LOT to launch Boeing 787 flights to Tokyo, Bangkok, Seoul

LOT to launch Boeing 787 flights to Tokyo, Bangkok, Seoul

Poland’s LOT airline will spread its wings to Asia next year with the debut of direct Boeing 787 flights from Warsaw to Bangkok, Tokyo and Seoul.

Tokyo sits at the top of LOT’s to-do list, with flights launching on January 13 2016, while the Bangkok and Seoul services are expected begin in October 2016 with between two and three flights per week, although Bangkok will see additional services during the peak travel periods.

LOT also wants to ramp up its current Beijing, New York, Chicago and Toronto flights to the daily frequency prized by business travellers.

Further out, the airline aims to almost double the size of its fleet by 2020, with the revamped Airbus A330neo (but not the next-gen A350) on its shortlist.

LOT might also convert some of its orders for undelivered Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners into the larger, longer-range 787-9 confirmed LOT CEO Sebastian Mikosz, speaking to the media at a meeting of Star Alliance airlines in LOT’s home hub of Warsaw.

Routes currently operated by the Boeing 787 are the most profitable part of the airline’s business.

Mikosz also teased that two more international destinations would be announced by October.

“This means that after opening five new destinations next year, LOT will more than double its network of long-haul connections compared to the present one.”

David Flynn travelled to Warsaw as a guest of Star Alliance.



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