Cássio Scapin será “escravo branco” de Adriana Lessa em novela da RecordF

Adriana Lessa e Scapin como Condessa Catarina e Tozé, em “Escrava Mãe”

Em “Escrava Mãe”, novela que estreia após “Os Dez Mandamentos”, Adriana Lessa viverá uma negra com “status”, livre e que chega à Vila de São Salvador de forma misteriosa em busca de informações sobre sua família. O ator Scapin fará um empregado dela, quase um “escravo branco”.

A novela é tratada como continuação de “Escrava Isaura”, exibida em 1976 na Globo e em 2004 na Record, pois conta a trajetória da mãe de Isaura, uma escrava mulata.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Destiny Mood poses naked after perform blowjob in me with her hands cuffed in her back

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“So great to perform blowjob with my hands cuffed in my back . With my hands immobilized , I could focused only in sucking the penis and and swallowing the Semen.

SBT prepara novo projeto para Ticiana Villas Boas

Ticiana Villas Boas em seu primeiro programa no SBT, "Bake Off Brasil - Mão na Massa"

Ticiana Villas Boas em seu primeiro programa no SBT, “Bake Off Brasil – Mão na Massa”

No SBT estão todos muito satisfeitos com os resultados do “Bake Off Brasil – Mão na Massa”, da Ticiana Villas Boas, nas noites de sábado.

A tal ponto que, além de uma próxima temporada, já existe para ela um novo projeto. Só que ninguém está autorizado a, por enquanto, falar sobre ele.


Flávio Ricco com colaboração de José Carlos Nery

Programa da Record agora entrega comida em casa

O Food Truck do "Balanço Geral"

O Food Truck do “Balanço Geral”

O “Balanço Geral”, da Record, na hora do almoço, criou um Food Truck. Na sexta-feira, um telespectador poderá compartilhar em casa, com a família e amigos, os mais variados tipos de hambúrgueres. Tudo por conta do programa.


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Entrada da Disney provoca desconforto no SBT

Silvia Abravanel ganha um beijo de despedida de Minnie e Mikey, durante o "Bom Dia & CIA" de sexta (28)

  • Silvia Abravanel ganha um beijo de despedida de Minnie e Mikey, durante o “Bom Dia & CIA” de sexta (28)

A Disney é inteiramente dona do espaço que a sua programação passou a ocupar no SBT. Isto, entre outras coisas, significa que o departamento comercial da casa não tem o direito de vender nada no horário. Isto, claro, provocou um certo desconforto.

No entanto, está santa coluna deixou avisado que o acordo do SBT, feito diretamente por Silvio Santos com a Disney, era uma venda de horário. Nessas condições, nenhum setor da emissora terá mesmo qualquer ingerência sobre ele.
Falando em Silvio Santos, os apresentadores infantis do SBT, Ana Júlia e Matheus Ueta, afastados pelo “patrão” na última quinta-feira, devem retornar ao ar no dia de hoje. Resta saber até quando?


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Seoul faces tough decision over North Korea sanctions

South Korea faces a tough decision over its economic sanctions against North Korea, as the public here remains torn over the issue that could affect voter sentiment ahead of the parliamentary elections next April.

Seoul maintains that the so-called May 24 sanctions, which were imposed after Pyongyang’s torpedo attack on the corvette Cheonan in March 2010, can only be terminated with the regime’s apology for it, steps to prevent a recurrence and the punishment of the attackers.

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un presides over a recent meeting of the North’ Central Military Committee. (Yonhap)

But calls have been rising for Seoul to take a more flexible approach to the issue to pave the way for bilateral reconciliation and cooperation, which would, in turn, ease military tensions on the peninsula.

Now halfway through her five-year presidency, President Park Geun-hye appears compelled to weigh a variety of political and diplomatic variables involving the sanctions that ban South Koreans’ visits to the North, any cross-border trade and new investments for the impoverished state.

Apparently, political variables would be crucial for Park to consider given the impact of inter-Korean tensions on her public support ratings.

After the two Koreas reached a rare agreement to ease military tensions last Tuesday, the latest opinion survey by local pollster Realmeter found that public support for her state management jumped to 49.2 percent, an increase of 8.2 percentage points from the previous week.

“In terms of politics, North Korea bashing helps strengthen cohesion among political conservatives here. Given all the political factors, it is impossible for Seoul to unilaterally lift the sanctions to meet Pyongyang’s demand,” said Chang Yong-seok, senior researcher at Seoul National University‘s Institute for Peace and Unification.

“But should Seoul forge a situation in which Pyongyang is seen making concessions in cross-border negotiations as we witnessed last week. This would have more political benefits for Park and help create an opportunity for her to loosen or lift the sanctions.”

Observers largely agree that the conditions have not yet been forged for the lifting of the sanctions given that Pyongyang continues to argue that the 2010 torpedo attack that killed 46 sailors was an “outright fabrication.”

Even though the North would never identify itself as being behind the attack and apologize, securing an expression of regret, albeit unsatisfactory for the South Korean public, could help the two Koreas move their relationship forward, they noted.

Huh Moon-young, a senior fellow at the state-run Korea Institute for National Unification, said that Seoul needs to exert more flexibility in the third year of its term after it spent its first and second years on crafting its policy toward the North and fleshing it out.

“In the third year of its term, the Seoul government now can apply more flexibility to actually enforce and realize its policy goals that were crafted and made concrete during the first two years,” he said.

Should the two sides fail to find legitimate rationales to lift the sanctions without both sides losing face, they could resort to alternatives that may have an impact similar to the termination of the sanctions.

Seoul can set up legal exceptions to boost cross-border exchanges in the civilian sectors that would, after all, spill over into the government sector and effectively make the May 24 sanctions no longer valid, experts said.

“Without lifting the sanctions, the two sides could devise ways to loosen the sanctions such as expanding bilateral projects such as the Rajin-Khasan logistic cooperation project,” said Cho Bong-hyun, a senior researcher at the Industrial Bank of Korea.

Before lifting the sanctions, what matters most is to build a “stable” inter-Korean relationship, observers said, stressing that if the current deadlocked relationship persists, lifting the sanctions would have little effect on promoting cross-border reconciliation.

“If both sides want to boost their economic exchanges and cooperation, conditions should first be forged,” said Park Hyeong-jung, a senior research fellow at the Korea Institute for National Unification.

“With the North often capturing South Koreans as spies and cross-border tensions remaining high, the relationship can’t fundamentally improve even after the lifting of the sanctions. The relations could get even worse should the North conduct another nuclear test.”

By Song Sang-ho (sshluck@heraldcorp.com)


The Korea Herald

Park-Xi summit to focus on North Korea

Leaders of South Korea and China are set to discuss ways to curb North Korea‘s nuclear ambitions and boost peace in Northeast Asia at a bilateral summit planned for Wednesday amid tension abating on the Korean Peninsula after breakthrough talks last week.

President Park Geun-hye will leave for China for a three-day trip to attend a celebration to mark the end of World War II, but she will hold a summit with her Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping as soon as she arrives in Beijing, Park’s senior foreign affairs secretary Ju Chul-ki said Monday. It will be their sixth summit since she entered the office in early 2013.


“The leaders will intensively discuss ways to bolster the bilateral relationship, and also on the Korean Peninsula and regional security,” said Ju at a press briefing.

Park‘s trip is expected to highlight her efforts to address North Korea’s evolving nuclear threat and secure a delicate balance amid the intensifying rivalry between Beijing and Washington.

On Sept. 3, China plans to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its victory, widely seen as a showcase of its growing military strength and its attempt to highlight Japan’s surrender in the war. Many Western leaders, however, remain reluctant, with concerns of the event further stoking Beijing’s rivalry with Japan.

Park is the only leader of a U.S.-allied country to make an official announcement to attend the Beijing ceremony. Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe said he would skip the event, citing domestic obligations, which has placed Park in an awkward position and highlighted Japan’s alliance with China’s rival, the U.S.

Despite concerns, Park is scheduled to attend a rare parade to be staged at Tiananmen Square, with other leaders including Russian President Vladmir Putin and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also attending.

Ju stressed that Park’s decision to attend the parade was made after “much consideration” and taking various factors into account such as bilateral ties between Seoul and Beijing and the growing geographic tensions in Northeast Asia.

“We hope to promote peace, harmony and cooperation in Northeast Asia and beyond by setting up a correct perception and evaluation on the past history through the event,” he said.

Ju also expressed hopes for Beijing to play a bigger role in the future on resolving North Korea’s nuclear ambition and on achieving a peaceful unification of the two Koreas.

After the meeting with Xi, Park will also hold separate talks with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang to seek ways to further develop bilateral ties amid growing fears on the volatile regional economy.

To strengthen business ties with China, South Korea’s largest trading partner, a large group of business representatives will be accompanying Park on her trip. The two sides will work closely to highlight the need for parliamentary approval for the Korea-China free trade agreement within this year. China is South Korea’s largest trade partner. Trade volume between South Korea and China stood at $228.9 billion in 2013.

By Cho Chung-un (christory@heraldcorp.com)


The Korea Herald

Hercules firefighting tanker arrives in Australia

A Lynden Air Cargo C130 firefighting air tanker at Brisbane Airport. (Lance Broad)

A Lockheed Hercules firefighting air tanker has arrived at RAAF Base Richmond ahead of entering service with the NSW Rural Fire Service.

The stretched L-100-30 (model 382G) Hercules, registeredN405LC to Lynden Air Cargo and on contract from Coulson Flying Tankers of Portland, Oregon, arrived at Brisbane Airport on Sunday afternoon.

After an overnight, it then headed to RAAF Base Richmond on Monday morning.

The contact with the NSW Rural Fire Service is due to begin on September 1, according to a post on Coulson Flying Tankers’ Facebook page.

N405LC is the larger sistership to C-130Q Hercules air tanker N130FF which operated in Australia during last summer’s bushfire season under contract with the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has been contacted for further information.


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