Hyundai A-League referee appointed to AFC U23 Championship

Hyundai A-League referee Chris Beath has been appointed to the AFC U23 Championships to be held in Qatar later this month.

Australian referees continue to be recognised on the international stage with FIFA referee Chris Beath being appointed to the AFC U23 Championships to be held in Qatar later this month.

For Beath the appointment to Qatar follows on from a busy year in 2015. In addition to becoming a fulltime referee Beath also controlled matches at the AFC Asian Cup, the AFC Champions League Semi Final in Japan and a FIFA World Cup Qualifier in Vietnam.

Speaking before departing Australia, Beath expressed his excitement ahead of the tournament in the Middle East.

“I’m feeling great and I’m really looking forward to the tournament,” Beath said.

“One of the big benefits of the FFA Full Time referee program this season has been the exposure to some of the leading specialists in officiating (in football and other codes), as well as fitness experts, sports science and sports medicine professionals. So I feel like I’m ready to perform – physically, mentally and refereeing wise.

“I’m really looking forward to working with and learning from some of best instructors and also other Referees in Asia. I had the privilege of working with many of these referees and instructors at the Asian Cup 2015 and the experience was enormously valuable.

“This is a very important tournament and requires our best performances as referees. My personal goals are centred around refereeing to the absolute best of my ability from the very first whistle.”

Football Federation Australia

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