Beston gets Murray Bridge dairy mooving again


Two South Australian dairy farms saved in a rescue buyout by growing food and beverage distributor Beston Global Food Company earlier this year have been officially re-opened.

Map of Australia with South Australia highlighted

The renamed Murray Bridge Beston Pure Dairies was re-opened by SA Agriculture Minister Leon Bignell today.

United Dairy Power’s Murray Bridge and Jervois operations were purchased by Beston from receivers in July this year.

The investment saved the jobs of about 130 staff who were put out of work when the dairies closed early in the year.

Beston, which listed on the stock exchange in August this year, has plans to build the dairies’ staff base over the next three years.

During his address at this year’s annual general meeting on November 27, chairman Roger Sexton said production efficiencies and increased quality at Murray Bridge had moved Beston “up the value chain and increase our margins, in the same way as has been done at B-d Farm Paris Creek”.

“This has been a driving objective since we acquired and took control of the factory on September 1st this year,” Sexton said.

“We have no desire to simply be a commodity cheese producer. We have already established significant points of differences with the quality of cheddar cheeses produced at Murray Bridge.

“We are producing Romano and Pepato cheeses which our buyers in Europe tell us are unique in their flavour and texture and hence do not have any peer competitors.”


Source : In Daily

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