How is Christmas Day in Canberra looking?

December 24, 2015 – 10:14AM

Katie Burgess

Canberra Times reporter

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Lawrence Kovacs, 5, and Amelie Smorhun, 5, cool off at Manuka pool.

Lawrence Kovacs, 5, and Amelie Smorhun, 5, cool off at Manuka pool. Photo: Jay Cronan

All water pistol warriors, backyard barbecuers and summer splashers take heed.

Christmas Day in Canberra is shaping up to be a glorious summer day with a top temperature of 27 degrees and morning cloud cover clearing to mostly sunny skies.

But Weatherzone meteorologist James Casey has warned you might want to stick the water pistol back in its holster and batten down the hatches for Boxing Day.

“Christmas Day is looking great [but] Boxing Day should be an interesting one. It should reach 29 degrees but there is a risk of some thunder in the afternoon as a change moves through, which is going to cause a bit of bother for the Sydney to Hobart as well,” Mr Casey said.

“There have been some comparisons to 1998 which was quite a stormy year but it shouldn’t be as bad as that but it’s definitely not going to be pleasant for them out there.”

Despite the cooler change which swept away last weekend’s scorching temperatures, Canberra is still on track for one of its hottest Decembers in memory.

“Canberra is above average at the moment, the average is 26.2 degrees as a maximum and  at the moment you’re tracking at around 29.8 degrees. If that continues it could be one of your hottest Decembers in a long time,” Mr Casey said.

The extreme heat across south-eastern Australia prompted the Bureau of Meteorology to issue a Special Climate Statement, confirming record temperatures across South Australia, NSW, Tasmania and Victoria,

An extended period of hot weather in South Australia concentrated on Adelaide, where temperatures reached 40 degrees on each of the four days from December 16 to 19.

Although Canberra has escaped the worst of it, warmer days are set to tide us into the new year following Saturday’s cool change.

“It’s looking like after that change on Boxing Day the temperature is going to stay around the mid-20s for a couple fo days. Leading into New Year’s  we’re going to see the return of the 30-degree heat, it’s going to peak around January 1 or 2,” Mr Casey said.

Weatherzone is owned by Fairfax Media, publisher of this website. 

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Source : Canberra Times

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