Marise Payne sworn in as first female Defence Minister


Senator Marise Payne has been sworn in as the new Minister for Defence in place of Kevin Andrews, who expressed his disappointment that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had decided to move him aside as he looked to the future by making extensive changes to the ministry.

The former Minister for Human Services, who has become the first woman to hold the position of Defence Minister, was appointed in a surprise move amid speculation that Christopher Pyne would get the nod, and despite concerns over leadership churn in Defence. Nevertheless, the appointment has been welcomed given Senator Payne’s long-standing interest in Defence matters.

“Marise is one of our most experienced and capable senators,” Prime Minister Turnbull said. “She has spent two years in the Human Services portfolio, and has done an outstanding job in modernising government service delivery.

“She will release the Defence White Paper later this year, defining our key national security priorities, and she will of course join the National Security Committee of Cabinet.”

Mal Brough was named as Minister for Defence Materiel and Science, and Darren Chester is now Assistant Minister for Defence, having been Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence. Stuart Robert, formerly Assistant Minister for Defence, becomes Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Minister for Human Services.

Former minister Andrews repeatedly called for continuity in the Defence portfolio, in light of the imminent release of the 2015 Defence White Paper and with the Competitive Evaluation Process for the Future Submarine program ongoing, among other things, but to no avail.

“I am disappointed that Mr Turnbull chose not to accept my offer to work with him; frankly, my remaining in this job was not about me, it was all about stability for our Defence Force and its leadership,” Andrews said. “As you know, Defence is meant to be a natural strength for a Coalition government; during this government that has not always been the case.”

However, Australia Defence Association executive director Neil James told the ABC that if the Coalition wins the next election Senator Payne could be Defence Minister for the next few years, thereby providing stability.

“Too often Defence has been forced to take ministers who are in the twilight of their parliamentary career and they have only stayed very short periods, and she is the exact opposite of that,” he said. “There are only about 10 people in all of Parliament who have a genuine interest in Defence issues and Marise has had a long-standing one, and that is a great advantage.”

Senator Payne is the Coalition government’s third minister in the Defence portfolio, as Andrews himself was only sworn in as Defence Minister on December 23 last year, replacing Senator David Johnston.

The First Principles Review of Defence, which was released in April, identified leadership churn as one of the main root causes of “complacency and inertia” in Defence that has hampered change over the past decade.

Andrews is obviously keen to at least see continuity in policy under Prime Minister Turnbull, stating that the White Paper is “finalised and ready for release” as he made his exit.

Australian Aviation

Qantas Captain Bryan Welch ends record run on the 747

Qantas Boeing 747-400ER VH-OEE at Sydney Airport after landing from Vancouver. (Bernie Proctor)

Qantas Boeing 747-400ER VH-OEE at Sydney Airport after landing from Vancouver with Captain Bryan Welch operating his final flight. (Bernie Proctor)

Until July 1, Captain Bryan Welch held the title of the longest-serving Boeing 747 pilot in commercial aviation.

During a four-decade long career, Welch flew every model of the Boeing 747 Qantas operated, from the 747-200 and 747-300 Classics to the 747-400 and 747-400ER still in service today.

That run came to an end of a dark winter’s morning in July when Welch said farewell to Qantas and hello to retirement after he safely and smoothly negotiated VH-OEE’s landing at Sydney Airport after a 14-hour journey from Vancouver.

As befitting someone hanging up his wings after so many years on the flightdeck, Welch was given a traditional ARFF monitor cross salute as VH-OEE made its way to the international terminal.

Welch, who only took over the title of longest-serving 747 pilot after the retirement of colleague Laurie Shears in November 2014, admitted the thought that he would never get another chance to redeem himself should he not get the landing absolutely perfect did cross his mind at various stages of the long trek across the Pacific.

But much to his relief, the aircraft made a smooth landing.

“One guy was filming on his iPad and I said jokingly we all had to say it was a good landing no matter what it was,” Welch recalled in an interview with Australian Aviation a few days after his final flight.

“Thankfully it was a really good landing.

“I enjoyed the last trip to Vancouver.”

In addition to the monitor cross, Welch’s wife Glynda and children Zoe and Lachlan were on board for that last flight. And more family came on board the aircraft after the passengers disembarked, including daughters Elisha and Karissa and two of his grandchildren Kai and Taj, for some photos in the flightdeck and in the cabin with the other pilots and crew.


Welch said he finished school in 1969, and with no flying experience successfully applied for an 18-month cadet course with Qantas in 1970, which the airline paid for.

“There were probably about 3,000 applications and there were 10 guys on my course and probably about three or four courses a year. So I was extremely lucky to get in,” Welch explained.

However, Qantas’s financial situation at that time meant the airline had to start retrenching pilots, which affected the cadets such as Welch who were halfway through their course.

“They told us cadets they would let us finish our course – without the instrument flying training – but we were also retrenched. They then said the would ‘give you a call when we start hiring again’ so all was not lost in the sense that you knew if there was a turnaround they would take you back ahead of other people.”

A couple of days after the course ended in August 1971, Welch was called up for national service. He spent 20 months in the Army and completed an officers training course and also gained his instructors’ rating.

That rating enabled him to go out to Bankstown Airport to work for Jack Brabham Aviation, where he was also retrenched, as well as do charter work for Navair with Jim Hazleton and Frank Young, until that call from Qantas came in June 1974.

Welch started on the Boeing 707, which was coming to the end of its life in the Qantas fleet at that stage with Hong Kong and Tahiti among some of that aircraft’s last routes.

“With a small number crew they used to share the flying a lot and give you a good run as a second officer,” Welch said.

“You couldn’t land the aircraft, but you could do everything else.”

Eventually, he transitioned to the 747 in 1977, starting with the 747-200.

Welch said the 747-200 and 747-300 ‘Classics’ were great aircraft to fly and sometimes involved some non-traditional pilot responsibilities when working on the Combi version of the type.

“That was interesting because as a second officer you had to go down mid-flight and check on the horses you were carrying and stuff like that. They could be thoroughbreds or polo horses or stock horses,” Welch said.

“We even had a nerve gun there in case one horse went berserk or something like that.”

Eventually, Welch achieved his command on the 747 Classics after completing his captain’s course in 1989.

But his time flying the Classics was cut short after Qantas management tapped Welch and two of his colleagues to move over to the 747-400, because not enough pilots had bid for the new aircraft in the initial stages.

“If no one bids, then by our seniority system the most junior can always be assigned to anything, where that is a basing or an aircraft,” Welch said.

“There were three of us at the bottom of the list as the most junior captains and when management said they were short three pilots for the -400, the three of us moved across.

“I had only checked out about six months as a 747 Classic captain when we were told to do the 747-400 course. If you had the choice you probably wouldn’t want to do a second course within six months, but away we went.”

Welch described the move across to the -400 series as a “big step change” when compared with the Classics.

“It wasn’t so much in terms of handling, but more in the automation and navigation and management of the cockpit,” Welch said.

“Those that had been on the Classics a long time had a sentimental attachment to the old way of doing things, but certainly from a flying perspective it was an easier and a better plane.

“The plane was good to fly, so that was enjoyable. And the flying in the early days was quite good too in that you had a little bit more down time in ports to enjoy.”

As Welch alluded to, the 747-400 heralded the era of long-haul flying with non-stop flights across the Pacific and new destinations for Qantas.

However, it was Qantas’s use of the 747-400 between Sydney and Perth that proved to be one of Welch’s favourite routes to fly on, given the often challenging winds when landing in Perth during the summer time made it a great test of pilot skill and the fact that it was a rare day flight in both directions with the 747.

“It is the body clock change and flying through the night you can’t avoid as a long-haul pilot,” Welch said.

“So Perth was a good change from those overnight flights.

“The job is fatiguing. Short-haul pilots get tired, long-haul pilots get fatigued.”

In addition to his flying career, Welch was also been involved with the union representing Qantas pilots as its secretary and vice-president for 10 years and was part of the negotiating team for half a dozen enterprise bargaining agreements.

Asked if he will miss flying, Welch says: “Those of us who have retired sometimes joke that we have handed back the keys to a very big toy that is a lot of fun to have so yes, I will miss it to some degree. But I don’t regret hitting retirement as there are lots of adventures for me still to come.”

Captain Bryan Welch after his final flight. (Karissa Welch)

Captain Bryan Welch with some of the Qantas crew on board his final flight. (Karissa Welch)

Australian Aviation

Consolidados Grande SP 19/09/2015

Audiências de 19/9/2015

Em sábado quente, I Love Paraisópolis bate recorde negativo no Ibope

Reprodução/TV Globo

Tatá Werneck em cena de I Love Paraisópolis no sábado, quando a novela teve recorde negativo - Reprodução/TV Globo

Tatá Werneck em cena de I Love Paraisópolis no sábado, quando a novela teve recorde negativo

REDAÇÃO – Publicado em 21/09/2015, às 13h18

RESUMO: Em um sábado quente, em que todas as emissoras perderam audiência, a novela das sete da Globo, I Love Paraisópolis, registrou sua menor audiência desde maio, quando estreou: 17,5 pontos na Grande SP. A Regra do Jogo, no ar há três semanas, também bateu recorde negativo. Já a Record teve apenas 4,8 pontos de média no dia, contra 6,1 no sábado anterior, e o Cidade Alerta marcou 5,7

Média do dia (7h/23h59): 11,2
Como Será  5,5
É de Casa 5,9
Treino GP de Cingapura de Fórmula 1 6,0
É de Casa (continuação) 6,6
SP TV 1ª Edição 10,7
Globo Esporte 10,6
Jornal Hoje 11,5
Sessão Comédia – Os Caras de Pau 9,6
Estrelas 8,9
Caldeirão do Huck 11,2
Além do Tempo 16,4
SP TV 2ª Edição 18,2
I Love Paraisópolis 17,5
Jornal Nacional 19,7
A Regra do Jogo 19,3
Zorra 14,2
Altas Horas 10,2
Rock in Rio  4,2
Corujão 2,9
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 5,2
Chaves  2,8
Sábado Animado 5,4
Mundo Disney  5,5
Kenan e Kel 5,0
Dupla do Barulho  5,5
Programa Raul Gil  4,7
Chaves  4,8
SBT Brasil  4,8
Esquadrão da Moda  5,3
Bake Off Brasil  6,3
Sabadão  5,5
Cine Belas Artes  4,6
Big Bang Theory   3,4
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 4,8
Fala Brasil Especial 4,2
Esporte Fantástico 3,6
The Love School 2,6
Record Kids  3,9
Cine Aventura  4,5
Cidade Alerta 5,7
Jornal da Record 6,1
Programa da Sabrina 6,5
Legendários 6,7
Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus 0,5
Média do dia (6h/23h59): 1,5
Boletim Liga dos Campeões 0,7
Sessão Livre 1,5
Sábado Animal  2,3
Brasil Urgente (nacional)  2,5
Brasil Urgente (local)  2,7
Jornal da Band 2,7
Fatmagul 2,2
Top Cine  3,0
Show Bussiness 0,5
Cinema na Madrugada 1 0,7
Cinema na Madrugada 2 1,0
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 0,8
Campeonato Paulista de Basquete 0,4
Super Faixa do Esporte  0,6
Campeonato Brasileiro – Série B – Bahia x Sampaio Corrêa 1,8
Super Extremo 1,0
Ritmo Brasil 0,3
Amaury Jr. 0,6
RedeTV! News 1,0
Operação de Risco 2,3
Mega Senha 2,2
Encrenca (reprise)  1,9
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Consolidados Grande SP 20/09/2015

Audiências de 20/9/2015

Com Dez Mandamentos, Domingo Espetacular tem terceiro pior ibope do ano

Reprodução/TV Record

Cena de Os Dez Mandamentos reprisada no Domingo Espetacular de ontem - Reprodução/TV Record

Cena de Os Dez Mandamentos reprisada no Domingo Espetacular de ontem

REDAÇÃO – Publicado em 21/09/2015, às 12h52

RESUMO: Com uma reportagem sobre os “segredos do sucesso” da novela Os Dez Mandamentos, o Domingo Espetacular, da Record, registrou ontem (20) a pior audiência em quatro meses: 10,3 pontos na Grande SP, a terceira pior do ano, sem considerar edição de julho cortada pelo Pan de Toronto. Na Globo, Tomara que Caia voltou a cair. Registrou 10,3 pontos, contra 11,8 do domingo anterior. Devido ao calor, quase todos os programas tiveram queda

Média do dia (7h/23h59): 12,7
Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios  6,2
Globo Rural 9,6
Fórmula 1 – GP de Cingapura 7,8
Auto Esporte 7,0
Esporte Espetacular 8,2
Esquenta 9,1
Temperatura Máxima 10,4
Campeonato Brasileiro – Avaí x São Paulo 14,6
Domingão do Faustão 17,0
Fantástico 20,9
Tomara que Caia 10,3
Rock in Rio 4.7
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 6,6
Acelerados  3,0
Chaves 5,0
Mundo Disney  5,3
Domingo Legal 6,6
Eliana 7,3
Roda a Roda   7,4
Programa Silvio Santos  9,0
Conexão Repórter 6,6
Arrow  3,9
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 7,1
Desenhos Bíblicos 1,5
Religioso 1,6
Record Kids 4,6
Domingo Show  7,1
Hora do Faro 7,9
Domingo Espetacular 10,3
Repórter em Ação 7,7
Roberto Justus + 3,2
Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus 0,5
Média do dia (6h/23h59): 2,4
Pé na Estrada 0,7
Copa Petrobras de Marcas 0,6
Band Esporte Clube 1,3
Gol, o Grande Momento do Futebol  1,9
Campeonato Brasileiro – Avaí x São Paulo  4,0
Terceiro Tempo 3,8
A Reunião 2,0
Pânico na Band 5,8
Canal Livre 1,7
Show Bussiness 0,9
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 1,1
Sensacional 0,4
Chega Mais  1,2
Encrenca 4,4
Te Peguei na TV 2,7
Mega Senha 1,3
Operação de Risco 1,4
Bola na Rede 0,6
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Consolidados Grande SP 18/09/2015

Audiências de 18/9/2015

Malhação tem a pior semana desde a estreia da nova temporada

Reprodução/TV Globo

A atriz Vanessa Gerbelli em cena de Malhação na sexta-feira (18) - Reprodução/TV Globo

A atriz Vanessa Gerbelli em cena de Malhação na sexta-feira (18)

REDAÇÃO – Publicado em 21/09/2015, às 14h00

RESUMO: A novela Malhação – Seu Lugar no Mundo teve a pior semana desde que estreou, há um mês. Em dois dias da semana passada, seu ibope ficou na casa dos 12 pontos na Grande São Paulo: na terça (12,4) e na sexta (12,8). A Globo considera ideal para Malhação médias acima de 15 pontos. Também na sexta, o Vídeo Show teve uma das piores marcas do ano (7,2 pontos), mesmo com Monica Iozzi

Média do dia (7h/23h59): 12,6
Hora Um 4,6
Bom Dia São Paulo 8,2
Bom Dia Brasil 9,5
Mais Você 6,7
Bem Estar 5,8
Encontro 6,4
SP TV 1ª Edição 9,7
Globo Esporte 9,5
Jornal Hoje 9,6
Vídeo Show 7,2
Sessão da Tarde 8,2
Caminho das Índias 11,9
Malhação 12,8
Além do Tempo 17,8
SP TV 2ª Edição 19,7
I Love Paraisópolis 20,4
Jornal Nacional 20,3
A Regra do Jogo 22,6
Globo Repórter 21,7
Verdades Secretas 19,2
Jornal da Globo 11,1
Rock in Rio 5,0
Corujão 3,0
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 6,0
Jornal do SBT Manhã  3,1
Carrossel Animado 1 2,6
Carrossel Animado 2  3,2
Mundo Disney  4,9
Bom Dia e Cia.  5,6
Dupla do Barulho  4,5
Casos de Família  5,2
Pérola Negra  6,1
Coração Indomável  7,3
A Dona  7,1
Chaves  6,6
SBT Brasil  6,1
Cúmplices de um Resgate  9,3
Carrossel  9,8
Programa do Ratinho  8,2
Tela de Sucessos  5,5
The Noite  4,1
Jornal do SBT   2,9
Okay Pessoal  2,5
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 7,1
Balanço Geral Manhã 3,3
SP no Ar 4,9
Fala Brasil  5,1
Hoje em Dia  4,7
Balanço Geral SP  7,9
Prova de Amor 5,7
Dona Xepa 3,0
Cidade Alerta 7,0
Os Dez Mandamentos 17,3
Jornal da Record 10,4
Super Tela 6,4
A Nova Supermáquina 5,0
Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus 0,6
Média do dia (7h/23h59): 2,3
Band News 0,8
Café com Jornal 1,3
Dia Dia  0,7
Band Kids   0,7
Jogo Aberto  3,0
Os Donos da Bola 2,7
Os Simpsons 2,2
Brasil Urgente (nacional)  3,7
Brasil Urgente (local)  3,6
Jornal da Band 3,4
Fatmagul 2,0
Pânico na Band (reprise)  1,4
O Mundo Segundo os Brasileiros 1,7
A Lenda de Sleepy Hollow 1,4
Jornal da Noite 1,0
Média do dia (7h/24h59): 0,7
Te Peguei  0,4
Melhor pra Você 0,4
A Tarde É Sua 2,0
Você na TV 1,4
TV Fama 1,0
TV Fama (2ª edição) 0,4
RedeTV! News 0,8
Good News 0,9
Mariana Godoy Entrevista 0,7
Leitura Dinâmica 0,6
Amaury Jr.  0,4

Notícias da TV

James Akel comment the debut of Sensacional on Rede TV!



RedeTV put on the air a new name Sensational game show.
Nowadays even the Fantastic airs nothing sensational.
So we can not believe the RedeTV go do this.
And neither did.
Who chose the name, and here I will not reveal who it was, had a bid of unhappiness and error led by inexperience and arrogance.
No one chooses a name such humility.
Worse, the artistic committee of RedeTV, made of 8 people for who told the owner of RedeTV, left this name aired.
What kind of committee is this that allows something as unintentional I do not know.
But they left and showed that they did not want to displease who chose the name.
The presenter is far from knowing stage choreography.
First Daniela Albuquerque had to present herself a morning program, those she made and gave very low IBOPE, but to present myself to learn to command the scene.
Then she skipped a step that would maturity.
The audience has nothing to do with the program.
It’s a tiny audience and is not really a game show named Sensational have a disparate audience to the name.
Put four dancers on stage and do not attach any would be better and even has the same effect.
Only 4 shows poverty scene.
The small stage also works against the show.
Neither the old TV Tupi in recent times of need showed something so small and no charisma.
All this gives to change but mature presenter takes time and knowledge.
It has very worst thing that everything I wrote.
I was the owner of a radio station and my wife wanted to be host of a program alone, you first mount a team that really knew create a Sunday program.
Then I never put the program of my wife between two programs dealers without the slightest interest.
Low IBOPE is common in this case nor believe in better IBOPE.
At least you should have put such a program in late night that surely would have higher IBOPE.
I know no one is going to change the name.
But they should have the courage of it.
The biggest IBOPE was over a table showing dogs.
Maybe next Sunday show tigers.
When animals give more IBOPE than other frames something is very wrong.

James Akel in 21/September/2015

James Akel comenta estreia do programa Sensacional da Rede TV!


A RedeTV colocou no ar um novo programa de auditório de nome Sensacional.
Nos dias atuais nem o Fantástico coloca no ar nada sensacional.
Então a gente não pode acreditar que a RedeTV vá fazer isto.
E nem fez.
Quem escolheu o nome, e aqui não vou revelar quem foi, teve um lance de infelicidade e erro levado por inexperiência e prepotência.
Ninguém escolhe um nome destes na humildade.
Pior é que o comitê artístico da RedeTV, feito de 8 pessoas pelo que contou o dono da RedeTV, deixou este nome ir ao ar.
Que tipo de comitê é este que permite algo tão desproposital eu nem sei.
Mas deixaram e demonstraram que não queriam desagradar que escolheu o nome.
A apresentadora está longe de conhecer coreografia de palco.
Primeiro Daniela Albuquerque tinha que apresentar sozinha um programa de manhã, daqueles que ela fazia e dava baixíssimo ibope, mas apresentar sozinha pra aprender a comandar cena.
Então ela pulou uma etapa que daria maturidade.
A plateia não tem nada a ver com o programa.
É uma plateia diminuta e não fica bem um programa de auditório com nome Sensacional ter uma plateia díspare ao nome.
Colocar 4 bailarinas no palco e não colocar nenhuma seria melhor e até tem o mesmo efeito.
Apenas 4 mostra pobreza de cena.
O palco pequeno também trabalha contra o show.
Nem a antiga TV Tupi nos últimos tempos de carência mostrava algo tão pequeno e sem carisma.
Tudo isto dá pra mudar mas amadurecer a apresentadora demanda tempo e conhecimento.
Tem coisa bem pior que tudo que escrevi.
Fosse eu dono de uma emissora e minha mulher quisesse ser apresentadora de um programa sozinha, primeiro eu montaria uma equipe que realmente soubesse criar um programa de domingo.
Depois eu jamais colocaria o programa da minha mulher entre dois programas de concessionários sem o menor interesse.
O baixo ibope é comum neste caso e nem acreditem em melhor ibope.
Ao menos deveria ter se colocado um programa destes no final de noite que com certeza teria ibope superior.
Eu sei que ninguém vai mudar o nome.
Mas deveriam ter coragem disto.
O maior ibope foi durante um quadro que mostrava cachorros.
Quem sabe domingo que vem mostrem tigres.
Quando os animais dão mais ibope que os outros quadros alguma coisa está muito errada.

James Akel no dia 21/09/2015


James Akel said that Dilma Rousseff should take money from private banks

The Brazilian banking system maintains a Guarantee Fund, which is money given by banks to ensure a safe on the institutions.

This money is currently the home of 140 billion reais.

The last time it was used was in the case of Banco Panamericano.

Dilma could ask some of this money to cover the shortfall of its management.

Banks had the biggest profit in its history and at the time of greatest crisis in history.

Nothing more certain that banks help this shameful government.

Roberto Setubal, who both praised Rousseff and Trabuco from Bradesco, which indicated the Finance Minister, should now help with money mama gave them so many profits and never known before.


James Akel in 21/September/2015

James Akel comenta que Dilma Rousseff deveria pegar dinheiro dos bancos privados


O sistema bancário brasileiro mantêm um Fundo Garantidor, que é um dinheiro dado pelos bancos pra garantir um seguro sobre as instituições.

Este dinheiro atualmente está na casa de 140 bilhões de reais.

A última vez que foi usado foi no caso do Banco Panamericano.

Dilma poderia pedir um pouco deste dinheiro pra cobrir o rombo de sua administração.

Os bancos tiveram o maior lucro de sua história bem na época da maior crise da história.

Nada mais certo que os bancos ajudarem sua mãe.

Roberto Setubal, que tanto elogiou Dilma e Trabuco do Bradesco, que indicou o ministro da fazenda, deveriam agora ajudar com dinheiro a mamãe que lhes proporcionou tantos lucros e que jamais conheceram antes.


James Akel no dia 21/09/2015