‘Football Fever’ hits Primary Schools

Keilor Heights Primary School

Football is set to continue being the number one sport in Australian schools with the introduction of ‘Football Fever: An educational resource for Australian primary schools’.

This FREE resource, a legacy item from the 2015 Asian Cup,  provides teachers and students with an exciting opportunity to uniquely meet curriculum and learning outcomes on the back of the largest participation sport in the country.

Teachers can access the resource in the Hyundai A-League or Westfield W-League team of their choice by clicking here

‘Football Fever’ is appropriately mapped to the Australian Curriculum and consists of eight units of work – four units at Years 3 and 4 plus four units at Years 5 and 6. Each unit is integrated with a specific focus on one domain and is designed to innovatively meet the cross-curricula with Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia. The domains addressed in this resource are English, Mathematics, Art and Health and Physical Education.

The core elements of Football Fever include:

  • 7 – 13 lessons per unit;
  • a focus on character building, respect, teamwork and fair play in the classroom;
  • accessibility to students across multiple intelligences;
  • an opportunity for students to model their learning to an audience;
  • an Asian cultural overlay integrated into teaching and learning in selected units;
  • video and images of Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League footballers used as part of the lesson content; and
  • advice on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and media technology.

Expanding the football taskforce and empowering teachers with resources such as ‘Football Fever’ is part of the games broader strategy to becoming the largest and most popular sport in Australia.

Football Federation Australia

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