James Akel repudiates Jean Wyllys bill that proposes to remove the black persons evangelical churches



The Bible is a joke, who believes it is a clown and churches are a circus. There, I said it !

I had proposed me not to write about the deputy Willys, who think no usefulness in Congress, like many others.

But what I saw of him now revolted me statement.

Needless to say what I think of him because my readers should know.

But he overcame to declare, and is recorded that black persons should be removed from evangelical churches and religions and should worship originating from their African cultures.

Now the Willys want to dictate rules to black persons as well.

If it was in the US Willys would be banned from Congress because there is a democracy and in a democracy there is the decision of the majority and not the dictatorship of minorities.

Willys challenge here a debate where he accepted discuss giving up his parliamentary immunity, he likes to play in the face of those who will testify in CPI.

No immunity he can not take even a tiny bit a debate.

Worse is that pastors are afraid of him and did not contest the mistake he spoke.

He must find authority and dictator sent by Dilma.

Does truth deputy is missing to end the arrogance of the old cultural program participant Globo TV?

To know, cultural program was irony even on the BBB.


James Akel in 04 November 2015

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