James Akel comments the decision of Supreme Court of Brazil that keeps the Slush fund in electoral campaigns

The decision of the Supreme Court to ban corporate donations to political campaign was one of the worst things that could happen in the political arena.

This decision will set the Slush fund of unprecedented way to campaign.

I will do the comparison that has to do with illicit drugs.

It is forbidden use of marijuana and cocaine in Brazil.

This just makes the use remains illegal and punitive because drug addicts will continue dependent and consuming drugs bought from dealers.

Political campaigns cost more and more expensive and will not change cost.

Prohibit the donation campaign by private parties will forces to use Slush fund to pay the bills.

And they will declare that thousands of people worked for free and pay all in Slush fund.

Who is privileged with this is currently the Workers Party in power and proven through the denunciations of contractors and directors of Petrobras, financed campaign with contractors of money admittedly acted wrong.

The people do not even know what was voted the Supreme Court.

The People have no idea of ​​this campaign money through contractors.

So the Supreme Court voted in favor of Workers Party well because he knows that people do not really understand it.

If I understood or would have voted in Dilma.

Now it was once and the Congress will play cheap campaign in most fantasy


Written by James Akel at 8:15 a.m in 18/September/2015

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