Airbus’ widebody Family flies high at the International Paris Air Show

Airbus’ market-leading family of widebody aircraft is flying high at this year’s International Paris Air Show – reaffirming its position as the most modern, comprehensive and streamlined product line seating from 200 to more than 500 passengers.

Comprising the versatile A330, next-generation A350 XWB and double-deck A380, Airbus’ widebody product line offers key solutions to airlines around the world – providing the most efficient way to meet the air transport sector’s growing traffic requirements.

Visitors to the Paris Air Show are seeing this up-close with the major presence of four total A350 XWB and A380 aircraft (two of each) in static and flying displays, as well as key commercial activity so far this week – including a commitment today by EVA Air of Taiwan for four additional A330-300s.

This Memorandum of Understanding brings firm orders and commitments for Airbus’ market-leading widebody line to 35 aircraft during the show.

Airbus is the answer: A complete family to meet all requirements

Together Airbus’ highly-efficient widebody jetliners cover a full range of operational requirements – from regional and low-cost flights to long-haul flights on high-yield routes between the world’s biggest aviation hubs, as well as newer routes linking smaller, distant airports.

Airbus’ distinctive A380 is a leader in comfort and efficiency – and the best solution for capturing growth in the air transport industry with a unique ability to attract passengers, stimulate traffic and maximise revenue on high-value routes to and from congested airports.

The next-generation Airbus A350 XWB is the latest member of its widebody product line – bringing together the very latest in  latest in aerodynamics, design and advanced technologies to provide a 25 percent step change in fuel efficiency and a 25 percent lower seat-mile cost compared to current aluminium competitors.

Completing Airbus’ widebody product line is the versatile A330. As a result of non-stop innovation by the company, the A330 is the most efficient aircraft in its class, comprising five in service variants, as well as two NEO (new engine option) versions that were launched in 2014.

Over 1,500 orders for A330, more than 100 operators

This reputation as an aircraft of choice for a wide range of operations has been firmly endorsed by the market – with ongoing popularity of the A330 product line across the world.

As a truly global success, Airbus has booked more than 1,500 orders for A330 jetliners, with over 100 operators flying these aircraft on a range of missions and today’s aircraft delivering an operational reliability over 99 percent.

Taking it to a new level: the single-aisle A321neo also active at the Paris Air Show

Airbus’ single-aisle product also generated significant headlines on Day 2 of the Paris Air Show. Air Lease Corporation and Air Astana – the Kazakh flag carrier – signed a deal for the lease of seven Airbus A320neo (new engine option) Family aircraft, comprising two A320neo, one A321neo and four A321neo Long Range (LR) jetliners.

With the agreement, Air Astana becomes the first airline in the world to announce that it will operate the A321neo LR, which is designed to offer the longest range of any single-aisle aircraft, capable of serving routes of up to 4,000 nm. Air Astana is expected to welcome the new variant into its fleet starting in 2019.

“In terms of product, in terms of range, in terms of operating cost efficiency, these aircraft are going to take Air Astana to a new level,” said Peter Foster, President and CEO, Air Astana at a press conference with international journalists today at the Paris Air Show. “These aircraft will allow us to operate almost all of our network: domestic, regional and also our long-haul services to Europe and Asia.”

Airbus also announced a major new commitment for the A321neo from Korea Airlines, which signed a Memorandum of Understanding to acquire up to 50 A321neo aircraft, comprising 30 jetliners, plus 20 options.

In addition, Peach Aviation placed a firm order for A320 Family aircraft – covering the purchase of three A320s by this Japanese low-cost carrier.

Serving customers

Other commercial activity included a new support and services agreement with AirAsia, which has become become the launch customer for the latest Airbus “Smarter Fleet” electronic Flight Folder (eFF). This is a comprehensive software application that allows pilots to access their briefing package on-board the aircraft, from home, the hotel room, or the crew briefing room.

“Our relationship with Airbus is ever stronger,” said Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of Air Asia during a briefing at Le Bourget Airport. “Initiatives such as this will help us become an even better airline.”

Rounding out the commercial announcements today, Airbus’ Upgrade Services division and EasyJet reached an agreement for the retrofit of up to 105 of the airline’s A320 cabins

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