Pyongyang threatens to cancel Lee Hee-ho visit to Korea DPR

Flag of North Korea.svg

North Korea sternly warned Wednesday that it might nullify a plan by the widow of former President Kim Dae-jung to visit the North in early August if South Korea continues to make provocations against Pyongyang.

The warning by the North came just two days after civilian representatives from the two Koreas agreed on Lee Hee-ho’s, 93, plans to fly to the communist country on Aug. 5 for a four-day trip.

The Joseon Asia-Pacific Peace Committee involved in talks for Lee’s visit said that conservative media in the South have made “provocations” by reporting that the North is trying to use Lee’s visit politically.

“South Korea should know that the agreement for Lee’s planned visit is tentative…If South Korea continues to make provocations, an opportunity that Lee could visit the North could be missed,”

said an unidentified spokesman from the committee.

The spokesman said that whether Lee will be able to make a trip to Pyongyang depends on South Korea.

The warning came amid high hopes that if Lee’s visit is realized, the move is likely to help ease the strained inter-Korean ties. (Yonhap)

The Korea Herald

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