Marcela Temer refuses to live in Jaburu Palace: “Dilma is the one who should go there”

The wife of Michel Temer, Marcela Temer, refused to move to the Jaburu Palace, for the vice president and his family. “I’m too pretty to live in a place called Jaburu” she said. The opposition has proposed a CPI to investigate how managed to win Marcela Temer. “There is a clear influence peddling in this case or maybe Temer has made some overpricing of some quality your” said Mr Marcelino Ribeiro.

Marcela suggested that the couple change of residence with Dilma. Marcela Temer and would live in Granja do Torto and Dilma in Jaburu. “It is more appropriate,” she said. The friends, Dilma would have said that the farm combines more with Marcela.



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