Some hope for Matildas as pay negotiations continue

August 28, 2015 – 12:56AM

Larissa Nicholson


The Matildas' 22 contracted players share a pay pool of $750,000 a year.

The Matildas’ 22 contracted players share a pay pool of $750,000 a year.

Australia’s women soccer players may be edging towards a bump in pay, as negotiations with Football Federation Australia continue.

A spokesman for the Professional Footballers’ Association said after two days of meetings this week, the parties were closer to an agreement on the need for a significant and immediate increase to payments for the World Cup quarter-finalists.

But considerable obstacles remained before a deal could be reached, he said.

The Matildas and their male counterparts, the Socceroos, and A-League players are negotiating together for the first time, as they seek more money and better conditions from their employer.

The Matildas’ 22 contracted players share a pay pool of $750,000 a year.

Earlier in August they said they wanted that figure lifted to about $1 million, with incremental yearly increases of 10 per cent thereafter.

Players said the FFA had offered the Matildas a 10 per cent increase to the salary pool annually for the next two years, then 15 per cent for the next four, but that was too incremental to mean much for current players.

The Professional Footballers’ Association spokesman said it was encouraging to be back at the negotiating table, with discussions to continue in September.

The salaries paid to Socceroos and A-League players also remained significant sticking points.

The FFA was approached for comment.

The Canberra Times



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