Joint statement from Football Federation Australia and Hyundai A-League clubs

Etihad Stadium

Football Federation Australia (FFA) and the 10 member clubs of Hyundai A-League today convened via teleconference to discuss the new Hyundai A-League Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The current CBA expires tomorrow, Tuesday 30 June 2015.

FFA and the A-League clubs today reaffirmed that the new CBA offer remains on the table and is ready for immediate acceptance by Professional Footballers Australia (PFA), on behalf of A-League players.

The key features of the new CBA for the A-League;

·         A six-year commitment offering sustainability, stability and increased player payments

·         Immediate introduction of new Salary Cap exemptions and flexibilities that amount to a forecast increase of 12% in player payments for next season

·         A 30% share for players of any uplift in the next domestic broadcast rights deal

·         An increase in the Salary Floor to 90% of the Salary Cap

·         An increase in the Minimum A-League Salary to $55,000

·         Further investment in the PFA Player Development Program

Speaking on behalf of the A-League clubs, Adelaide United chairman Greg Griffin said the new CBA was the best package of salary, benefits and certainty ever put to A-League players.

“The CBA proposal improves the career of A-League players in terms of salaries, longer-term contracting and contract security,” said Griffin. “That’s what players have been asking for and that’s why we believe it’s a compelling offer.

“At the same time, the clubs remain disappointed that the PFA executive continues to push totally unrealistic demands after six months of transparent and detailed negotiations.

“In an environment in which the majority of clubs are making ongoing investments while running operating deficits, the CBA proposal is a common sense outcome for all parties.”

Head of Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun said that the CBA proposal continues the trend of rewarding A-League players for their commitment.

“Over the life of the A-League, the Salary Cap has increased by an average of more than 7% each year, and there is scope for a further 12% uplift next season,” said de Bohun.

“It’s not just about the salaries, as the CBA proposal provides greater flexibility for clubs in retaining players and invests in players’ well-being.

“Any suggestion that there has been, or will be, a salary freeze is simply not accurate.  Over the past three years Hyundai A-League players have received a 13% increase in total payments, while at the same time most clubs have continued to run operating deficits and also invest heavily in upgraded facilities, youth development programs, and improving conditions for players.”

The A-League clubs have today reaffirmed their support for FFA to progress implementation of the improvements contained in the CBA proposal by regulation if a formal agreement with the PFA can’t be reached.

“We are determined to make sure that the players will not be left worse off by the stance the PFA is taking,” said Head of Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun.

“A new CBA would provide certainty for all, but we could put these initiatives in place by other means if necessary.”

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