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Football Federation Australia (FFA) was late tonight informed by Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) that it had instructed Socceroo players to withdraw from scheduled events involving school children and football fans in Perth tomorrow (Tuesday 1 September).

The community events targeted by the PFA were to be run by FFA in conjunction with commercial partners.

FFA CEO David Gallop has apologised to the Perth public and FFA’s commercial partners for the inconvenience caused by this unilateral action of the PFA.

“This action by the PFA will deny many people a rare opportunity to see Socceroo players in Perth,” said Gallop. “We deeply regret that many people will be left disappointed.

“The players are obviously acting under the direction of the PFA, but this manoeuvre is a backward step in the game’s mission to maximise our commercial opportunities.

“This comes in the context of six months of productive talks over a new whole of game Collective Bargaining Agreement, in which the parties have substantial agreement on many key issues.

“One must ask whether our senior national team players have had the game’s financial position explained to them so that they understand the affordability aspects of the negotiation.

“Most importantly, the critical need to understand the continued quest to achieve financial sustainability for the Hyundai A-League clubs and their owners.

“If those facts were fully explained we would be very surprised if our players would have taken the step of boycotting these important initiatives.”

The affected events include the advertised appearance at Rebel Sport in the Raine Square Shopping Centre in Murray St Perth tomorrow (Tuesday). This event is now cancelled.

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