saarbrücken?

Distância de Fortaleza para Saarbrücken

A distancia é 7322 km ou 4550 milhas ou 3954 milhas náuticas
A distância é a distância do ar teórica (grande círculo distância). Voar entre aeroportos dos dois locais pode ser uma distância diferente, dependendo da localização dos aeroportos e via real escolhida.

Mapa – caminho mais curto entre Fortaleza e Saarbrücken Map – Shortest path between Fortaleza and Saarbrücken

Localização de Fortaleza
Localização de Saarbrücken
O mapa é usando uma projeção que faz a terra e oceanos muito mais amplas perto do sul e pólos norte. O título / course / rolamento durante um voo varia na maioria dos casos. Roteiro com base na imagem da NASA.

A posição de Fortaleza
Latitude: 3 ° 44 ‘Sul
Longitude: 38 ° 31 ‘Oeste
posição inicial: 30,7 ° Norte-Nordeste
título final: 51,2 ° Nordeste

A posição do aeroporto de Saarbrücken
Latitude: 49 ° 14 ‘Norte
Longitude: 6 ° 60 ‘Leste
posição inicial: 231,2 ° Sudoeste
título final: 210,7 ° Sul-sudoeste

Fonte : timeanddate.com

Direct international flights could unlock Canberra for freight: Andrew Barr

February 12, 2016 – 10:32PM

Tom McIlroy


Flag of Australia.svg

Freight opportunities unlocked: ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr.

Freight opportunities unlocked: ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr. Photo: Chris Pearce

Canberra’s new direct international flights will unlock freight opportunities for the Canberra region and help diversify the local economy, Chief Minister Andrew Barr told a conference on Friday.

The government will release a new Canberra region freight hub strategy next month as part of plans to use international flights to transport goods from the region around the world. The announcement came in the same week as Singapore Airlines hosted travel agents and other tourism representatives at a special event to celebrate new direct flights to Canberra and Wellington, New Zealand.

Mr Barr told the Canberra Region International Freight Symposium event at Canberra Airport that the government’s goals for regional development included the construction of key infrastructure and improved efficiency for federal government, business and public service travel.

The new strategy will seek to build upon investments made by the government including the Majura Parkway and see benefits to a group of Canberra regional councils cooperating on tourism and business efforts.

Freight would help slow the economic impact of federal job cuts. Mr Barr said figures showed in November 2013, public administration had made up 34 per cent of all ACT employment but cuts and hiring freezes had seen that number fall to 28 per cent in November 2015.

“I have seen firsthand how many of these small businesses are capturing the innovation of many Canberrans, and have developed products that have a worldwide application,” Mr Barr told the event.

“I have also seen how the lack of international connectivity and freight services has hampered the further development of these businesses. That’s why the announcement of international flights was such a significant moment for our region. If we can now couple this with an expanded freight service in the ACT, then the opportunities grow further.”

Mr Barr said more than 12 million tonnes of freight comes into the ACT every year, with forecasts of an almost doubling in growth by 2030.

Early modelling of a scenario in which Canberra catered for the air freight needs of regional producers who currently use other airports shows a boost to the ACT and NSW gross state product of $11.9 million annually, potentially creating around 60 new jobs.

Outgoing federal Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb addressed the event, telling participants that movement goods and people from Australian cities to the world was fundamental to economic growth.

“When you enhance connectivity, in particular aviation links, you inevitably also boost trade and investment,” he said.

“In this respect it’s terrific to see what’s happening at Canberra Airport.

“As the only 747-capable, curfew-free airport between Brisbane and Melbourne, Canberra is an increasingly attractive alternative to sending freight from Sydney. In terms of the freight movements of goods and produce, recent experience shows how improved connectivity increases exports.”

Singapore Airlines’ new flights to Singapore and Wellington will start in September.

Flights from Singapore will arrive in Canberra on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 8.35am. Passengers travelling on to the New Zealand capital will depart from Canberra at 9.50am.

In the other direction, flights from Wellington will arrive at Canberra Airport on the same days at 10.05pm and departing for Singapore at 11.30pm.

Source : Canberra Times

Inter-Korean ties frozen with all channels cut

File:Flag of South Korea.svg

The relationship between the two Koreas is plunging towards rock bottom as their joint industrial complex — the last bastion of their reconciliation — has turned into a military zone with all its communication channels severed.

Seoul and Pyongyang exchanged barbs, shifting the blame to one another for the closure of the factory park in the North’s border city of Gaeseong. They are showing no signs of compromising to ease rising military tensions on the peninsula.

On Thursday, Pyongyang expelled all 280 South Korean workers from Gaeseong, effectively closing the complex that opened 12 years ago following the 2000 inter-Korean summit. It also froze all South Korean assets in the complex and declared it as a military off-limit zone.

This move came a day after Seoul decided to pull out of the complex as part of punitive measures following Pyongyang’s recent nuclear and missile tests.

Seoul’s Unification Minister Hong Yong-pyo rebuked Pyongyang for freezing South Korean properties, expressing displeasure over the communist regime’s “wrongful” act.

“The South Korean government thinks that it is very regrettable for North Korea to have done such a wrongful act, and we would like to make it clear that the North should take all responsibility for things to come in the future,” he told a press conference.

He also issued a “grave warning” against Pyongyang’s decision to freeze South Korean assets in the Gaeseong complex and defended Seoul’s decision to pull out as a “difficult one (made) for national security and people’s safety.”

“Our citizens’ precious properties should never be harmed,” Hong said.

The South has made investments into the complex, estimated to be worth some 1.02 trillion won ($841 million). A total of 124 South Korean companies hired some 55,000 North Koreans to produce some 60 billion won worth of products every month.

Cross-border transit gates in Dorasan, Paju, on Friday. (Yonhap)

As the North turned the factory park into a military zone, expectations have risen that the North might deploy more military assets to Gaeseong, a move that could sharply raise military tensions near the heavily fortified border.

Before establishing the complex, areas in and around Gaeseong were militarized with four infantry regiments — one artillery regiment, one armored battalion and one light infantry battalion — among other military installations. Some observers have speculated that these units could be deployed again.

Bilateral tensions have led to the suspension of inter-Korean civilian projects.

Following Pyongyang’s Jan. 6 nuclear test, cross-border programs such as a joint excavation of Manwoldae, a palace of the Goryeo Kingdom (B.C. 37 to A.D. 668) located in Gaesong, and a joint writing of a Korean dictionary, are to be suspended.

The severance of all bilateral communication lines is also expected to deepen inter-Korean enmity. It is the first time since the early 2000s that all civilian and government communication channels have been cut.

The Defense Ministry said that in case of a need to deliver a message to the North, the only possible way now will be through cross-border broadcasts. Some observers said that the two sides could also communicate through media outlets or via a third-party channel.

With military tensions and the absence of a stable dialogue apparatus, the Park Geun-hye administration’s peninsular “trust-building” process has come to a halt. Seoul has long argued that it will leave the door open for dialogue with Pyongyang, while sternly dealing with the reclusive regime’s military threats.

By Song Sang-ho (sshluck@heraldcorp.com)


Source : The Korea Herald

Women’s representation in cabinet lauded

Sandhya D’Mello/Dubai
Filed on February 12, 2016
“This is a remarkable step to inspire a new generation of women clearly capable of top-tier roles in leadership along with men,” Shamsa Saleh,CEO, Dubai Women Establishment Dubai
(Supplied photo)

Women of the UAE – Emiratis and expats alike – have praised the strong representation by women in the country’s newly announce cabinet.

The 29-member cabinet now has eight women – five of whom were included among eight new faces announced by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Shamsa Saleh, CEO of Dubai Women Establishment, of which newly appointed Minister of Community Development Najila bint Mohammed Al Awar is a board member, said the move reinforces the UAE’s desire to encourage female participation.

“We are delighted that a number of women have been appointed to a number of newly created positions in the UAE cabinet reshuffle – which has raised the representation of women to 27.5 per cent. This is a remarkable step to inspire a new generation of women who are clearly capable of top-tier roles in leadership along with men. Opportunities such as these have never been greater for women in the UAE and we look forward to the difference these women will bring to the visibility of women in government and politics,” she added.

Sophie Le Ray, CEO of Nasaba Group, said the cabinet reshuffling is a natural progression in the UAE’s long history of empowering women.

“The UAE has been at the forefront of gender parity in the region since the 1970s, and so I’m not surprised by this development, and I am, of course, pleased by it,” she said. “It brings us even closer to realising the vision of Shaikha Fatima bint Mubarak when she first founded the General Women’s Federation in 1975, of including women as equal members in the political and professional sphere in the UAE.

“Even before this important change was made to the cabinet, Emirati women were very active in politics, holding 66 per cent of government positions,” she added.”Women have by no means lived in political shadow in this country, and this change is simply another step on the road to gender parity that the UAE has already been traveling on for 40 years,” she added. “The more women are incorporated in the UAE government, the more likely it is that other women will follow their footsteps, becoming active in politics and in the development of the economy.”Alisha Moopen, Executive Director and CEO of Aster DM Healthcare Hospitals and Clinics GCC, said women’s experience in raising families makes them excellent candidates for cabinet positions.

“Women are the caretakers of the home typically which is the smallest unit in a society. They are opinion shapers and decision makers in households,” she said. “Therefore, it is a natural choice for them to be part of the decision making at the national level too.”


Consolidados Grande SP 11/02/2016


Com casamento de Toia e Juliano, A Regra do Jogo bate novo recorde


Cauã Reymond e Vanessa Giácomo em cena do capítulo de ontem (11) de A Regra do Jogo - Reprodução/TV Globo

Cauã Reymond e Vanessa Giácomo em cena do capítulo de ontem (11) de A Regra do Jogo

REDAÇÃO – Publicado em 12/02/2016, às 13h24

Por apenas um décimo, o capítulo de ontem (11) de A Regra do Jogo cravou novo recorde para a atual novela das nove da Globo. O episódio, em que Toia (Vanessa Giácomo) se casou com Juliano (Cauã Reymond), para desespero de Romero (Alexandre Nero), marcou 35,1 pontos na Grande SP, superando os 35,0 pontos de 28 de janeiro, também uma quinta. Mais tarde, o Jornal da Globo voltou a perder para o SBT (9,2 para A Praça É Nossa contra 8,4).

Média do dia (6h/5h59): 12,7
Hora 1 4,4
Bom Dia São Paulo 7,0
Bom Dia Brasil 8,1
Mais Você 6,7
Bem Estar 6,9
Encontro 7,1
SP TV 1ª Edição 11,7
Globo Esporte 10,2
Jornal Hoje 10,6
Vídeo Show 9,9
Sessão da Tarde 11,0
Caminho das Índias 16,2
Malhação 17,3
Eta Mundo Bom! 23,2
SP TV 2ª Edição 25,5
Totalmente Demais 28,6
Jornal Nacional 25,3
A Regra do Jogo 35,1
Big Brother Brasil 27,8
Pé na Cova 15,2
Jornal da Globo 8,4
Corujão 1 6,4
Corujão 2 4,9
Média do dia (6h/5h59): 6,1
Jornal do SBT Manhã 2,7
Carrossel Animado 2,8
Mundo Disney  4,4
Bom Dia e Cia. 7,1
Maria do Bairro 6,4
Casos de Família  6,8
Cuidado com o Anjo 8,4
Teresa 8,5
A Dona  7,8
SBT Brasil  6,1
Cúmplices de um Resgate  11,3
Carrossel (desenho) 10,3
Carrossel (novela) 10,5
Programa do Ratinho 9,0
A Praça É Nossa  9,5
The Noite  5,5
Jornal do SBT   3,0
Okay Pessoal  2,1
Média do dia (6h/5h59): 5,5
Balanço Geral Manhã 2,3
SP no Ar 5,0
Fala Brasil  5,8
Hoje em Dia 4,6
Balanço Geral SP  7,5
Prova de Amor 7,3
Chamas da Vida 4,5
Cidade Alerta 7,2
José do Egito 13,1
Jornal da Record 8,4
Câmera Record 8,2
Repórter Record Investigação 8,0
Bates Motel 4,3
Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus 1,0
Média do dia (6h/5h59): 2,2
Band News 0,4
Café com Jornal 0,9
Dia Dia  0,5
Os Simpsons  1,1
Jogo Aberto 3,3
Os Donos da Bola 2,8
Os Simpsons 2,2
Brasil Urgente 4,7
Jornal da Band 4,6
Fatmagül 3,5
Homem Cueca 0,8
Os Simpsons 2,0
Polícia 24H 3,6
Jornal da Noite 1,8
Salem  0,7
Média do dia (6h/5h59): 0,6
Te Peguei  0,5
Melhor pra Você 0,4
A Tarde É Sua 2,1
Você na TV 1,0
TV Fama 1,1
TV Fama (2ª edição) 0,5
RedeTV! News 0,6
Documento Verdade 0,7
Leitura Dinâmica 0,4
Amaury Jr.  0,4

Fonte: Emissoras

Cada ponto equivale a 69,4 mil domicílios na Grande SP

Fonte : Notícias da TV

Ana Hickmann ignora Ronaldo Ésper no Hoje em Dia; saiba por quê

Há quase quatro meses com uma coluna semanal no Hoje em Dia, o estilista Ronaldo Ésper nunca dividiu a tela com Ana Hickmann, uma ex-modelo, egressa do mundo da moda. O assunto já foi parar na direção da Record, mas, mesmo assim, persiste uma ordem não escrita na produção do Hoje em Dia: Ana Hickmann nunca pode compartilhar o mesmo cenário que Ésper. Ele só aparece ao lado de Ticiane Pinheiro. O motivo? As alfinetadas do estilista. Ana não perdoa as críticas que Ésper fez a seus figurinos e a seu corpo, principalmente no Superpop, da RedeTV!.

Ésper é cáustico até mesmo quando elogia. No programa de ontem (11), ele falou muito bem de uma fantasia que Ana Hickmann usou no desfile da Grande Rio, no Carnaval. Chamou a apresentadora de “belíssima”, mas não perdeu a oportunidade de espetá-la. “Não é uma grande sambista”, alertou. “Mas deu um toque de moda, se destacou de uma forma muito chique”.

O estilista só falou sobre Ana Hickmann porque ela não estava no estúdio do Hoje em Dia ontem. A produção do programa escolheu a imagem de Ana no Carnaval, exibida em um telão, de propósito. Se Ésper falasse mal dela, o constrangimento não seria tão grande, afinal Ana estava ausente. Se Ésper falasse bem, como de fato ocorreu, Ana não se veria obrigada a interagir com ele.

A amigos, Ronaldo Ésper conta que sua história com Ana Hickamann começou quando ela ainda era adolescente e dava os primeiros passos nas passarelas. Ela desfilou em vestidos de noiva desenhados por ele.

A relação só azedou na última década, quando Ésper virou crítico de figurinos na TV. Ele alfinetou Ana em várias oportunidades. Certa vez, no Superpop, disse que a apresentadora deveria ser proibida de usar minissaia, porque ficava parecendo um abajur.

Ésper teria magoado Ana Hickmann ao compará-la com Gisele Bündchen. Afirmou que Ana era mais bonita que Gisele e que poderia ter uma carreira tão ou mais vitoriosa, mas errou ao optar por ficar no Brasil e tentar ser apresentadora de TV.

O estilista também fez críticas diretas ao fato de Ana Hickmann integrar o time de apresentadores do Hoje em Dia, na segunda metade dos anos 2000. Disse que ela era alta demais para compartilhar a tela com Britto Jr. e Edu Guedes e que a direção da Record deveria mantê-la sempre sentada. “Acho que ela ficou magoada comigo”, comentou Ésper a um amigo recentemente.

Fonte : Site Notícias Da TV