Consolidados Grande SP 23/09/2015


Com Roberto Justus, estreia de A Fazenda cresce 15% no Ibope de SP


O apresentador Roberto Justus à frente do reality show A Fazenda, da Record - Reprodução/TV Record

O apresentador Roberto Justus à frente do reality show A Fazenda, da Record

REDAÇÃO – Publicado em 24/09/2015, às 11h59

Com Roberto Justus no lugar de Britto Jr, a estreia da oitava edição do reality show A Fazenda cresceu 15,5% no Ibope da Grande São Paulo em relação ao primeiro episódio de 2014, exibido em um domingo (14/9). O programa marcou 13,4 pontos na Grande SP _há um ano, teve 11,6. Perdeu para o futebol da Globo, mas liderou no final, contra o Jornal da Globo. Exibido em seguida, Câmera Record sobre ex-participantes de A Fazenda venceu a Globo (Jornal da Globo e Programa do Jô)

Média do dia (7h/23h59): 12,6
Hora 1 4,1
Bom Dia São Paulo 7,4
Bom Dia Brasil 9,2
Mais Você 6,9
Bem Estar 5,7
Encontro 7,3
SP TV 1ª Edição 12,7
Globo Esporte 11,2
Jornal Hoje 11,5
Vídeo Show 8,8
Sessão da Tarde 8,5
Caminho das Índias 11,5
Malhação 13,1
Além do Tempo 19,0
SP TV 2ª Edição 21,1
I Love Paraisópolis 21,3
Jornal Nacional 19,5
A Regra do Jogo 19,7
Copa do Brasil – São Paulo x Vasco 18,1
Jornal da Globo 9,9
Programa do Jô 5,0
Revenge 3,9
Corujão do Esporte 2,9
Corujão 2,5
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 6,3
Jornal do SBT Manhã 2,7
Carrossel Animado 2,7
Mundo Disney  4.3
Bom Dia e Cia.  5,8
Dupla do Barulho 5,1
Casos de Família  5,8
Pérola Negra 5,9
Coração Indomável 7,1
A Dona  7,2
Chaves  7,7
SBT Brasil  5,8
Cúmplices de um Resgate  10,2
Carrossel  11,4
Roda a Roda 9,1
Programa do Ratinho  7,3
The Noite  4,1
Jornal do SBT   2,9
Okay Pessoal  2,0
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 8,2
Balanço Geral Manhã 3,5
SP no Ar 5,8
Fala Brasil  5,9
Hoje em Dia 5,4
Balanço Geral SP  7,6
Prova de Amor 4,3
Dona Xepa 2,6
Cidade Alerta 7,8
Os Dez Mandamentos 19,5
Jornal da Record 14,4
A Fazenda 8 13,4
Câmera Record 8,5
Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus 0,8
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 2,3
Band News 0,7
Café com Jornal 1,4
Dia Dia  0,9
Band Kids  0,9
Jogo Aberto 3,2
Os Donos da Bola 2,3
Os Simpsons 2,2
Brasil Urgente (nacional) 3,7
Brasil Urgente (local)  3,3
Jornal da Band 3,5
Fatmagul 2,2
Copa do Brasil – São Paulo x Vasco 3,1
A Lenda de Sleepy Hollow 1,1
Jornal da Noite 0,7
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 0,8
Te Peguei  0,3
Melhor pra Você 0,5
A Tarde É Sua 2,2
Você na TV 1,1
TV Fama 1,3
TV Fama (2ª edição) 0,9
RedeTV! News 1,4
Superpop 1,3
Leitura Dinâmica 0,6
Amaury Jr.  0,5

Notícias da TV

Moorabbin Airport turns to farming in aid of charity

Goodman Foundation CEO Jo Cameron, Moorabbin Airport CEO Paul Ferguson, FareShare CEO Marcus Godinho,  Kingston Mayor, Cr Geoff Gledhill at the launch. (Moorabbin Airport)

Goodman Foundation chief executive Jo Cameron, Moorabbin Airport chief executive Paul Ferguson, FareShare chief executive Marcus Godinho and Kingston Mayor Cr Geoff Gledhill at the launch. (Moorabbin Airport)

Moorabbin Airport has gifted a 3,000 square metre plot of land on site to a local charity kitchen for growing vegetables.

The initiative with Victoria’s FareShare, a charity kitchen which rescues food and cooks meals for more than 400 charities across the state, is expected to produce 12 tonnes of vegetables such as pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower and capsicum a year, enough for one million meals.

Moorabbin Airport owners Goodman said volunteers will build the garden beds, which is being managed by both the airport and FareShare.

“FareShare needed more land in metropolitan Melbourne. As a metropolitan airport, with a shareholder who knows how to unlock value in land, Goodman quickly recognised the kitchen garden as an important cause and a good opportunity to make a real difference for many Victorians,” Moorabbin Airport Corporation chief executive Paul Ferguson said in a statement.

The land has been gifted to Fareshare until 2048, a period of 33 years. It was equivalent to a $100,000 annual donation, Moorabbin Airport said.

FareShare chief executive Marcus Godinho said the initiative would benefit thousands of people.

“Being able to plant and harvest our own will ensure our 750 regular volunteers have the necessary ingredients to cook nutritious meals for Victorians in need,” Godinho said.

“Every week we receive requests for more food from charities. The only thing holding us back is ingredients. The FareShare Kitchen Garden at Moorabbin Airport will help us expand production to meet growing community need and enable us to cook more than 1.15 million meals this year.”

More information about FareShare can be found on the organisation’s website.


Australian Aviation

Cathay adds fifth Adelaide frequency


File image of a Cathay Pacific A330. (Rob Finlayson)

Cathay Pacific will add a fifth weekly flight to Adelaide from December 2, thanks to “high demand” from both inbound and outbound passengers, the Hong Kong-based carrier announced on Thursday.

The new services will see a new Wednesday evening departure from Hong Kong, arriving and then departing Adelaide on Thursday mornings.

“Since we introduced our new schedule in early April last year which provides better connections, particularly to the UK and Chinese destinations, we have seen demand surge,” Nelson Chin, Cathay Pacific’s general manager for southwest Pacific, said in a statement. “Our flights have been very popular and we have seen increased numbers of tourists into Adelaide from mainland China, as well as South Australians taking advantage of the fast connections to China, Asia, London and North America via Hong Kong.”

As well as taking weekly seats between Adelaide and Hong Kong to 2,500, the new flights also represent a 25 per cent increase in belly freight capacity.

“In addition to extra passengers, we have also been carrying a lot more freight out of Adelaide, particularly fresh tuna to Japan, chilled fish to Hong Kong and Europe, as well as chilled meat to Frankfurt and Taiwan. An extra flight each week gives South Australian exporters an extra 15 tonnes in freight capacity,” Chin said.

Cathay Pacific has been operating to Adelaide since 1992. Its Adelaide flights were for many years triangulated with Melbourne before Cathay began operating direct services from 2011. All Adelaide flights, which are operated by Airbus A330-300s, have been direct services since early 2014.

Australian Aviation